Boho Chic Liac Bedroom with Purple Accent

10 Eclectic & Interesting Boho Chic Bedrooms in Light Lilac

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Light lilac is the color of love, joy, wisdom, and cheerfulness. It carries the creativity of an artist to the next level.

As boho bedrooms emphasize more artistic details, a light lilac color scheme is the ideal option. Not only this shade gives your bedroom a unique look, but it also brings elegance and charm into space.

Boho bedrooms are the best choice for ones who love unconventional and out-of-the-box décor. There are no particular rules for designing a boho bedroom. Instead, this design theme represents much of your personality.

Let’s walk through these ten eclectic and interesting boho chic bedrooms in light lilac to help you know how to add character into your resting place:

1.) Oriental Concept

Boho Chic Liac Bedroom with Oriental Concept

A lovely boho bedroom revealing oriental concept with comfy bed with patterned purple bedding, mandala patterned cloth on the wall, a wooden rack with books, painting, and wicker basket.

2.) Vibrant Bedding

Boho Chic Liac Bedroom with Vibrant Bedding

Vibrant bedding in floral patterns makes a wonderful choice for a boho bedroom.

3.) Scandi-Inspired

Boho Chic Liac Bedroom with Scandi-Inspired

A Scandi-inspired bedroom in light lilac with mock-up frames, a rattan bed, and hanging rattan lamps.

4.) Warm & Cozy

Warm & Cozy Boho Chic Liac Bedroom

A warm and cozy bedroom with light lilac walls, a comfy bed with pillows, wall decorations, dried plants, and a green plant.

5.) Purple Accent

Boho Chic Liac Bedroom with Purple Accent

A lovely bedroom accented with purple-style settee, a single white metal bed, flower board, macrame on the wall, and macrame on the wall.

6.) Eco-Friendly Setting

Eco-Friendly Boho Chic Liac Bedrooms

Boho bedrooms usually embrace an eco-friendly setting with natural elements like this bedroom in purple tones, DIY pallet sofa, sustainable parquet, armchairs, bed, and potted plants.

7.) Embrace Rustic Elements

Boho Chic Liac Bedroom with Rustic Elements

A lovely bedroom in light lilac and purple with rustic furniture, a comfortable white bed with pillows, a rustic wooden rack, a mirror, and a plant is sitting on the floor.

8.) Add Lots of Plants

Boho Chic Liac Bedrooms with Lots of Plants

Bring outdoors inside your boho bedroom by adding more than a few green plants.

9.) Ethnic Decor

Boho Chic Liac Bedroom with Ethnic Decor

A beautiful bedroom with an ethic décor! Note the comfortable bed with colorful pillows, wind chime, and dream catchers hanging on the rope, candles, and green plants.

10.) Soft Pillows

Boho Chic Liac Bedroom with Soft Pillows

Add more than a few soft pillows onto your bed for added comfort.

Check out this bedroom with a bed and soft pillows, a canopy swing with white tulips, a dream catcher with feathers, and pearls hanging on a wooden headboard.

Hope you got some inspiration from our picks! Boho bedrooms layer colors, textures, and art. It embraces natural elements, ethnic décor, mandala patterns, vibrant colors, etc.

There are endless ways to decorate your boho bedroom. Just make sure whatever you pick, and place must go with your individual style.

Happy Decorating!

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