what is a sham in a comforter set

What Is a Bed Sham (in a Comforter Set)?

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Adulthood can be a true challenge, and you need to learn as you go. By way of instance, do you know what a bed sham is? Don't worry, you are not alone.

Ask about, and you are likely to receive plenty of guesses. You might even think that it's some type of internet bed scam. But fret not.

We've got the solution to your burning confusion about bed shams. A bed sham is only a fancy pillow cover, seldom known as a “false front,” which serves a decorative purpose.

What is the Objective of a Bed Sham?

As we mentioned, bed shams are usually used for aesthetic or decorative reasons. Pillows perform a role when they are in use, but they could also be accessories as soon as your head is not lying on them.

A sham gives your cushions more visual appeal, turning them from function to style to meet your bedroom or living room decoration.

They provide your pillow designs, frills, and textures that tie in with the rest of your interior design sensibilities.

Different Kinds of Bed Shams

what is a sham in a comforter set

Like pillowcases, bed shams come in various sizes to match the size and kind of pillow that you have. Typically, shams that include bedding sets will match types of cushions that match the bed dimensions, but you can mix and match if you would like to create a distinct look.

Standard Bed Sham:

  • Fits a standard pillow
  • Measures 26 inches by 20 inches

Queen Sham:

  • Fits Queen size cushions
  • Measure 30 inches by 20 inches
  • Queen cushions are an in-between size that's not as common as standard or King size. Therefore, queen size shams might be more challenging to come by.

King size Sham:

  • Fits King size pillows
  • Measures 36 inches by 20 inches

European Sham:

  • Fits square cushions
  • Measures 26 inches by 26 inches
  • are inclined to be more decorative

Boudoir Sham:

  • Fits smaller, decorative cushions.
  • Measures 12 inches by 16 inches
  • Many boudoir pillows include the shams, but you can swap them for another appearance.

Shams can also have different kinds of closures, and that's the way you can secure them around your intended pillow. Most have a slit at the back that overlaps the pillow, although some might have a zipper or button closure for a better fit.

Most shams complement the bedding set they come with, so they use the identical cloth as the duvet or comforter. Many are made from cotton, but they may be made from polyester, silk, velvet, or cloth blends.

Shams frequently have lace around the edges, but the finishing may also easily be an extension of the material used for the mattress's surface sham. Some shams may contain tassels, pompoms, borders, or other layout flairs.

What is the Difference Between a Pillowcase and a Bed Sham?

what is a sham in a comforter set

The difference between a pillowcase and a bed sham comes right down to appear and purpose. Pillowcases are easy, comfortable, and made for you to sleep or use on them. Bed shams are decorations meant to achieve a particular look but not necessarily supposed to be used.

How to Make Your Own Bed Sham

what is a sham in a comforter set

You can easily make a bed sham. All you have is some eyesight, decent cloth, and minimal sewing skills to perform it. Fabrics on the thicker side and have somebody to them are usually better to use (particularly if you plan to use it to the border also, as thicker stuff will stand up better), but any substance should work.

Materials & Supplies You Will Need:

  • Fabric

You'll need fabric for the front, for your back, and the flanges. They may be the same or different.

  • Matching thread
  • Pins
  • A ruler
  • Scissors

Step One: Cut the Cloth to Fit Your Pillow

You can step yourself or check the measurements mentioned earlier for common pillow sizes. If you would like a more substantial appearance, make your flanges bigger.

Or you can make them small or not have it all; the design is up to you. As soon as you've got all your pieces, cut on your back piece in half to the opening.

Step Two: Build Your Sham.

Begin by taking your front-facing pillow panel and confront it front side up. Next, set the rear panel's front side down on top of the front panel. Make sure all the edges are aligned. The back panels should float approximately 8 to 10 inches.

Step Three: Sew the Sham!

Sew up your Mattress sham all around the borders. When you are done, just turn the sham inside out through the case opening at the back.

Step Four: Flanges

This step is only required if you would like the surrounding flanges. Just join another stitch edge down about two inches in your bed sham. Make sure to plan forward and measure out the additional inches when you are cutting your fabric.

Step Five: Add Your Pillow

Now, the bed sham is prepared to throw on your bed and enjoy!

Final Thoughts

Bed shams are an excellent way to create an impression in your bedroom or living space by turning plain cushions into eye-grabbing accessories.

They might not be as functional as your regular pillowcase, but they give an aesthetic flair to help tie your room's layout together. Keep in mind, style is a function since it will make your house feel like a home with a style that resembles your personality.


Where is it true that the sham goes on the bed?

Bed shams go on your pillows. They give a decorative cover that offers you a look that matches your comforter or bedding design.

What is the distinction between a sham and a pillowcase?

Shams are decorative, supposed to be considered, and not necessarily intended to be used. They usually are made with fancier designs and utilize higher-end fabrics. Pillowcases are more functional.

They're supposed to be slept on. They're typically less fancy-looking and are machine washable.

What is the best form of the pillow to put in a sham?

Bed shams come in many different sizes that are intended to fit various kinds of pillows, from standard all the way up to king size. There are shams for decorative cushions that are rectangular or square in shape.

Do I need pillow shams?

You don't require a pillow sham, but they provide a visual flair that a typical pillow or pillowcase can't match. There's no reason not to have shams if you want to get a brand-new look in your bedroom or living area.

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