A Natural Gas Industrial Bedroom Fireplace

10 New Urban Industrial Bedroom Fireplace Ideas

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An industrial style reminds us of that old factory-worn outlook, right? Is it really?

Iron finishes, exposed brick walls, and unpolished surfaces carry the creativity of the artist. Above all, an industrial-style bedroom must be warm, comforting, and look astonishing. What’s a better way to warm up a bedroom than a fireplace.

A fireplace isn’t just a heating solution for a bedroom but also a perfect place for entertaining your loved ones. Just create a seating area around your fireplace with two comfortable armchairs and sip your favorite tea or coffee with the ones you care about.

Here are ten new urban industrial bedroom fireplace ideas that will help you turn your space into a cozy retreat:

1.) A Yellow Freestanding Stove

Yellow Freestanding Stove

This makes your industrial bedroom look more stylish and modern with added warmth!

2.) A Dark Grey Fireplace Design

Dark Grey Industrial Bedroom Fireplace

Here’s a modern industrial style to enjoy warmth in your bedroom.

3.) A Small Fireplace in Black

Small Black Industrial Bedroom Fireplace

A burning fireplace in front of a pink sofa within a modern industrial interior.

4.) Travertine Design

Travertine Industrial Bedroom Fireplace

A modern fireplace design like this made with travertine to give an eclectic and stylish look.

5.) A Gas Fireplace

Gas Industrial Bedroom Fireplace

A gas fireplace in a dark wood surround. If you like a touch of woodwork and style, this one is for you.

6.) Add Modern Touch

Modern Industrial Bedroom Fireplace

A modern electric fireplace entwined into a white wall is a trendy bedroom look.

7.) A Gas Fireplace with Open Fire

A Gas Fireplace with Open Fire

People in ancient times used to gather around an open fire to enjoy the warmth and have discussions. The trend is revived again with a gas fireplace and an open fire like this one in the image.

8.) Modern Industrial

Modern Industrial Bedroom Fireplace

A modern industrial bedroom featuring a brown brick wall and a green wall incorporates a fireplace and provides that ornamental home element.

9.) A Natural Gas Fireplace

A Natural Gas Industrial Bedroom Fireplace

A fireplace burning on ethanol gas is an eco-friendly option for any bedroom. So, if you care about being eco-friendly, this style is for you.

10.) A True Industrial Style Grey Fireplace

Industrial Style Grey Bedroom Fireplace

An authentic industrial style lamp in a grey finish is the ultimate thing to add an industrial charm into space while keeping it warm.

Hope you got some inspiration for a well-designed fireplace for your industrial bedroom! Happy Decorating!!


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