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10 New Urban Industrial Comforter Sets

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An industrial style features a unique décor incorporated in extraordinary ways.

Drawing inspiration from the warehouses and factories, industrial style celebrates individuality and creativity.

An industrial style bedroom embraces almost everything that the earth has to offer! There are too many things to incorporate into your industrial style bedrooms, such as rustic hues, metallic tones, wooden furniture, and comfortable beddings.

In this post, we will help you find the perfect industrial style comforter for you.

Here are ten new urban industrial comforter set ideas to help you add a warming charm to your industrial bedroom:

1.) Striped Grey Design

Striped Grey comforter

Checkout this comforter set in striped grey design on a recycled pallet rack is a perfect thing to add warmth and coziness to your bedroom.

2.) A Dotted Design

Dotted Comforter

A lovely comforter set in dotted design is the perfect thing you need for your industrial bedroom.

3.) A White Comforter With Black Stripes

White Comforter With Black Stripes

Make your industrial bedroom more warm and cozy with this style comforter set in white!

4.) A Grey Knitted Comforter

Grey Knitted Comforter

A grey knitted blanket on blue bedding is creating a unique style statement.

5.) Printed Bicycle Design

Printed Bicycle Comforter

This comforter set with bicycle print is perfectly revealing that industrial look.

6.) Broad Checks

Broad Checks Comforter

This lovely comforter reveals a broad check design on a recycled bed, making a perfect industrial setting.

7.) A Tufted Comforter

Tufted Comforter

A trendy bedroom with a comfortable bed and a comforter in tufted design!

8.) Off-White Shades

Off-White Comforter

Neutral pallets look great in an industrial bedroom setting like this comforter in off-white!

9.) Earth Tones

Earth Tones Comforter

Earthy tones create a soothing atmosphere in any bedroom.

10.) Soft Blue Comforter

Soft Blue Comforter

Have a look at how this lovely blue and white comforter creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere in this industrial bedroom.

Hope now you have a clear idea of how to choose an industrial style comforter. Choose soft fabrics, muted pallets, linen-inspired shades, gunmetal grey, and navy blue. All you need is to create a perfect contrast against industrial elements!

Go ahead and shop for a perfect comforter set for your bedroom! Happy Decorating!!


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