White Mid-Century Bedrooms

10 Iconic Mid-Century Bedrooms in White

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A white bedroom theme is a classic option to create a warm and cozy retreat.

A mid-century bedroom in white features an ultra-chic aesthetic with pared-down, clean lines with organic ease that’s very attractive.

With white furniture and accessories, you can easily add fun pops of colors with bedding, rugs, pillows, and curtains.

A mid-century design style gained fame during the 1950s and 1960s and is still in trend, and this is not going to fade anytime soon.

If you are looking to revamp your space, check out these ten mid-century bedrooms in white:

1.) White Bedroom Accented with Blue

White Mid-Century Bedrooms

A beautiful bedroom in white accented with blue velvet bedding and pillows on a king-size bed. China closet in the corner, small white dresser with vintage radio.

2.) Warm & Cozy

Warm & Cozy Mid-Century Bedrooms

A warm and cozy bedroom in white with a large bed, rattan hanging lamps, and marble bedside tables.

3.) Graphic Patterns

Graphic Patterns Mid-Century Bedrooms

Choose pillows and bedding set in graphic patterns for a modern mid-century bedroom.

4.) Keep it Clutter-Free

Clutter-Free Mid-Century Bedrooms

A simple bedroom with a comfortable bed and pillows, a mid-century lamp, and a table holding a teacup and books.

5.) Sleek Furniture

Sleek Furniture in Mid-Century Bedrooms

Always go with sleek and straight furniture, such as this dresser with retro legs and a simple and comfortable chair.

6.) White Bedding Set

White Bedding in Mid-Century Bedrooms

A soft and fluffy comforter and pillows in white will create a magical aura in your mid-century bedroom.

7.) Wooden Furniture

Wooden Furniture

A warm and cozy bedroom with wooden furniture, comfortable bedding, and a carpet.

8.) Green Accents

Green Accents Mid-Century Bedrooms

A lovely bedroom in white accented by a green bed cover and a chair!

9.) Light & Spacious

Light & Spacious Mid-Century Bedrooms

A light and spacious bedroom in white accented with yellow pillows and a duvet!

10.) Decorated with Candles

Decorated with Candles

An excellent idea for a festive season! A bedroom decorated with candles gives a warm and welcoming vibe!

Hope you got some inspiration from these picks! A mid-century bedroom features retro furniture, graphic patterns, mid-century accessories, retro-style mirrors, and much more.

A white mid-century bedroom is a perfect retreat to relax and sleep peacefully. So, go ahead and redesign your space today while keeping these ideas in mind.

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