Scandinavian Bedrooms for Girls

10 Bright & Fresh Scandinavian Bedrooms in White

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Waking up in a light, bright, and airy bedroom gives that energizing feel and helps you kick start your morning.

This is the reason why nowadays, many people prefer to design their bedroom in white.

Scandinavian bedrooms are minimalistic design spaces that look stunning, elegant, and visually charming.

A Scandi-inspired bedroom in white accented with neutral shades and natural elements offers a restful atmosphere to sleep. And the white color welcomes more natural light into space.

To help you redesign your space into a cozy retreat, we have created this list of ten bright and fresh Scandinavian bedrooms in white:

1.) Wooden Furniture

Scandinavian Bedrooms with Wooden Furniture

Light and bright interior with white pillows on a wooden bed, lots of plants, and a round rug!

2.) Accented with Soft Colors

Scandinavian Bedrooms Accented with Soft Colors

A Scandi-inspired bedroom with a king-size bed with knit beige blanket, a mint retro chair, and a mock-up frame on the wall.

3.) Beige Accents

Beige Accents Scandinavian Bedrooms

A cozy bedroom with a comfortable bed with white bedding and a beige duvet, a rattan chair, a mock-up frame on the wall, and a big dried plant.

4.) Modern Scandinavian

Modern Scandinavian Bedrooms

A modern Scandinavian bedroom in white with a sleek bed, frames on the wall, and a dried plant sitting in a glass pot on a white floor.

5.) Wooden Shelves

Scandinavian Bedrooms with Wooden Shelves

Wooden shelves with plants over a comfortable wooden double bed in a spacious room with white furniture and walls.

6.) Green Window Landscape

Green Window Scandinavian Bedrooms

A white bedroom with the green landscape in the window creates a soothing and naturally serene outlook!

7.) Open Door to Baby Room

Open Door to Baby Scandinavian Bedrooms

A white bedroom with an open door to the baby room is a lovely concept to go with!

8.) Subtle Patterns

Scandinavian Bedrooms with Subtle Patterns

Pick the bedding set in subtle patterns for a warm and inviting feel for your bedroom setting!

9.) White Mock Up Frames

Scandinavian Bedrooms with White Mock Up Frames

Well, a Scandinavian bedroom is incomplete without some mock-up frames on the wall! Surely one of the must-haves.

10.) The idea of a Girls’ Bedroom

Scandinavian Bedrooms for Girls

Most girls love pink shades, so adding pink accents in the white bedroom is a great idea!

Hope you got some inspiration from these picks! Decorating your bedroom in Scandinavian style offers lots of versatility, from modern to industrial design, you name it! Make sure to add layers with pillows, rugs, plants, and soft fabrics to add more contrast and value in appeal.

Have fun decorating your Scandinavian bedroom!

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