Mid-Century Teal Bedrooms with Turquoise Shade

10 Iconic Mid-Century Bedrooms in Teal

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Nothing can offer the cozy ambiance than a mid-century bedroom in teal. First introduced in the 1950s, the mid-century interior design style is continually evolving. This design trend is not going to fade anytime soon.

Today's mid-century bedrooms incorporate tasteful color, retro furniture, and modern décor. When it comes to the brave color scheme, teal is becoming a popular choice for home interior designers.

With a lovely merger of blue and green, teal is ruling many hearts.

Let's walk through these ten iconic mid-century bedrooms in teal to visualize how charming and cozy your space can be with this color scheme:

1.) A Vintage Style

Vintage Style Mid-Century Teal Bedrooms

A vintage-style bedroom in teal with a comfortable bed in soft beige tones.

2.) A Blue Bedding Set

Mid-Century Teal Bedrooms with Blue Bedding Set

Lovely bedding set in teal or blue will make the game elevate your space easier.

3.) Padded-Headboard

Mid-Century Teal Bedrooms with Padded-Headboard

A warm bedroom with a padded bed head and pillows and a coverlet in teal reflected in mirrored wardrobe doors.

4.) Warm Tones

Mid-Century Teal Bedrooms with Warm Tones

Check out this bedroom in warm tones of teal with a comfortable bed, night lamp on the floor, a metal chair, and a plant next to it.

5.) Modern Details

Mid-Century Teal Bedrooms with Modern Details

A lovely bedroom in teal with modern details, including a sleek wooden bed, night lamp, and a white mirror sitting on the floor.

6.)  Turquoise Shade

Mid-Century Teal Bedrooms with Turquoise Shade

A beautiful and charming bedroom in the turquoise shade with a retro bed and bench, comfortable bedding, and pillows against a wall with few frames.

7.) Gold Elements

Mid-Century Teal Bedrooms with Gold Elements

A charming bedroom in teal and pink revealing lovely decoration with golden elements.

8.) Natural Vibes

Mid-Century Teal Bedrooms with Natural Vibe

A lovely bedroom is full of natural vibes revealing a retro bed and chair, plants, and a woven lamp hanging.

9.) Minimal Design

Mid-Century Teal Bedrooms with Minimal Design

A minimalistic mid-century bedroom with a sleek white bed, a green dresser, and a plant sitting in white.

10.) A Classic Setting

Mid-Century Teal Bedrooms with Classic Setting

A classic bedroom setting revealing a king-size bed against a green wall, a chandelier, and two lamps on bedside tables.

Mid-century bedrooms are minimally designed and clutter-free spaces that are designed with functionality in mind. The common choices are retro furniture, graphic or geometric patterns, bold color schemes, and subtle fabrics.

I hope you got some inspiration from our picks! Happy Decorating!

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