Industrial Light Lilac Bedrooms with Wooden Decorations

10 New Urban Industrial Bedrooms in Light Lilac

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Have you done with white, black, grey and similar colors for your bedroom? Are you looking for a unique and outstanding color theme?

Undoubtedly, the single answer to the above questions is “Yes”. The reason why you are here!

Light lilac is an uncommon color scheme for any bedroom. Inspired by blossoms, light lilac is all about happiness and wisdom.

Just like a blossom appeal to you, a bedroom designed in light lilac gives you a more welcoming space to relax after a long day at work.

Here are ten new urban industrial bedrooms in light lilac that help you know how to embrace this color scheme into your resting place:

1.) Old Concrete Walls

Industrial Light Lilac Bedrooms

A truly industrial-style bedroom with old concrete walls in light lilac, a rustic bed with light lilac bedding, a rustic wooden rack, a clock, and two lamps are hanging.

2.) Metal Bed

Industrial Light Lilac Bedrooms with Metal Bed

A stylish bedroom interior with posters on an empty grey wall and a single black metal bed with light lilac bedding. Note how the bedroom is accented with light lilac on a few elements.

3.) Open Light Fixtures

Industrial Light Lilac Bedrooms with Open Light

An elegant bedroom interior in lilac with bed with open lights, the big picture, and a table with books.

4.) Lilac Accents

Industrial Bedrooms in Light Lilac

Check out this bedroom in grey with lilac accents on the bedding, pillow, candles, and flowers.

5.) Fusion of Grey & Lilac

Industrial Bedrooms in Grey & Light Lilac

Check out this bedroom in grey and lilac, revealing a comfortable bed with lilac bedding and purple coverlet and grey molded walls with a modern painting.

6.) Add Patterns

Industrial Light Lilac Bedrooms with Patterns

Graphic patterns are a popular choice for urban industrial bedrooms. Check out this bedroom with a lilac futon with patterned pillows against a wall with star patterns and a moon poster above a metal rack.

7.) Wooden Decorations

Industrial Light Lilac Bedrooms with Wooden Decorations

A cozy and warm bedroom interior decorated with a few wooden elements, an exposed brick wall against a comfortable bed in light lilac is all you need.

8.) A Designer Bed

Industrial Light Lilac Bedrooms with Designer Bed

An industrial bedroom with a king-size designer bed in light lilac, an armchair, and a black industrial rack.

9.) An Urban Look

Industrial Light Lilac Bedrooms in Urban Look

An urban industrial bedroom in light lilac tones with a poster on the floor in a gold frame, a curtain, bed, carpet, and a hanging lamp.

10.) Grey & Light Lilac

Industrial Bedrooms in Grey & Light Lilac

A loft-style bedroom in grey with a modern bed with purple bedding and large windows for natural light.

Hope you got some inspiration from our picks! An Industrial design theme embraces rugged elements with soft and playful finishes. Exposed brick walls, concrete floor, open bulbs and lights, and rustic elements all carry an artist's creativity.

Happy decorating!

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