Leesa vs. Purple Mattress: An In-Depth Comparison

Purple Mattress

In this head-to-head mattress comparison, we are going to pit the extremely popular Leesa mattress against a younger, trendier brand, Purple Mattress.

Purple made waves in 2015 when they raised over a hundred thousand dollars on Kickstarter to launch their mattress. But what makes them unique is what they use in their mattress.

Unlike most foam and spring mattresses, the Purple mattress uses hyper-elastic polymer to provide high-level support and responsiveness.

I find it a bit challenging to describe how Purple's unique feel differs from Leesa, but I give it my best shot in this comparison.

Suffice it to say: these mattresses offer very differently sleeping experiences.

What's In This Comparison

In this new mattress showdown, you will learn how the Leesa and the new Purple mattress compare in a number of areas, including price, warranty, comfort, construction and sleeping experience.

My aim is not to tell you which mattress is the best, but to give you the details you need to make a confident choice between these two mattresses.

So, let's dive in!

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