Modern Bedrooms with Yellow Bed

10 Sleek New Modern Bedrooms in Lemon Yellow

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If you love sunny, bright, and warm bedrooms, lemon yellow is the perfect color scheme for you.

A modern bedroom in lemon yellow turns out to be the most lively and attractive. Imagine yourself waking up in the morning in a bright sunny bedroom. While you can’t control the weather, decorating your bedroom in lemon yellow gives you that perfect sunny vibe.

Bright shades like yellow create perfect warmth into any space, so this makes an ideal color scheme for your bedroom especially in months of winters.

Check out these ten sleek new modern bedrooms in lemon yellow that help you make your bedroom more fun and refreshing:

1.) White Makes a Lovely Pair

Modern Bedrooms in Lemon Yellow & White

A modern bedroom in white and lemon yellow reveals a fun and refreshing atmosphere.

2.) Idea of a Child Bedroom

Modern Bedrooms for Child in Lemon Yellow

A fun and cute children’s bedroom in yellow and grey revealing a lively and energetic setting for an enthusiastic kid.

3.) Accent Wall

Modern Bedrooms in Lemon Yellow with Accent Wall

An accent wall is a popular trend in modern and contemporary spaces.

Check out this modern bedroom with an accent wall against a sleek bed and minimal décor.

4.) Yellow Can Be an Amazing Accent

Modern Bedrooms in Lemon Yellow

Lemon yellow can be a fantastic accent when done right, like this bedroom in white with a yellow comforter and night lamps.

5.) A Yellow Bed

Modern Bedrooms with Yellow Bed

A large and spacious bedroom in grey with an accent bed in lemon yellow with white bedding and pillows.

6.) Paint Your Walls

Modern Bedrooms in Lemon Yellow with Painted Walls

How about the idea of painting down your walls in lemon yellow? Check out this bedroom with yellow walls, a king-size bed with comfortable bedding and pillows, and a big painting.

7.) Tints of Yellow

Modern Bedrooms in Lemon Yellow

Some people consider it too stimulating for bedrooms. However, it is a great idea to add a bit of it through bedding or décor like this bedroom.

8.) Bring it Through Fabrics

Modern Bedrooms in Lemon Yellow With Through Fabrics

Check out this warm and inviting bedroom decorated with lemon yellow through fabrics, pillows, and a stool.

9.) Modern and Yellow

Modern Bedrooms in Lemon Yellow

A modern yellow bedroom with a yellow molded wall, double bed with duvet and pillows, minimalist bedside tables, mirror, and decors.

10.) Accent Pillows

Modern Bedrooms in Lemon Yellow with Accent Pillows

Add a bit of lemon yellow in your modern bedroom with accent pillows.

Hope you got some inspiration from these picks! However, these are just a few ideas and there are endless options for designing a bedroom in lemon yellow.

Lemon yellow is a versatile color that works well with many other shades such as blue, black, grey, white, pink, and orange. Just make sure the choice you make must match your personality and the overall aesthetics of the bedroom.

Happy Decorating!

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