Hexagonal Modern Mirror

10 Sleek New Modern Bedroom Mirrors

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Mirrors are a perfect way to brighten up overlooked spaces. Not only that, mirrors act as the most functional piece of the bedroom.

Modern mirrors add luxury, decorative value, versatility, and charm to your bedroom. Choosing a mirror for your modern bedrooms isn’t that easy. Take your time and keep in mind the overall color scheme and aesthetic of your bedroom.

To give you a clear idea, we have created this list of ten sleek new modern bedroom mirrors that will add the charm and elegance you wish to add to your space:

1.) A Round Mirror

Round Mirror

A round mirror encased in a black frame will add a bold and elegant look to your bedroom.

2.) Golden Frame

Golden Modern Mirror

A round mirror in a golden frame is a luxury piece that will elevate your modern bedroom.

3.) A Long One

Long Mirror

A long mirror revealing silver artistic design will definitely work for your modern bedroom.

4.) A Hexagonal Mirror

Hexagonal Modern Mirror

Consider designing your bedroom corner in this style: a hexagonal mirror on a wall, a shelf containing a nightstand, two vases with flowers.

5.) A Trendy One

Trendy Mirror

A trendy mirror with lights will definitely brighten up your bedroom.

6.) One For A Girl’s Bedroom

Girl’s Bedroom Mirror

Another beautiful mirror with bulbs against a pink wall makes a perfect setting for a girl's bedroom.

7.) A Large Mirror Attached To The Wall

Large Mirror

A large mirror on the wall opposite the bed is reflecting the overall bed view!

8.) A Big Round Mirror

Big Round Mirror

Have a look at this modern bedroom with trendy furniture and a large round mirror on the wall- a truly modern style setting.

9.) Exquisite Mirror Frame

Exquisite Mirror Frame

A lavish-looking exquisite mirror is what you need to enhance your modern bedroom.

10.) A Wide Frame

Wide Frame Mirror

A classy white mirror is reflecting the bed view. Also, note the white chair and table are making a perfect dressing set with a mirror.

Hope you got some inspiration from our picks! Modern mirrors are elegant, charming, bold, and beautiful. Go for one that represents your personality and blends in well with existing décor.

Happy Decorating!!


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