Back pain from sleeping on a poor mattress

10 Signs You Need a New Mattress ASAP

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An average person spends a third of their life sleeping. If we break down the 24 hours of our day, we will find that the average person spends 8 hours working, 8 hours socializing with friends and 8 hours sleeping.

Considering we spend one thirds of our lives in our beds, it is necessary that we invest in the very best mattress and bed. A good mattress doesn’t just ensure comfort during the night, but also makes sure that you are able to get your sleeping hours. A good 8 hours of sleep every night will allow you to be in the state of mind that you want during the day.

A poor mattress can disrupt your social and professional life, and can put your entire routine in disarray. Once your mattress turns poor, you will start fidgeting on your bed and will spend the night hours turning sides rather than actually sleeping and recharging your brain.

One reason behind a poor sleep cycle is the fact that you fail to realize that your mattress needs a repair and do not upgrade to a new one. This would mean that you don’t replace the mattress in time and allow your routine to change. One out of three people in the United States do not get enough sleep, and it shows in their performance and focus at work.

In this article we look at some telltale signs it is time for you to get a new mattress for your home.

Your Bed Dips in the Middle

Do you find yourself sleeping on one side of the bed and then waking up right in the middle during the night? If so, then your bed possibly has a poor mattress with a dip in the middle.

The dip in the middle basically means that you aren’t able to sleep on the sides, and somehow roll over to the middle, because there is a pit like dip around the middle.

Such a dip in the middle does not just disrupt your sleeping pattern, but also leaves you with pain in the back. Aged people with a dipping mattress tend to go through a lot of troubles in the back, and can see their chronic illnesses come back.

Chemical Smell From the Mattress

Chemical smells from the mattress are common when you are first using one, however with the passage of time these chemical smells waive off and you are left with a clean mattress that doesn’t throw away any foul smells.

However, with the passage of time the toxic glues, polyurethane and VOCs can also start gassing, leaving you with a foul smell coming from your mattress at all times.

Whenever this happens it is best for you to start working on getting a new mattress. These smells shouldn’t be allowed to persist for long.

You Have Adverse Skin Reactions

If you wake up with itchy skin in the morning or during the morning, then your mattress could be the main culprit here. Most mattresses are sprayed with pesticides to combat bed bugs and keep the integrity of the mattress intact.

These pesticides and chemical sprays can cause adverse skin reactions once your mattress grows old and does not provide the kind of comfort you expect from it.

Suffering From Insomnia

Most people who suffer from insomnia just need a new mattress to sleep on. Often times you are unable to get a peaceful night’s sleep because the mattress that you sleep on does not give the kind of comfortthat you are expecting from it.

In lieu of this, a simple change of mattress can allow you to add sleep into your troubled nights.

You’re Sinking Into the Bed

Your bed is tasked with keeping you in an upright position and making sure that you sleep with straight posture without sinking low into the bed. Once your mattress starts getting old, it may not be able to hold you up in the same manner that it previously did.

Thus, it is better to replace a sinking mattress than to sleep on it all day.

Morning Back Pain

No one wants to wake up to an aching pain in the back. If you want to avoid such pain, it is necessary that you replace your mattress in time. However, if you are ignorant towards the flailing needs of your mattress, an aggravating pain in the back is a sign that you need to change your mattress. Do not take back pain lightly, as it can turn serious over time.

Your Bed Is Lumpy

Uneven mattresses provide uneven pressure on the body, and can result in pain in your back and other parts of the body. The best way out of this conundrum is to replace your mattress in time and invest in a possible alternative.

Mold Problem

If you have mold inside your home, chances are that your mattress would develop some as well. The mold problem can overtake your mattress in no time and can weaken its integrity. A mattress with mold can lead to other problems over the board.

Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs can signal the failure of all mattresses. The best way to manage bed bugs is by replacing your mattress. A mattress infected by bed bugs is hard to be put to consistent use again. Replacement is the only option.

More Than Seven Years Old

If you have had a good mattress for over 7 years, chances are that it has already lived its due life. Experts believe that most mattresses remain good for 7 years and develop a few of the problems mentioned above after that. Getting a new mattress in time would save you from these problems.

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