Bedroom Rugs with Patterned Carpet

10 Sleek New Modern Bedroom Rugs

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Rugs are like that ‘unsung hero’ that can make an appealing impact on your space. Whether it’s your living room or bedroom, a perfect area rug is a significant investment.

Beyond adding hues and texture, an area rug boosts the overall design factor. It is a small yet significant element, a little bit pizza to your bedroom.

With so many colors, patterns, and designs, it becomes difficult to choose an ideal rug for your bedroom.

So, we have rounded up these ten new modern bedroom rugs to give you an idea of how bedroom rugs boost the space before you buy one:

1.) Light & Airy

Modern Bedroom Rugs with Light Airy

Always feel free to go with light colors in your area rugs!

2.) A Light Grey

Light Grey Modern Bedroom Rug

A plain rug in light grey makes a perfect choice for a modern bedroom.

3.) A Fur Rug

Modern Bedroom Fur Rug

Fur rugs are favorite among most people!

4.) Modern Art

Bedroom Rugs with Modern Art

Check out this elegant rug in grey, highlighting modern artistic details!

5.) A Plain White

Plain White Modern Bedroom Rug

A plain white rug covering the bed and the couch!

6.) Dotted Lines

Modern Bedroom Rugs with Dotted Lines

How about this white rug with dotted line patterns!

7.) A Big Round Rug

Big Round Modern Bedroom Rug

A big round rug covering the bed and the surrounding area!

8.) Patterned Carpet

Bedroom Rugs with Patterned Carpet

Patterned carpet in bold black color for a stylish bedroom!

9.) Tile Patterns

Bedroom Rugs with Tile Patterns

Check out this bold and beautiful rug revealing tiled patterns is a perfect thing for your sleek and modern bedroom.

10.) A Plush Rug

A Plush Modern Bedroom Rugs

A soft plush rug against a stylish bed!

A modern rug can feature different patterns: irregular, geometric, straight lines, and graphic patterns. Go for color pallets that look bold and beautiful such as black, grey, and even whites. Whatever color or pattern you pick, make sure it perfectly goes well with other bedroom elements like furniture and decorative pieces.

Hope you like our post! Happy Decorating!

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