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10 Bold, New Hollywood Regency Bedroom Mirrors

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A Hollywood regency style is all about creating more drama into space with luxurious and elegant elements. A Hollywood regency wall mirror should also represent that rich and luxurious feel.

A mirror is the center of attraction in any bedroom. Choosing one that is not just appealing but also represents the individual style and personality is essential.

That is why we have created this list of ten bold, new Hollywood regency bedroom mirrors to make your space look more elegant and enchanting:

1.) A White Mirror With Dressing Table

White Hollywood Mirror

A white boudoir style table and mirror is a perfect thing for a girl’s bedroom.

2.) Silver Shiny Details

Silver Shiny Mirror

A round mirror revealing shiny silver details with a nightstand makes an elegant addition to your Hollywood regency bedroom.

3.) An Elegant Round Mirror

Round Regency Mirror

An elegant mirror in white with a boudoir table will definitely look elegant in any bedroom.

4.) Red & White

Red & White Hollywood Regency Mirror

Look at this enchanting bedroom set with two gorgeous mirrors, one in red and another in white.

5.) Gold Crowns

Gold Crowns mirrors

Add royalty into your bedroom with this beautifully crafted mirror revealing a gold crown design.

6.) Large Style Curved Mirror

Large Style Curved Mirror

A large style curved mirror behind the bedroom couch makes a perfect setting for any bedroom.

7.) A White Carved Mirror

White Carved Mirror

A white carved mirror with a table is a beautiful addition to a Hollywood regency bedroom.

8.) An Ornate Mirror

Ornate Regency Mirror

An ornate mirror highlighting two sparrows and decorative flowers will add a unique and elegant look to your Hollywood regency bedroom.

9.) A Classic Mirror

Classic Hollywood Regency Mirror

A bedroom like this one is a fantasy! Look at the entire room, revealing a beautiful mirror and dresser, a comfy bed, decorative walls, all in gold accents.

10.) Silver Accented

Silver Accented Mirror

Although gold is a popular choice for Hollywood regency bedroom, silver accented elements also make an elegant décor, just like this elegant mirror and a dresser in silver.

Hence, Hollywood regency mirrors are gold and silver accented, classic, elegant, antique, and reveals a luxurious look. Go for the one that goes with overall décor and adds a character to space.

I hope you like our top picks! Happy Decorating!!

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