Industrial Bedroom Rug with Geometric Design

10 New Urban Industrial Bedroom Rugs

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A bedroom is like our physical soul that’s why we care so much while choosing or maintaining our bedroom things.

We always try to keep everything best and in order. But have you ever paid much focus on your bedroom rug? Maybe yes or no!

Bedroom rugs are the most overlooked yet significant element of any bedroom. They serve as a backdrop to the furniture while sprucing up your space with its charm and elegance.

Imagine the feeling of getting out of bed with a soft rug under your feel! Feels nice? Yes, obviously!

That is why we have composed this list of urban industrial bedroom rugs that will help you envision how a rug can make a huge difference in your bedroom in its impact and feel:

1.) A Brown Rug

Brown Industrial Bedroom Rug

A brown rug on a hardwood floor covering a grey bed makes a perfect industrial setting.

2.) Jute Rugs

Jute Industrial Bedroom Rug

Jute rugs make a popular choice for any bedroom!

3.) A White Rug

White Industrial Bedroom Rug

A white rug is complementing the white brick wall and comfortable white bedding!

4.) A Black Rug

Black Industrial Bedroom Rug

A black plush rug is a thing you need to elevate your bedroom.

5.) Patterned Rug

Patterned Industrial Bedroom Rug

Check out this bedroom with a patterned rug on the floor, a patterned pillow on the couch, and a telescope near the bed.

6.) Geometric Patterns

Industrial Bedroom Rug with Geometric Patterns

A patterned rug in an off-white bedroom with red sheets on the bed between plants!

7.) Another Geometric Design

Industrial Bedroom Rug with Geometric Design

Another geometric rug in white and black is a perfect addition to spruce up your industrial bedroom.

8.) A Plush Rug in White

Plush White Industrial Bedroom Rug

A modern industrial bedroom reveals a white plush rug, a mid-century ceiling light, white drapes, and a comfortable chair.

9.) A Round Colorful Rug

Round Colorful Industrial Bedroom Rug

A colorful round rug near a red plaid armchair and a white metal bed.

10.) Striped Patterns

Industrial Bedroom Rug with Striped Patterns

A perfect industrial bedroom set with white brick walls, a rug in striped patterns, and a comfortable white bed with throw pillows.

An industrial bedroom embraces modern yet traditional elements very well! For an industrial rug, go for rustic, modern, vintage, and classic designs. The color choices can be white, grey, and black.

It is essential to pick the design and color that complements other bedroom elements.

Hope you like our post! Happy Decorating!

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