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Smart Nora Sleep Solution Review

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The Smart Nora sleep solution is one of the most reliable and effective ways to reduce snoring.

But what makes it stand out among its competitors the most is that you do not wear it like anti-snoring mouthpieces.

This sleep solution by Smart Nora instead uses three components: the base, the pillow insert, and the Pebble.

The base is placed on the floor and the Pebble is placed overhead, while the pillow insert goes inside your pillow cover.

The Smart Nora snoring solution does not use pins that you need to attach to your body. It does not produce a sound to alert you of snoring.

Instead, it gently shakes your pillow to wake you up.

Over time, this gentle reminder helps you break the habit of snoring.

Pros and Cons


  • Adjustable pillow fits any head/position
  • No invasive retainers or tools
  • Sensitivity of microphone is adjustable
  • 12-month warranty
  • No alarms to disturb your partner
  • Overhead mount to prevent discomfort
  • Simple and easy configuration
  • 30-day trial period for customer satisfaction
  • Easy to take with you


  • Might stick out of smaller pillows

Unique Features

smart nora reviews


The Smart Nora sleep solution has several unique features.

It has a lot to offer, especially for people who are fed up with other snoring solutions.

The unique features include:


The Smart Nora snoring solution mainly stands out because of its non-invasive tools, including the pebble microphone, the base, and the pillow insert.

Since there is no direct contact with your body, it ensures your comfort. You do not have to wear any devices on your wrists or any mouth guards, either. So, this contactless snoring solution is a great option for people who snore.


Since the pebble microphone and the base are rechargeable, you do not have to worry about a consistent power supply.

Even if you do not have a power plug near your bed, you can charge these elsewhere.

The Pebble can last over a week without recharging, but you need to recharge the base every day.

Secure Mount

The head mount for the pebble microphone is fully secure, so it does not fall off.

You do not have to drill any holes near your bed to install it. Instead, Velcro strips in the packaging hold the mount securely in place.

Comfortable Pillow Insert

We like that the pillow insert does not have any sharp edges that can bother you. It has a soft frame that ensures your comfort so that you get a good night’s sleep. In fact, it is so thin that you will not even feel that it’s present inside the pillow.

No Alarms

Most other snore solutions have sound alarms that wake up both the snorer and their partner. But, there are no sound alarms in the Smart Nora sleep solution, so you do not have to worry about your partner being disturbed.

Carrying Case

A carrying case in the package makes it easier for you to store the Smart Nora sleep solution. This carrying case comes in handy when you have to travel as well.

The lightweight construction of the overall assembly makes it easier for you to travel with it.

Adjustable Microphone Sensitivity

We like the adjustable microphone sensitivity in this snoring solution. There are 5 microphone sensitivity levels in the Pebble, and you can conveniently set them according to your ease and preference.

If you want to block out white noise, then toning down the sensitivity helps.

30-Day In-Home Trial

The Smart Nora Sleep Solution comes with a 30-day trial period so that you can use it to see if it suits your needs.

If you do not like it, you can return it without hassle.


The Smart Nora sleep solution comes with a 12-month warranty.

If there are product faults or malfunctioning of any kind, the company will cover the repair and replacements.

Smart Nora Vs. Competitors

smart nora snoring

Most snoring solutions are invasive / fit into your mouth, which makes them uncomfortable.

But the Smart Nora sleep solution is non-invasive and comfortable to use.

It is also very affordable and does not need expensive accessories or replenished mouthpieces to work.

Another factor that distinguishes it from other snoring solutions is the 30-day in-home trial.

Issues & Concerns

While the Smart Nora Sleep Solution has a number of benefits, it also has some drawbacks.

These include:

White Noise Confusion

One thing that Smart Nora snore solution struggles with is differentiating between snores and white noise.

Sometimes white noise can make the microphone in the Pebble activate the pillow insert. Other times, it ignores your snores when you lower the microphone sensitivity due to white noise.

To avoid this hassle, you just need to move the overhead mount closer to your head so it will pick up snoring sounds when the microphone sensitivity is low.

Not for Small Pillows

The pillow insert has the right dimensions for medium and large-sized pillows. But, it pokes out of small-sized pillows, making it hard to cover it fully.

It can interfere with the aesthetics of your bedroom, too, so you will have to get a bigger pillow.

It goes best with queen-sized pillows. So, you might have to buy new pillows to make the most out of this device.

How to Use the Smart Nora

smart nora review

Using the Smart Nora sleep solution is pretty easy.

  • Begin by plugging the air tube of the pillow into the base and then plug the base into a power source.
  • Now, turn on the base and connect it with the Pebble using a USB cord. The green LED light on the Pebble will flash to inform you that it is charging. Once the flashing stops, you can disconnect the Pebble from the base and connect the two devices via Bluetooth.
  • Now slide the pillow insert inside your pillow and turn on the pebble. The pillow insert will start inflating if you speak after turning on the pebble.
  • After this, remove the Velcro strips from the back of the mount and fix it about 10 inches above your head. Apply pressure on it to fix the Velcro in place.
  • Lastly, put the Pebble inside the mount, and you are good to go.

Care and Maintenance

nora snoring review

Unlike most in-mouth snoring solutions, the Smart Nora doesn't require replacement mouthpieces or intensive cleaning every day.

Instead, it requires a bit of care when setting it up and using it.

Make sure the overhead mount is fixed securely to prevent the Pebble from falling and getting damaged.

Similarly, you need to be careful about the positioning of the base.  You should keep your Smart Nora base on the floor instead of the nightstand to prevent it from falling.

To ensure smooth operation, keep an eye on the batteries. You should charge them to optimum levels to avoid harming the battery.

Do not disassemble the power adapter, base, or Pebble at all. If you disassemble them, you will not be able to repair them.


  • 10 x 7 x 4 inches
  • Pebble-shaped microphone
  • Overhead mount for pebble
  • Rechargeable microphone and base
  • Carrying case for the whole assembly
  • Inflatable pillow insert
  • Separate chargers for pebble and base
  • Single ON/OFF button
  • 5 sensitivity levels for microphone
  • 1-year warranty and 30-day trial period

Where to Buy

You can buy the Nora Smart sleep solution on the manufacturer’s website:

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