Boho Chic Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue with Accent Wall

10 Eclectic & Interesting Boho Chic Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue

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Do you have any style preferences for your bedroom but find yourself confused about how to make them happen? Well, do not worry! This post is here with some ideas on decorating the perfect boho chic room in cobalt blue.

Decorating a boho chic bedroom in cobalt blue is easier than you think. All one needs to do is find the perfect shade of cobalt blue and match it with some pastel colors for accent pieces such as pillows, curtains, or lampshades.

A bright color like this can be refreshing when paired together but also very calming if mixed with other soft tones too!

For more ideas, check out these bedrooms in cobalt blue:

1.) Blue Walls

Boho Chic Bedrooms in Cobalt Bluewith Blue Walls

Paint down cobalt blue on your bedroom walls for a warm and cozy setting.

2.) Mandala Patterns

Boho Chic Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue with Mandala Patterns

Check out this bedroom infused with mandala patterns on cobalt blue bed linens and a textile attached to the wall.

3.) Punctuate It

Boho Chic Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue

A large and spacious bohemian bedroom in white punctuated with cobalt blue on the blanket, chair, pillows, and accessories.

4.) Accent Wall

Boho Chic Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue with Accent Wall

A bohemian bedroom is highlighting an accent wall in cobalt blue, serving as a great addition for furniture and accessories.

5.) Contrast with White

Boho Chic Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue & White

Check out this bedroom with a rattan bed against a blue wall with blue and white patterned pillows for added comfort.

6.) Decorative Knitted Pillows

Boho Chic Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue with Knitted Pillows

Add a few knitted pillows in blue and white for added comfort and decoration.

7.) Boho Cushions

Boho Chic Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue with Boho Cushions

These boho cushions make a beautiful addition to elevate your bedroom.

8.) Ethnic Decor

Boho Chic Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue with Ethnic Decor

A bohemian bedroom in cobalt blue with wooden furniture, ethnic décor, a woven rug, and a few plants.

9.) Paired Up with Pink

Boho Chic Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue & Pink

Pink makes a lovely pair with cobalt blues like this bedroom with blue walls, a blue bed with pink linen, and pillows.

10.) Blue Blanket

Boho Chic Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue with Blue Blanket

A blue blanket is a fantastic addition for comfort and warmth in this light and bright bohemian setting.

Boho Chic Bedrooms are a dream for many design enthusiasts. Decorating your room with a bohemian vibe can either be easy or not-so-easy, depending on the choices you make. And the above ideas will definitely help you.

I hope you find this post helpful. Happy Decorating!!

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