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10 Bold, New Hollywood Regency Comforter Sets

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Looking for a gorgeous comforter set for your Hollywood regency bedroom? Undoubtedly yes! That’s why you have landed here!!

As Hollywood regency style is all about glitz and glamour, you always need to choose the luxurious fabric such as floral and striped chintz, jungle prints and sleek silks, satins, and brocades.

To help you make an informed decision, we have brought these ten bold, new Hollywood regency comfortable set for your bedroom:

1.) A Beige Satin Comforter In Grey Bedroom

Beige Satin Comforter

This beige satin comforter in the beige satin fabric on a grey upholstered bed creates a fantastic style statement for a Hollywood regency bedroom.

2.) A Traditional Elite

Traditional Regency Comforter

Bold and dark colors are a hallmark in a Hollywood regency bedroom like this traditional elite interior featuring a large upholstered bed with a luxurious comforter made with rich fabric.

3.) A Classic Style

Classy Regency Comforter

Just check out this classic comforter set in grey looking fabulous in white decorative interiors- a classic Hollywood regency bedroom.

4.) Off Whites

Off Whites Comforter

Check out this off-white comforter set in barcode design – a perfect thing to grace up your Hollywood regency bedroom.

5.) Bold Black

Bold Black Regency Comforter

Have a look at this elegant bed comforter elevating the white bedroom with matching black nightstands and chandelier.

6.) A Luxurious Comforter In White

Luxurious Comforter In White

This luxurious white comforter with golden prints is a thing specially made to enhance your Hollywood regency bedroom.

7.) Mix Grey & White

Grey & White Comforter

This comforter set in grey and white is a perfect thing to add comfort and style to your Hollywood regency bedroom.

8.) A Plain Satin

Plain Satin Comforter

This plain comforter set in satin with matching pillows can be a fantastic addition to your French Country bedroom.

9.) Luxury Comforter On Antique Bed

Luxury Comforter

A beautiful luxurious comforter set with pillows on an antique-style bed!

10.) Purple For More Elegancy

Purple Regency Comforter

No one can take their eyes off of this gorgeous comforter set in purple!

I hope you got some inspiration from the above ideas!

A Hollywood regency bedroom is not completed without sumptuous fabrics, a variety of patterns, and colors.

So, feel free to choose the designs that look luxurious as well as comfortable.

Happy Decorating!

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