Bedroom Burning fireplace with candles

10 Splashy & Fun Beach House Bedroom Fireplace

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Imagine yourself relaxing in a bedroom in front of a sizzling fire and sipping your tea or coffee while enjoying the calm and refreshing vibe of a beach. You can turn this into a reality by adding a fireplace into your beach house bedroom.

A fireplace lends warmth and coziness and also serves as a center of focus in a bedroom. Even not being used, it serves as a beautiful decorative element.

The selection for an ideal fireplace for a beach house bedroom needs consideration.

Hence, we have compiled a list of splashy and fun beach house bedroom fireplaces for you.

1.) A Coastal Theme

Coastal Theme Bedroom Fireplace

A white farmhouse-style fireplace works great in a white interior with white armchairs and blue cushions – making a perfect coastal theme.

2.) Holiday Decoration

Holiday Beach House Bedroom Fireplace

A white fireplace adorned with Christmas spruce and candles – a perfect décor idea for this Christmas.

3.) One Opposite a Bed

Beach House Bedroom Fireplace

Installing a fireplace opposite a bed lets you enjoy the subtle warmth without being overheated.

4.) A Rustic Fireplace

Rustic Bedroom Fireplace

A rustic fireplace like this and a sun-shaped mirror over it makes an ideal beach house-style setting.

5.) A Tiled Fireplace Design

Tiled Bedroom Fireplace

A tiled fireplace design blends smoothly with a wooden floor. Also, note the blue bedding, pink pillows, and nightstand, making a perfect beach-style setting.

6.) A Brick Design

Brick Design Bedroom Fireplace

A brick design fireplace looks more natural under a vaulted ceiling. If you are someone who likes the old brick look, this would suit your tastes.

7.) Tropical Theme with Stoned Fireplace

Tropical Theme Bedroom Fireplace

A lovely bedroom in light green tones with stone background fireplace and ceiling beams. Decorative plants and trees in pots representing a tropical theme.

8.) A Gas Fireplace with Brick Surround

Gas Fireplace with Brick

A gas fireplace with a brick surround is the eco-friendly option for a beach house bedroom.

9.) A Modern Stacked Stone Fireplace

Modern Stacked Stone Fireplace

A modern stacked stone fireplace housing with a TV and an electric fireplace. Feel entertained and cozy.

10.) Burning fireplace with candles

Bedroom Burning fireplace with candles

A cozy interior of a bedroom with a burning fireplace, candles, and decorations. A beautiful idea for this Christmas.

Hope you get an idea for an ideal fireplace for your bedroom. In addition to a fireplace, you can add nature-inspired elements like tropical plants, sun-shaped mirrors, furniture made of recycled wood, seashell decors, etc.

Choose fabrics in tropical or floral patterns for a more refreshing look. You can create a coastal-style setting with a smooth blend of blue and white in your fabrics and wall colors.

Hence go ahead and create the space of your dreams!


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