Scandinavian Bedroom Fireplace using Hexagonal Tiles

10 Bright & Fresh Scandinavian Bedroom Fireplace Ideas

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As winters are almost here, you might be looking for ways to keep your home warm and cozy.

A right fireplace is an ultimate way to bring warmth into your home. If you are a fan of a Scandinavian style, you want to have a fireplace that complements your existing décor.

A Scandinavian style is more about functionality and minimal décor, including muted pallets, natural light, and natural wooden tones.

Adding comfort to your minimal spaces with layers of cozy textures, and creating ambient light and heat with fireplaces is at the heart of most Nordic homes. The general Scandium design features nothing too ornate or distracting.

Here are ten bright and fresh Scandinavian bedroom fireplace ideas that will turn your space into a warm and cozy retreat:

1.) A White Fireplace

Scandinavian White Bedroom Fireplace

A lovely Scandinavian interior with a white fireplace, a mock-up frame, and a big vase with the plant.

2.) A Black Fireplace Embedded in a White Housing

A Black Fireplace Embedded in a White Housing

Consider this kind of Scandinavian setting into your bedroom featuring a black fireplace in white housing, a hanging rattan chair, a mock-up frame, and a few wicker baskets on shelves.

3.) Wall Integrated Fireplace

Wall Integrated Scandinavian Bedroom Fireplace

A bright bedroom interior with a fireplace, grey lamp, painting on the wall, knitted bedding, and a blanket on the bed.

4.) White & Tiled

White & Tiled Scandinavian Bedroom Fireplace

A bright and airy neutral beige grey bedroom with a white and tiled fireplace as the main focal point, a decorative rug, and lots of natural window light.

5.) An Electric Retro Fireplace

Scandinavian Electric Retro Bedroom Fireplace

A retro electric fireplace in a holiday decorated bedroom is just what you need for the winters.

6.) Keep it White

White Scandinavian Bedroom Fireplace

A perfectly designed Scandinavian bedroom in white with a fireplace, a chair with padded seat and cushions, two fur rugs, and a stool with retro legs.

7.) Hexagonal Tiles

Scandinavian Bedroom Fireplace using Hexagonal Tiles

A lovely Scandinavian setting is featuring a fireplace lined with beautiful hexagonal tiles.

8.) A Cast Iron Stove

A Cast Iron Stove Scandinavian Bedroom Fireplace

A cast-iron stove makes it an ideal choice for your Scandinavian bedroom and sufficient to keep you warm.

9.) Electric Fireplace

Scandinavian Electric Bedroom Fireplace

An electric fireplace with artificial sparkling flame looks realistic and is an enchanting piece to elevate your Scandinavian bedroom.

10.) A Modern Designer Piece

Modern Designer Scandinavian Bedroom Fireplace

This modern electric fireplace in white bricks will keep your bedroom warm as well as create a unique style statement.

Hope you now have a clear idea of Scandinavian-style fireplaces. You can easily create a cozy and warm seating area around your fireplace with a futon or comfortable chairs with cushions and a carpet.

Happy Decorating!

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