White Boho Chic in Blue Bedroom Fireplace

10 Eclectic & Interesting Boho Chic Bedroom Fireplace Ideas

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No one can deny that nothing is more cozy and charming than a perfectly designed fireplace in a bedroom.

For making a space cozy and beautiful, a fireplace is a must to have. The low burning embers create a unique charm and intimacy into a bedroom with that feeling of luxury, class, and elegance entwined altogether.

A boho bedroom design theme is about styling a space through random bits and pieces into a room that makes an earthy eclectic aesthetic. So, what kind of fireplace is best suitable for your boho bedroom?

Have a look at these ten eclectic and interesting boho chic bedroom fireplace ideas to fill your bedroom with a relaxed laid back vibe.

1.) A Modern Fireplace

Boho Chic Modern Bedroom Fireplace Ideas

A modern fireplace white knit blanket placed on a king-size bed standing in a bright bedroom interior with fireplace, hammock chair, and two straw baskets, this is the modern fireplace for you.

2.) A White Fireplace in Blue Bedroom

White Boho Chic in Blue Bedroom Fireplace

Eclectic interior in classic blue color featuring a white fireplace, two rattan chairs and baskets, and other elements on shelves.

3.) Rustic Stone Fireplace

Rustic Stone Boho Chic Bedroom Fireplace

The rustic stone fireplace in a traditional stone vineyard house shows the rustic style in its eclectic nature.

4.) Luxurious Marble Fireplace

Luxurious Marble Boho Chic Bedroom Fireplace

An elegant white marble fireplace will add a great style statement to your boho chic bedroom.

5.) A Farmhouse Style

A Farmhouse Style Boho Chic Bedroom Fireplace

A farmhouse-style white fireplace and a comfortable chair with cushions make an eclectic setting for your bohemian bedroom appealing to the eye and comforting to stay warm.

6.) A Vintage Fireplace

Vintage Boho Chic Bedroom Fireplace

A vintage fireplace with burning logs will add warmth and a cozy charm to your bedroom.

7.) A Metal Stove

Boho Chic Metal Stove Bedroom Fireplace

Read your favorite book or newspaper while enjoying the warmth of a black metal stove on cold winter days.

8.) Black Electric Fireplace

Boho Chic Black Electric Bedroom Fireplace

A black electric fireplace in an aristocratic white housing is a beautiful concept for a bohemian bedroom. Pure class and boldness.

9.) Comfort & Warmth is the Main Focus

Boho Chic Bedroom Fireplace for Comfort & Warmth

Create a comfortable seating area near your fireplace so that you can stay warm while watching your favorite TV series or a cozy read.

10.) A Gas Burning Fireplace

Boho Chic Gas Burning Bedroom Fireplace

A gas-burning fireplace is an eco-friendly option for any bedroom, and this will make sure you are being conscious of yourself and the environment.

Hope you like our ideas! Along with a fireplace, you can mix different elements to adorn your boho bedroom with; such as a few handmade crafts, a macramé on the wall, few houseplants, rattan furniture, etc. Anything that can make your fireplace stand out more.

Happy Decorating!

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