Industrial Retro Style Bedrooms

10 New Urban Industrial Bedrooms in White

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An industrial style reminds us of a worn-out look of the factory! But does it have to be?

With thick exposed beams, unpolished walls, raw elements, rugged furniture, a showpiece to everything that relates to fabrication and industry can ornately blend in your bedroom space as well.

An industrial bedroom is an open and airy space designed with raw and rough elements and clean and streamlined furnishings and décor.

You can even make your industrial bedroom warm and cozy with a careful selection of fabrics in the right colors.

On top of that, if you design an industrial bedroom in white, it will add serenity and a unique charm to the overall atmosphere.

If you are also looking to redesign your bedroom space, here are ten new urban industrial bedrooms in white for your inspiration:

1.) White Bricks Wall

Industrial Bedrooms with White Bricks Wall

An industrial bedroom with white bricks on the wall, a comfortable bed in grey, a palm tree in a black pot, and lamps.

2.) Recycled Pallet Bed

Recycled Pallet Bed

An industrial style bedroom here with recycled pallet bed revealing a white eco-design scheme.

3.) Rustic Furniture

Industrial Bedrooms with Rustic Furniture

Rustic furniture helps to create that worn-out look of a factory! It shows the rugged nature and abstract chic to it.

4.) A Modern Industrial Bedroom in White

Modern Industrial Bedroom in White

A spacious bedroom in white with big windows perfectly revealing a modern industrial concept!

5.) Industrial Retro Style

Industrial Retro Style Bedrooms

Here are an industrial retro-style interior with a pallet bed, white brick walls, and frames.

6.) Metal Furniture

Metal Furniture in Industrial Bedrooms

A bright bedroom with a single metal bed, grey chair, and industrial desk with a globe and computer. Now, your work and comfort are entwined together in a symphonious harmony.

7.) Industrial Bedding Set

Industrial Bedding Set

Just look at this bedding set revealing printed cycles on it – a perfect industrial-style bedding set!

8.) Yellow & Black Accents

Yellow & Black Industrial Bedrooms

A spacious bedroom with a black bed with yellow pillows, a white brick wall, a wooden coffee table, a graphic carpet, and yellow chairs.

9.) A Loft Bedroom

Loft Industrial Bedroom in White

Check out his loft-style bedroom with polished concrete floor, black wood ceiling, and white brick wall, furnished with a black steel bed.

10.) A bedroom interior with white walls

bedroom interior with white walls

A bedroom interior with wooden floor, white walls, gray master bed with white bedding set, white bedside table, and white sofa.

Hope you got some inspiration from our picks!

White bedrooms give warm, soothing, relaxing, comforting, and welcoming vibes. Also, white is a symbol of love and peace. You can even accent your white bedrooms with colors in furniture, fabrics, and decorative elements.

So, go ahead and have a great time revamping your bedroom! Happy Decorating!

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