Hollywood Regency Fun & Creative Bunk Bed

10 Bold, New Hollywood Regency Bunk Beds

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Want to re-energize your children's bedroom with a luxurious bunk bed? Congrats, you have come to the right place!

If you love luxurious, glamorous, high-octane style, then you will love the Hollywood Regency style.

A Hollywood Regency bunk bed features a decorative, dramatic, and luxurious design draped in fancy fabric.

If you want to elevate your children bedroom with high-class luxury and elegance, check out these ten bold, new Hollywood regency bunk beds:

1.) Luxury is Important Aspect

Hollywood Regency Luxurious Bunk Bed

A Hollywood regency bedroom is all about luxury and comfort!

Check out this luxurious bedroom with a bunk in white paired up with beautiful bed covers and comfortable duvets. The overall interior of the bedroom is revealing a high profile and expensive look.

2.) A Heavy Bunk Bed Structure

Hollywood Regency Heavy Bunk Bed

Want to share your bedroom with your kids! Check out this bunk bed with a double bed. This type of design gives you more room to make your kids sleep with you while maintaining your privacy.

3.) A Family Bedroom

Hollywood Regency Bunk Bed For Family

A gorgeous family bedroom with a double bed with an upholstered headboard and a bunk bed where your kids can sleep peacefully.

4.) A Beautiful White

White Hollywood Regency Bunk Bed

A beautiful white bunk bed against a decorative wall makes a perfect Hollywood regency style setting. A little contrast and you are good to go.

5.) Keep it Playful

Playful Hollywood Regency Bunk Bed

Check out this fun and playful bedroom with a creative bunk bed, toys on round rugs, a long desk and chairs for study, and a creative skateboard.

6.) Sofa Bed

Hollywood Regency Sofa Cum Bunk Bed

A convertible sofa bed is a perfect thing for bedrooms as well as living rooms. You can easily roll it out to turn into a spacious bed.

7.) A Modern Touch

Modern Hollywood Regency Bunk Bed

A bright and cozy children's room with a bunk bed, sports wall, large wardrobe, and a work desk.

8.) Plain Bunk Bed

Hollywood Regency Plain Bunk Bed

We often heard the phrase “Simple is Beautiful”. This plain bunk bed made of wood sets that statement true to its nature.

9.) A Canopy Adds More Luxury

Hollywood Regency Bunk Bed with Luxurious Canopy

A bunk bed with a canopy makes a beautiful and luxurious setting and adds more space.

10.) A Fun & Creative Bunk Bed Design

Hollywood Regency Fun & Creative Bunk Bed

Check out this highly dramatic children's bedroom with a fun and creative bunk bed. With cartoon printed design, teepee, stand, carpet frames, and toys, this one is a mix of creativity and fun at the same time.

Hope you got some inspiration from our picks! In addition to the children's bedroom, bunk beds are a fabulous choice for guest rooms as well, and even your master bedroom if you want to share your bedroom with your kids.

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