Best Metal Bed Frames

Best Metal Bed Frames 2023: Top Picks and Reviews

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Are you searching for the best metal bed frames for your room?

You are definitely at the right place!

This detailed buying guide enlists some of the best metal bed frames you can choose for your room. We have specifically made this guide with some of the popular picks of the metal bed frames, defining their core features, price, durability and other factors.

Reading through this detailed buying guide, you will get a clear idea about the best metal bed frames you can buy right now. This guide will give you a comprehensive overview of some of the market’s most sold metal bed frames in 2020.

So, let’s quickly explore below the best metal bed frames available in the market:

How This Guide Helps You to Select Best Metal Bed Frames

Best Metal Bed Frames in 2023

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  1. Tribecca Home Giselle Victorian Iron Metal Bed
  2. DUMEE Queen Size Metal Frame
  3. Victorian Metal Bed
  4. DHP Brooklyn Bed Frame
  5. GreenForest Queen Metal Bed
  6. Multifunctional Winston Bed Frame by DHP
  7. TEMMER Reinforced Metal Bed
  8. Zinus Korey Metal Bed
  10. Zinus Casey Premium Mattress Foundation
  11. Olee Sleep Mattress Foundation
  12. Zinus Geraldine Metal Bed
  13. VECELO Metal Mattress Foundation
  14. Zinus Van Metal Bed
  15. DUMEE Metal Bed Frame 
Bed FramesFeaturePriceRating
Tribecca Home Giselle Antique Dark Bronze Graceful Lines Victorian Iron Metal Bed (Queen Size)Tribecca Home Giselle Victorian Iron Metal BedEasy to assemble$$$4.8
Metal Bed Frame Queen Size Platform with Vintage Headboard and Footboard Sturdy Metal Frame Premium Steel Slat Support BronzeDUMEE Queen Size Metal FrameApprox outer size: 60.43” X 83.54” X 43.5”, 12″$$$4.8
Victorian Vintage Style Platform Metal Bed Frame Foundation Headboard Footboard Heavy Duty Steel Slabs Queen Size Silver/Gray Textured Charcoal Finish (Black/Silver, Queen)Victorian Metal BedMax support around 660 - 770lbs$$$4.7
DHP Brooklyn Metal Iron Bed w/ Headboard and Footboard, Adjustable height (7” or 11” clearance for storage), Sturdy Slats Included, No Box Spring Required, Twin Size Mattress, BlackDHP Brooklyn Bed FrameAdjustable base height 7″ or 11″$$$4.6
GreenForest Bed Frame Queen Size Metal with Headboard Footboard Steel Platform Bed Strong Mattress Foundation No Box Spring Needed, BlackGreenForest Queen Metal Bed16 pieces steel slats in bed base$$$4.6
DHP Winston Metal Bed Frame, Multifunctional Piece with Adjustable Heights for Under Bed Storage, Black - KingMultifunctional Winston Bed Frame by DHPKing size weight limit: 500lbs$$$4.5
TEMMER Reinforced Metal Bed Frame Queen Size with Headboard and Stable Metal Slats Boxspring Replacement/Footboard Single Platform Mattress Base, Black (Queen, Black).TEMMER Reinforced Metal BedHigh quality frame$$$4.5
Zinus Korey 14" Steel Platform Bed Frame with Upholstered Headboard and Wood Slat Support, QueenZinus Korey Metal BedWood slat support$$$4.5
HOMERECOMMEND Metal Bed Frame Platform with Headboard and Footboard Box Spring Replacement Mattress Foundation Hevay Duty Steel Slats (Queen,Copper Veins)HOMERECOMMEND Metal BedSGS and ISO certified$$$4.4
Zinus Casey 18-Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation | 4" High Extra for under bed storage | No box spring required | QueenZinus Casey Premium Mattress Foundation17" clearance from the floor$$$4.3
Olee Sleep 18" Heavy Duty King Steel Slat, No Box Spring Needed, BlackOlee Sleep Mattress FoundationAnti-slip mattress support$$$4.2
Zinus Geraldine 12 inch Black Metal Platform Bed Frame with Headboard and Footboard / Premium Steel Slat Support / Mattress Foundation, QueenZinus Geraldine Metal BedHeadboard and footboard prevent wobbling of bed$$$4.1
VECELO Queen Size Bed Frame Metal Platform Mattress Foundation/Box Spring Replacement with Headboard, Deluxe Crystal Ball StylishVECELO Metal Mattress Foundation12" clearance area$$$4.0
Zinus Van 16 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame with Steel Slat Support / Mattress Foundation, QueenZinus Van Metal BedFoam padded tape$$$3.9
Metal Bed Frame Queen Size Platform with Vintage Headboard and Footboard Sturdy Metal Frame Premium Steel Slat Support BronzeDUMEE Metal Bed Frame Non-squeaky structure$$$4.0

1. Tribecca Home Giselle Victorian Iron Metal Bed

Tribecca Home Giselle Antique Dark Bronze Graceful Lines Victorian Iron Metal Bed (Queen Size)

Tribecca brought out the old-school look and felt with the Giselle classic Victorian metal bed in dark bronze.

The rustic appearance matches a traditional-style home. The bronze finish provides a vintage look and compliments the different goods arranged within the room.


The metal bed frame includes a style of straight and curved lines. They add natural elegance and serves as a centerpiece rather than an accessory.

The base holds the mattress and the overall weight with ease because of its construction from sturdy iron. The design is such that it provides high comfort and excellent safety to the mattress that limits the wear and tear. The firm also assured that the design works well with a box spring.


Tribecca assures that the bed meets the terms and standards of different countries. Aside from staying strong, the metal bed frame is composed of metal slats, a headboard, a footboard, and a set of railings.

The bronze finish is what makes it unique and best fits for people who love to bring a rustic finish to their room. The black rails given with the set provides the rare appearance of the vintage period.


When talking about the support offered by the bed, Tribecca ensures that it provides the highest amenities – with the design, the appearance of the rails, and metal slats.

Moreover, the box spring layout variant comes handy. Box spring holds the mattress with ease, reduces stress and, absorbs shocks, offers excellent comfort level.

Assembly And Warranty

The metal frame bed is simple to assemble. It comes in a single box containing all the components as well as the guide, that helps anyone to construct the frame easily.

An individual needs to have the tools to proceed with the assembly. The manufacturer provides a 90-day warranty for defects.


  • Vintage look
  • Cost strikes the right cord
  • Sturdy construction
  • The design of the metal frame is appropriate for use with boxspring
  • Simple to build
  • Extended lifespan compared to other materials of bed frame's


  • One bolt support of the headrail loosens it often
  • Many might find the quality sub-par when compared with others
  • Shade differs slightly than described

2. DUMEE Queen Size Metal Frame

Metal Bed Frame Queen Size Platform with Vintage Headboard and Footboard Sturdy Metal Frame Premium Steel Slat Support Bronze

DUMEE is offering a metal bed frame for all those who seek strong bed support.

The Queen size of DUMEE arrives with a footboard and headboard and is built with premium metal. It not only complements the existing furniture but also brings in the warmth that one expects in the area.


DUMEE assured robustness to the structure by using premium steel, unlike other brands. The quality of the product holds up to 660lbs and provide better support.

Besides, the company is giving metal slats that increases durability while providing the best support to the mattress. Moreover, there is no quacking sound due to the slats, which one expects the least from a metal bed frame.

The usage and approach of powder paint are appealing and suit the requirement of any bedroom décor.

Storage space

The metal bed height is 12″ tall from the ground, providing enough space under the frame. The availability of the area assures a user to utilize the same for storing boxes that help in tidying the quilts, clothes, and toys.


However, the majority of the manufacturers offer metal bed frames; selecting a certified product is vital. This metal bed frame is ISO 9001 certified. It means that the provider is delivering high-quality product sand following international production processes to keep rejection at distant.


The metal bed frame arrives in a single box containing all the components and instruction manual. Following the guide will help everyone to assemble the metal bed frame with ease. Additionally, the company provided arrow marks for quick assembly.

Service & Warranty

There's a 5-year warranty from the company for the product and free replacement of damaged components. The quick turnaround time is an additional asset, which lets them attend their clients with their requirements.


  • Superior build construction
  • The bronze color suits any inside décor
  • Easy-to-follow manual for assembly
  • Metal slats for improved durability
  • Cheap pricing


  • High rise system — 12.”
  • Powder painting chips off within a few months of usage
  • Screws loosen because of over drilling in some cases

3. Victorian Metal Bed 

Victorian Vintage Style Platform Metal Bed Frame Foundation Headboard Footboard Heavy Duty Steel Slabs Queen Size Silver/Gray Textured Charcoal Finish (Black/Silver, Queen)

Elegance is what everybody searched for when deciding on a right metal bed frame. Elegant Home Products is currently offering the Victorian metal bed frame. Not just the structure is beautiful, but it matches the satisfaction levels of any purchaser.


The grey or silver finish is appealing to balance the ambiance in the bedroom, along with other parts. The glossy finish is attractive and stands apart from others.


Elegant Home Products ensured to utilize high-quality metal tubes to come up with a sturdy product. The metal bed frame is sturdy and offers the mattress the best support. The existence of the metal slats increases the strength and extends the life of the mattress.

The steel slabs enhance the durability of the frame while offering protection to the mattress. Likewise, the device stands tall at 12″ from the ground (the platform), which provides ample space under the bed frame. The footboard and the headboard are attractive and match the ambiance or help to create the desired environment with the existing décor units.

Constructing The Unit

The frame unit arrives in a single box with all the necessary parts and instruction guides to assemble the same. With the help of a few tools, a buyer can assemble the bed frame effortlessly. The company explained the assembly in-detail, which makes it a quick process even for beginners.


Elegant Home Products is offering a three-year after-sales 100% warranty for the Victorian style bed frame.


  • Made up of a high-quality metal tube
  • Greater strength attained because of metal slabs
  • Extends the lifespan of a bedding
  • Grey or silver finish suits different decors
  • Includes easy instructions for building the frame


  • Platform height can prove an issue for many
  • Powder coating wears before making the tubes prone to rust
  • Quality reduces with use

4. DHP Brooklyn Bed Frame

DHP Brooklyn Metal Iron Bed w/ Headboard and Footboard, Adjustable height (7” or 11” clearance for storage), Sturdy Slats Included, No Box Spring Required, Twin Size Mattress, Black

Metal bed frames not only provide elongated life but also work as a decorative piece in the bedroom. DHP delivers an outstanding option for people who want a robust structure.


The design of the unit is simple and yet visually appealing. It not only supports the mattress but prolongs its life by limiting sagging.

DHP focused on providing a suitable solution for all needs. Hence, the simplistic idea towards the design helps one to use it as an independent centerpiece or suits with other interior decors.

The classic design furnishes either the children's room or master bedroom in modern style.


The metal bed frame comes in full size and features both the headboard and the footboard. The metal slats provide stability to the mattress while elevating the strength of the structure.

DHP additionally came up with the idea of an adjustable platform. DHP created the concept of a flexible platform. It lets the buyer adjust the platform at 7″ or 11″ height from the floor.

Using the metal bed frame without base is possible. Given the benefit of the adjustable platform, one can think to tidy the room by arranging things below the structure. The full-size frame provides full support of 450lbs.


DHP ships the metal framework, the slats, side rails, and nuts in one unit. With guidance, it is possible to organize the components. The DIY is a procedure that is very simple because the majority of the frames have the markings.


The warranty provided by the manufacturer covers the after-sales service and replacement of damaged parts. The business attends to the needs of the consumers on a priority.


  • Unique and functional metal bed frame
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Flexible platform — 7″ or 11″
  • Full-size frame with headboard and footboard
  • Possible to use with or without a base


  • A few misalignments from the arrangement
  • Wobbles in the head and the foot parts
  • Brings creaky sound after a few months of usage

5. GreenForest Queen Metal Bed 

GreenForest Bed Frame Queen Size Metal with Headboard Footboard Steel Platform Bed Strong Mattress Foundation No Box Spring Needed, Black

If quality and aesthetics are a top priority for buyers, then considering the GreenForest Queen metal bed frame is of the highest importance. The company invested in design, research, and quality to come up with products that meet the buyers and likewise provide the highest comforts.


Talking about the design, the Queen metal bed frame, which is of full-size, possesses European styling and footboard. The existence of the side rails not elevate the appearance but also delivers the support needed to the mattress.

The matte color is appealing and tasteful. It matches any décor of the kids or the master bedroom.


Making security a top priority, GreenForest spent massively in obtaining top-notch materials to fabricate the metal frame. Even though the platform isn't flexible, provision of 12″ space under the bed makes a significant difference. The availability of space lets you store clothes, boxes, clothes, and quilts.

The frame includes a total of 16 metal slats. They increase strength and the stability of this construction. Furthermore, their addition increases the lifespan and functions as the basis of the mattress.


Assembling the complete structure is a simple job. The company gives an easy-to-assemble instruction manual. The entire frame reaches the doorstep in a single unit and contains all the required screws and Allen key set. By understanding the instruction, one can assemble the unit quickly.

Talking about the warranty of the product, GreenForest ensures that a customer enjoys support against receipt of damaged products. The post-sales service is excellent and delivers the needed relief that a customer would expect from a company.


  • Queen metal frame full size
  • Headboard and footboard with guardrails
  • 16 metal slats act as a base and increase the stability of this construction
  • European styling is appealing
  • 12″ under space is a plus point


  • Change in color is disappointing
  • A few parts are missing during shipment
  • Delivery causes damage to the frames

6. Multifunctional Winston Bed Frame by DHP 

DHP Winston Metal Bed Frame, Multifunctional Piece with Adjustable Heights for Under Bed Storage, Black - King

Multi-purpose metal bed frames would be the option for those individuals and professionals that are currently looking for affordable solutions for their bedroom. DHP came out with the Winston multifunctional metal bed frame. The unique furniture frame offers an excellent solution for every bedroom.


The metal bed frame is trendy and suits the needs of the customer. It sits as an ally or as a centerpiece and matches the decorative styles of the bedroom. The business invested in research, which helped it to come up with the adjustable frame.


To bring a multifunctional product into the marketplace, using high-quality materials is crucial. DHP used the same process. The quality is excellent and ensures support to the mattress. It, moreover, is sturdy and works efficiently with proper care.

An interesting thing about the frame is the adjustment of the platform. Unlike other structures, the Winston framework provides the freedom to the user to modify the platform to 7″ or 11″ height. The metal frame is available in king, queen, full, and twin forms. Depending on the requirement, one can order the preferred size.

The existence of additional pliers, metal slats, and legs ensures extended support to the frame. They extend their life and also help in protecting the mattress. The adjustment platform lets the user set it at a preferred height to tidy things around the bed.

Assembly & Warranty

Assembly of the metal frame is a cakewalk. The firm delivers the product with an instruction manual that helps one to fix the structures in the right order. Once assembly is complete, the Winston frame is perfect for use.

DHP also offers post-sales warranty and replacement of damaged components as customer satisfaction is a priority, the answer to the requests as soon as possible.


  • Classic design
  • Sturdy metal frame with head and footboard
  • Metal slats, center rail, and extra legs
  • The flexible platform of the base
  • Available in different sizes and colors


  • Damages during shipment
  • Poor layout
  • Centerplate life deteriorates in a couple of months

7. TEMMER Reinforced Metal Bed 

TEMMER Reinforced Metal Bed Frame Queen Size with Headboard and Stable Metal Slats Boxspring Replacement/Footboard Single Platform Mattress Base, Black (Queen, Black).

The twin size strengthened the metal bed frame from TEMMER holds a strong position in the industry. Using sturdy material by the firm assures safety while provides safety to the mattress. The appealing element of the product is its Victorian style layout.


TEMMER guaranteed that the metal bed frame fits each décor of the room that has been there. The headboard and the footboard's existence not just provide comfort but also boost the appearance of the bed frame. The antique brown color meets with each object surrounding the room, giving the needed ambiance.


The use of augmented metal increases the lifespan of the frame. Also, with the headboard's existence, an individual would need the use of a box spring. The metal slats mounted at similar distances offer ventilation to the mattress while providing strength to the arrangement. The interior railing with the legs enhances balance and robustness.

As there is minimum use of screws, there is a decrease in the noise produced by the metal frame. TEMMER was chosen for welding for most of the elements to overcome the noise and bring the best product to the consumer.

The company provides the product with the needed screws and tools. Using them will avoid wear and tear of the mattress.

The 13-inch space under the bed is an ideal place to store all the goods, including boxes, toys, clothes, and quilts. The base supports a weight of 450lbs.


The frame is a DIY project. The company ships the product, including all the tools, components, and documentation inside a box. Reading the manual will help any user to set the frame easily. The company is providing a 5-year warranty.


  • Victorian design is appealing
  • Antique brown suits every décor design
  • Welded platform structure
  • Broad underneath area
  • High quality reinforced material


  • Develops sounds within a few months of usage
  • Mattress slips because of the absence of lip
  • Color deviations observed

8. Zinus Korey Metal Bed

Zinus Korey 14" Steel Platform Bed Frame with Upholstered Headboard and Wood Slat Support, Queen

Unlike other designs available on the market, Korey's metal bed is outstanding. The reason is the inclusion of an upholstered headboard. It makes it appealing and comfortable.


The layout and the approach of this design make it distinct from other models. The headboard is what makes it unique and appealing. It is also the identical thing that aids in mingling with the unique interior of a space, be it the master bedroom or the child's room. The aesthetic design is comfortable and fits aptly to every requirement of any user.


Built from metal, it is sturdy and provides complete protection to the mattress. Using the metal slats further improves the strength and extends the mattress's life. The difference between the slats allows airflow that prevents the build-up of molds inside the mattress. The slats further limit the usage of the box spring.

The height of the platform of the metal bed frame is 14″ from the ground giving enough space underneath. The area helps keep little boxes, clothing, quilts, toys, as well as many other items. The welded parts assure that there is less noise during usage.


Zinus Korey delivers the item to the preferred address in one unit. The unit is composed of all of the components, screws, tools, and an instruction manual.

With the manual, it is even possible for a beginner to build the pieces to construct the frame from scratch. Importantly, all the components have the essential arrows and marking to make it easy to fit the specific portions at the ideal location.


Zinus Korey is offering a worry-free guarantee of five years, which includes post-sales support. The company is providing a replacement of damaged components.


  • Simple and elegant design with upholstered headboard
  • Wood slat support
  • 14″ platform
  • Devoids the requirement for a box spring
  • Sturdy and shields a mattress


  • Missing parts during shipment
  • Color varies than shown


HOMERECOMMEND Metal Bed Frame Platform with Headboard and Footboard Box Spring Replacement Mattress Foundation Hevay Duty Steel Slats (Queen,Copper Veins)

For all those who would like to have the old-fashion décor statement in the bedroom, buying the metal bed frame from HOMERECOMMEND is the solution.

Copper Veins color matches the settings of the space décor and is eye-captivating. The warranty provided by the manufacturer is another area of consideration.


Speaking about this metal bed's design, it's captivating and intriguing. The design makes it a perfect selection for people who intend to keep it humble and to make a statement.

The company spends a considerable amount of research to think of designs and ideas. The addition of this the headboard and the footboard bring another atmosphere in the room.


The use of heavy-duty metal makes the structure secure, reliable, and comfortable. Further use of the center rail and metal slats prolongs the lifespan of the frame. The slats additionally preserve the mattress from sagging, which increases life automatically. The frame is capable of supporting box spring without creating squeaky noises.

The platform stands around 12″ from the base, allowing available space beneath the bed. An individual can utilize the same for keeping several things that help in tidying the room. The base is stable and is capable of holding 770lbs. The metal slats offer support to the entire structure and enhance the overall strength with ease. They're also responsible for protecting the mattress from sagging.

Assembly and Warranty

Assembling the device is a tedious task — thanks to the instruction manual's availability. Likewise, design plays a critical role. All the components, along with the screws and tools, ship in a single unit. Following the manual lets the user build the frame within a few hours.

The company is offering a 5-year warranty for the item. It covers the replacement of damaged components and additional assistance according to the request of the customer.


  • SGS and ISO accredited
  • Copper veins finish
  • Heavy-duty material for enhanced sturdiness
  • Quick assembly process
  • Easy replace or accommodates box spring


  • Power dissipates within a couple of months
  • Color disagrees and chips

10. Zinus Casey Premium Mattress Foundation

Zinus Casey 18-Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation | 4" High Extra for under bed storage | No box spring required | Queen

Mattress foundations are standard but occupy space, making it hard to discover a place. Also, one needs the use of box spring, which produces sound after using it for a while. Zinus Casey premium SmartBase base for a mattress is a quick solution for confined spaces.


Zinus Casey Base is the solution for those who would like to have underneath space. Standing tall in 18″ from the ground, it provides more room than standard foundations for keeping anything.


Made with high-quality elements, the base is sturdy and void of noise. Keeping in mind about the limited spaces, Zinus Casey designed and constructed in such a way that it is possible to fold and transfer it whenever required.

The foundation can be found in different sizes. The accession of the middle rail and the pliers strengthens the construction. The distance between the slats also provides airflow providing breathability to the mattress, which extends the lifespan.

Another advantage of this product is its ability to fold. Folding the frame makes it suitable for quick movement through stairs and doorways.

The Queen Size SmartBase is suitable for profile mattresses like 6,8 and 10 inches. The entire 17″ clearance provides ample space to store various goods effortlessly. Plus, the plastic covers to the legs offer protection to the floor.


Assembly is quick and straightforward. There's not any requirement of tools.


Zinus Casey is providing a five-year warranty on the excellent product. The warranty offers a replacement for a faulty product.

The company takes responsibility for making defects and cracks caused during shipment and assures replacement with no questions asked. It is also available for other queries and helps all those who want assistance.


  • Premium structure
  • Smartbase doesn't require box spring
  • 17-inch clearance from the floor
  • Folding design for quick movement
  • Accommodates headboard using brackets


  • Quality isn't up to the mark
  • Defective design of the wingnuts
  • Noises creep in over six months

11. Olee Sleep Mattress Foundation

Olee Sleep 18" Heavy Duty King Steel Slat, No Box Spring Needed, Black

Mattress foundation is essential. Not only they preserve the mattress but extend their life by keeping them fresh through the airflow. Not all foundations provide the desired results. It's here that the OLEE sleep base comes into play.


The design of the structure is elegant and simple. The bed foundation is acceptable for those who find space as a significant factor. It takes less space and also gives the area under the bed.

Keeping in mind about the mattress, the company brought the idea of the anti-slip approach. It will help prevent skidding of the mattress. The bed fits into the frame while the side rails provide protection and prevent wobbling.


Made from heavy-duty steel, the frame is sturdy and capable of carrying a weight of 450lbs. The bed frame is beneficial for people who find it hard to use typical structures for their mattresses. Those living in restricted spaces find this item as breathable support.

Attaining a height of 14″ from the floor, the space available beneath the bed helps tidy the room. An individual can store clothing, toys, and other stuff.

With proper and secure construction, an individual can attain a perfect sleep with ‘no sound” development. The steel slats spaced evenly help while offering the necessary support to the bedding.


The company ships the product in one unit with all the tools and components. There is an instruction manual which assists the buyer to assemble the pieces. After completion, the frame is ready to accommodate a mattress. Fastening the screws firmly with other parts holds the slats and the whole structure securely, which avoids the possibility of sounds.


The firm is offering a 5-year limited warranty. It replaces damaged pieces and guarantees complete assistance during the period.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • 14-inch offers ample storage beneath the mattress
  • Anti-slip mattress support
  • Easy assembly
  • Non-squeaky structure


  • Welding caves in after a few months
  • Cannot hold the promised weight
  • Poor quality control

12. Zinus Geraldine Metal Bed 

Zinus Geraldine 12 inch Black Metal Platform Bed Frame with Headboard and Footboard / Premium Steel Slat Support / Mattress Foundation, Queen

Rather than going for a frame that holds the mattress, it's essential to pick the one which best fits the décor and provides high conveniences. Zinus Geraldine belongs to this category and the perfect solution for people who would like to get a chic appearance.


The design of this product is appealing and simple. The reason is the functional design. Not just it rests flawlessly with any kind of interior décor of the master bedroom or children's room but also acts as the primary attraction. The practical use of the headboard and the footboard limit sagging of the mattress. It helps in increasing the life of the bed while preventing the formation of molds.


The metal bed frame, made from high-quality elements, is sturdy and available in all sizes except full. It's an ideal solution to limited spaces, as it holds less space and yet leaves 11″ area under for storage. The buyer possesses the potential for storing goods in the available space. The usage of this framework eliminates the requirement for a box spring.


When it comes to the assembly, following the instruction manual is the solution. The company is providing all the components, tools, and screws. The guide will assist the buyer in assembling the pieces. The frame is ready to support a mattress after completing the process. The guidelines outlined prevents improper fittings and sounds, which result in damage is possible.


The five-year warranty is a blessing. Not only can one claim for defects but also for replacement of the product for damaged goods upon arrival.


  • Easy and decorative design
  • Steel slats for mattress support
  • 11 inches of clearance from the ground
  • Headboard and footboard stop wobbling of bed


  • Poor quality control
  • Squeaky sounds develop within a few months
  • A few parts are missing in the bundle

13. VECELO Metal Mattress Foundation

VECELO Queen Size Bed Frame Metal Platform Mattress Foundation/Box Spring Replacement with Headboard, Deluxe Crystal Ball Stylish

The premium bed foundation is an answer for those who are taking a look at an easy solution for bedding requirements. VECELO is providing a perfect solution through its premium full-size metal foundation made of metal.


VECELO's approach to the bed mattress base is attractive and unique. Security is not only ensured by the use of the metallic structure but also extends the entire life. The Victorian-style is well worth mentioning. The existence of the footboard and the headboard will help in wobbling or slipping of the mattress. It, hence, ensures the enhanced lifespan of the bed.


Construction plays an essential role in the entire unit. Durable metal construction prevents weakness and features steadiness. Added to this are the slats set at the same distances that further enhance the sturdiness of the metal frame. The slats also offer protection to the bed. The structure is capable of holding a maximum weight of 660lbs.

The center bearing bar arrives with a foam mat. The mat helps absorb noises. As a result of this reason, a user can experience a noise-free ambiance. There is likewise area beneath the bed because of the elevation of the platform from the ground. The inch area is useful for storing quilts, toys, boxes, and other items.


When it comes to assembly, all of the consumers have to do is follow the instruction manual. The business delivers the entire product in one box. The box comprises of the parts, tools, and screws. There is also a manual that helps one to assemble the pieces. The mattress will sit comfortably without wobbling in the framework. As it prevents the growth of molds, the slats guarantee breathability.


VECELO is providing a limited five-year manufacturer warranty. It means that it helps in the replacement of parts with that of damaged ones and sends a new product in case the user receives a damaged product.


  • Premium metal bed frame
  • High-quality material
  • Victorian design with headboard and footboard
  • Metal cabinets enhance overall sturdiness
  • 12-inch clearance area


  • Color varies from that of description
  • Missing parts during shipment
  • Quality deteriorates within a couple of months

14. Zinus Van Metal Bed 

Zinus Van 16 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame with Steel Slat Support / Mattress Foundation, Queen

Rather than opting for a mattress and a box spring, it's advised to opt for a metal bed frame that stands tall from the floor. Likewise, the use of this metal frame for a mattress prolongs the lifespan effortlessly. Keeping these few things in mind, Zinus came out with its refined and simple product — the Van metal bed frame.


Design of the Zinus Van is appealing — thanks to its minimalistic and simplistic approach. There's not any necessity for a box spring, making it an advantage for the user. Not only is the frame capable of holding a maximum of 450lbs, but it also seems appealing. It is the best option for people who have limited space, and it fits flawlessly in any place


Zinus used the best materials to make the product. The mattress base of the twin size comes in a single unit. Zinus focused on supplying the best design product while providing sturdiness. The circular-shaped edges make it unique from the usual sharp edges. They ensure stability when joining the unit, managing the mattress, and during the transfer of the frame.

The steel slat support for the mattress extends the lifespan. It also enhances durability while protecting the mattress wobbling. There is also the provision for adding footboard and headboard.


Building up the metal frame isn't a difficult task. The frame consists of all the pieces and an instruction manual. A beginner is capable of assembling the unit by following the instruction manual. The benefit that the assembly section has is the non-usage of tools. The addition of foam-padded tape reduces the noise, thus, providing a good night's sleep.


The Van Metal bed frame from Zinus includes a five-year warranty. If it came in a damaged state, the company would replace damaged components and the entire unit.


  • A simplistic approach to the layout
  • Rounded edges are appealing
  • Steel slats for more excellent stability
  • 14-inch under clearance area
  • Foam padded tape reduces sound


  • Cannot withstand weight in the future
  • Misalignment of a few bits
  • Mattress slips because there is no head and footboard

15. DUMEE Metal Bed Frame 

Metal Bed Frame Queen Size Platform with Vintage Headboard and Footboard Sturdy Metal Frame Premium Steel Slat Support Bronze

Queen size metal bed frame by DUMEE is a fantastic investment. The frame is appealing. It stands out from the crowd and provides the desired style statement. The black color of the unit works well every interior décor of the living room, children's room, or the guest room.


The design has a straightforward approach, which makes it elegant and approachable for all needs. The powder painting finish prevents the formation of the rust and gives a shine. It is a perfect replacement for people who are living in a confined space and are using a box spring.


DUMEE promises to deliver an excellent product. It worked the same with the Queen size metal bed frame. The company used high-quality materials to manufacture the item.

The smart move by the company is using slats, headboard, and footboard. Not only they raise the sturdiness of the frame but avoid wobbling and sagging of the mattress. The gap between the slats allows airflow to the mattress, which keeps it fresh throughout the day. Stability is given by the middle rail to the slats and the framework. A clearance is in the base, which makes it a perfect place for storing boxes of toys, clothes, quilts, and much more.


Joining all the parts of the framework is no longer a tedious task. DUMEE provides the queen size metal frame to get a mattress in one unit. The unit is composed of tools, screws, and all of the components along with an instruction manual. The manual enables the purchaser to fix the pieces and assemble the frame. The assembly is simple and requires spending a few hours.


The product carries a five-year warranty. It features a free replacement for damaged components. Users may order parts based on the requirement.


  • High-quality material use
  • Headboard, footboard, and slats increase sturdiness
  • Non-squeaky structure
  • Doesn't require box spring
  • Elegant and easy to assemble


  • Color differentiation
  • Develops sounds at endings within a few months
  • Few components missing during shipment

Bed Frame Sizes And Dimensions

metal bed frame queen size

A metal bed frame is available in various sizes and dimensions. The size and dimensions vary according to the nation. Usually, companies use their terminology while manufacturing the product. Hence, it is recommended to do thorough research to know about the sizing of the bed frame.

When it comes to the dimensions, a metal bed frame is available in single or twin size beds. If one is ready to shell out an extra amount, they can manage to get a king or queen-sized beds. Every particular size, design, and dimensions have a specific use right from kids to single adults and couples. The initial step involves considering who is currently using the bed. By way of instance, if it is for a couple, it is preferable to go for king-sized beds, or a queen or a foundation based on the availability of capital and space. A big bed will assure that there is ample space for a couple.


Metal Bed Frame Durability

When we talk about the metal bed frame, it is vital to think about the sustainability it provides when compared with other materials. Wood and leather bed frames are alternative materials. Nevertheless, metal is the only durable material and robust against changing weather conditions. Not only are they sturdy but have an elongated life.

Room Decoration 

Metal Bed Frame

Not only does a bed provide comfort and a requirement in the bedroom, but it also enhances the overall atmosphere. It is vital to check out the layout of the bedroom if one is contemplating a metal bed frame. The product must match and compliments the rest of the space and the furniture. Instead of making it an accessory, one can pick the bed frame as the decorative piece.

The Budget

Metal bed frame budget

The next move before finalizing a purchase proceed is to realize how much one is prepared to invest in a bed frame. They are accessible from inexpensive to costly ranges i.e. luxury bed frames. All depend upon the design, dimensions, size, and other factors like the company, reputation, reliability, service, and warranty. Though it is enthralling to select the cheapest among all, choosing a high-quality product is essential. It not just saves money but also matches the bedroom's layout.

Factors To Weigh When Purchasing A Metal Bed Frame

Purchasing A Metal Bed Frame

Assuming that a mattress that works with all the bed bases, the next step entails considering the elements that allow somebody to get the required bed frame. While many opt to believe it as a simple task, the decision is a critical factor for achieving high comforts.

1. Slats

Slats are an essential element when buying a bed frame. Slats are a make or break decision even though it will become invisible upon setting up a mattress. If the distance between the slats is considerable, then the chances of wearing and tearing of the mattress are also high. The two kinds of slats are horizontal and sprung slats. Sprung slats provide a good bounce. An individual can opt for horizontal slats if they are tight on budget.

2. Box springs 

Box springs include the frame and springs wrapped in fabric. The presence of the springs improves the support of the mattress and work as shock absorbers. As they concentrate on absorbing shocks to providing amenities, they provide support to the mattress.

3. Space Accessibility

As there are several additional items of furniture in the room, it's essential to find out the rough amount of space necessary for the metal frame bed. The usual aspects include a vanity, a wardrobe, shoe storage, back storage, TV stand, and a bedside table, and many others. If you want to place all of the products against the wall and still need a half meter of walking distance from the bed, then it is vital to measure the dimensions of the bed frame.

4. Climb In Or Leap

The base of the bed helps the mattress to rise to a specific height to make it simpler for the user to get in and out without difficulty. A few critical variables to think about is the height of the individual, the height of this mattress, comfort, age, and the healthy state.

By way of example, it's not preferable to opt for a low bed if someone has arthritis. The standard knee height is 40 and 61 centimeters from the ground. The gap between the knee and the floor helps one to stand up easily by laying the feet confidently on the ground. Anyone can measure the height by setting on the edge of the mattress or bed.

5. Flat-Pack

Based on the location of the bedroom, it is preferable to think about a metal bed frame that arrives in a flat-pack. Such cases make it easy to take the product up the stairs and join in the bedroom. It is essential to gauge the dimensions of the box because it will assist in understanding whether it is going to fit through the door and the hallways.

The Merits Of A Metal Bed Frames

Easy assembly of bed frames

Metal bed frames deliver an excellent benefit for both decorative and practical reasons. The following are the significant benefits that you will enjoy when select metal bed frames:

  • When compared with wooden frames, which are prone to damage, metal bed frames are more durable and sturdy.
  • The majority of the structures have a beautiful life without the fear of a breakdown in between. Metal frames have a bonus in the kind of resistance towards risks such as bugs, fire, and other episodes. They offer safety when compared with other people.
  • They are fast to assemble and dismantle and move as and when required. The metal frame is light in weight and yet give the strength necessary to accommodate the entire load.
  • The frames suit personal and home aesthetics. A customer can pick from the Victorian-era design to that of the modern contemporary design that satisfies the interior layout and the requirement. The frames are available in various finishes and styles. Although a couple of the endings go out of style, reconditioning will help it add a new outlook.
  • The principal reason for choosing a metal frame is its inexpensive nature. Not only they're affordable but enjoy higher durability in comparison with other materials.


Best Metal Bed Frames

That sums up our top picks of best metal bed frames available in the market. Using this guide, you can get a clear idea about what to look for when selecting your desired bed frame. It is important for you to compare the robustness, pricing, and quality of the bed frame before selecting one, as there are multiple fake claims about these frames also operative in the market. So, be vigilant & alert before selecting anyone and obviously, use this guide to get a definite understanding about what to look for in the market.

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