French Country White Fur Bedroom Rug

10 Elegant & Chic French Country Bedroom Rugs

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Rugs make any space look more wonderful. Some refer to it as an ‘unsung hero’ with magical powers to turn a space into a divine place to breathe in.

Whether you want to bring more warmth, inject color or a backdrop for your furniture; a rug is the most suitable thing.

Rugs can make any space smaller or bigger, depending on where you place it. It helps add color to a dull room, protects the floor and even your feet from hard flooring, and gives a soft and comfortable area to walk on.

For a French country bedroom, the options in rugs are silk, cotton, jute, patterns, knitted, wool, fur, etc.

The choices are limitless, so it is difficult to decide on the perfect one.

Just walk through these ten elegant and chic French country bedrooms to know what kind of rug you actually need for your own bedroom.

1.) Rustic Shades

French Country Bedroom Rug in Rustic Shades

Check out this luxurious bedroom revealing a designer bed over a broad rug in the rustic shade!

2.) Traditional Design

Traditional French Country Bedroom Rug

A beautiful rug revealing a traditional design makes a perfect choice for a French country bedroom.

3.) A Hand-Knotted Rug

French Country Hand Knotted Bedroom Rug

A large luxurious bedroom with vaulted ceilings, a hand-knotted rug on the hardwood floors, and a large king-size bed.

4.) A Cotton Rug in White

White Cotton French Country Bedroom Rugs

An art deco bedroom is revealing an exclusive king-size bed over a cotton rug with a knitted design!

5.) A White Plush Rug

French Country White Plush Bedroom Rug

A white plush rug looks wonderful in a classic Provence-style bedroom.

6.) Antique Rugs

French Country Antique Bedroom Rug

Antique items are a popular choice for a French country bedroom!

Have a look at this luxurious bedroom with beige walls, white furnishings, and lovely antique rugs complementing the overall décor!

7.) A Beige Rug

A Beige French Country Bedroom Rug

A lovely rug in beige shade covering the bed and the surrounding area!

8.) Embroidered Rug

French Country Embroidered Bedroom Rug

A white rug with beautiful silver embroidery is sprucing up the overall space of this French country bedroom.

9.) A Round Rug

French Country Round Bedroom Rug

A round rug near a pink bed with pillows and blanket, a dressing table, and a frameless armchair.

10.) A White Fur Rug

French Country White Fur Bedroom Rug

A white fur rug can add warmth and elegance to any bedroom.

Hope you got some inspiration from our picks. The French country bedrooms embrace vintage-inspired elements, carved furnishings, upholstered headboard, subtle fabrics, muted color pallets, and a soft and comfortable area rug.

While choosing a rug, keep in mind the color scheme and overall aesthetic of your bedroom. Every item you place in your bedroom must create harmony with every other item out there.

Happy Decorating!

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