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10 Reasons Why a Sofa Bed is Far Better Than a Simple Sofa

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Simple sofa sets no longer excite homeowners like they used to.

Our new age of convenience, with its tiny urban lofts and micro-homes, has changed what we look for in a couch.

Sofa beds combine the idea of a sofa and a bed together to give you the best of both worlds.

But should you get one?

How to decide?

If you need help choosing between a sofa and a sofa bed, then this is the guide you want.

In this article, we cover the reasons a sofa bed is better than a regular sofa in your home.

Some are obvious, but others might suprise you!

1.   No Difference in Comfort (Really)

The first reason you should be interested in sofa beds is because these happen to be just as comfortable as normal sofas. Really.

The seating is comfortable and you can easily find one to meet your needs. Fillings for sofa bed include fiber, foam and plump feathers.

Each one of these fillings has a distinct feeling to it.  Plump feathers make your sofa bed more squishy and comfortable, which is why they are the most sought after option.

2.   Aesthetics

When sofa beds first came out, homeowners had questions related to the aesthetics of the piece of furniture. Sofa beds didn’t look as good as exquisitely designed simple sofas, and homeowners had their doubts related to this. However, with innovation in design and style, we now see better aesthetics than before.

Sofa beds are just as aesthetically pleasing as simple sofas. Designers have come up with interesting ways to add the hardwood in between, and you would never be able to differentiate a sofa bed from a normal sofa.

3.   They Come in All Sizes

Sizes were limited when sofa beds first came out. However, with the passage of time we now have loveseats, bed in a box, three-seaters, two-seaters and L-shaped sofa beds. All of these sofas can easily be turned into sleeping surfaces where you can doze off in peace whenever the need be.

There is innovation in the function performed by these sofa beds as well. You now have sofa beds with bucks and pull-out sleeping surfaces available.

4.   Most Are Traditional

Sofa beds might be contemporary, but believe us when we say that they mimic traditional sofas in their design.

Before you pull out the bed from these sofas, you will notice that they have a traditional look to them.

If you have a traditional space inside your home, you will be glad to know that these sofas go with the aesthetics and design you want.

5.   Cool Storage Options

The good thing about sofa beds is that they all come with special storage space. The space can be used to keep your beddings and pillows when you aren’t sleeping on the bed.

This special storage isn’t visible to someone who hasn’t opened your sofa, which is why this is your secret safe for storing your beddings and other stash. This storage might be a decent place to store all your household clutter.

6.   As Comfortable as Real Beds

Not only are sofa beds useful as real sofas, but many happen to be just as comfortable as real beds.

7.   Great for Kids

If you have kids, you know how much they like to have friends come for sleepovers. In this case, your sofa bed can come in handy for creating excess sleeping space.

Because sofa beds are typically very sturdy, yours can accommodate them throughout their jumping phase – until they're ready to watch Game of Thrones in the living room.

8.   Space-Saving

Space saving is perhaps the biggest reason why a sofa bed is better than a simple sofa. With apartment rates going higher than affordable, families are looking for smaller living spaces. Such living spaces come with smaller living areas.

In such cases it is necessary that you save space and not let the furniture take up more space than you have available. Sofa beds come in handy as they not only save space, but give the required comfort.

9.   No Need for a Guest Bed

Sofa beds can come in handy if you don’t have the budget for a guest bed.

The sofa bed can be opened up whenever you have guests over to visit you. They will snuggle inside their unique and comfortable bed, and would appreciate the hospitality.

Having a sofa bed saves you from the hassle of storing sleeping surfaces in the cupboard and taking up the limited space in the store.

10.       Great for Budget Buying

Sofa beds are perfect for people buying on a budget. These beds work as both a seating surface and a sleeping surface.

They can give you the convenience you need and can be perfectly handy for sleeping peacefully in the night without investing heavily in a new bed.


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