Best California King Bed Frames

Best California King Bed Frames 2023: Top Picks and Reviews

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Shopping for a California King bed frame?

You’ve come to the right place. 

California King bed frames can be a bit difficult to find. Many bed frames come in twin, full, and queen sizes. 

But we’ve done the hard work and found some great Cal King bed frames including low profile, tall, vintage, and modern, metal, and solid wood California King bed frames. 

We’ve also found highly rated California King bed frames with storage, a headboard, and other features. 

So whichever kind of Cal King bed frame you are looking for, we have a great selection of reviews to choose from.

What’s In This Buying Guide?

In this in-depth guide, we review the best California King bed frames you can buy online. These are extra-tall bed frames designed to work with California King size box springs and mattresses. 

If you have a King size mattress, see our reviews of the best King size bed frames, which can also be hard to find.

And if you are not sure what kind of bed frame you want, we have additional buying guides on the best minimalist bed frames, the best bed frames for memory foam mattresses, and the best luxury bed frames.

Best California King Bed Frames

  1. Best Metal: ZINUS SmartBase Tool-Free Assembly Mattress Foundation  
  2. Best Wood: eLuxurySupply Wood Bed Frame 
  3. Best High: 45MinST 18 Inch Platform Bed Frame 
  4. Best Upholstered: Zinus Gerard Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed Frame
  5. Best Luxury: Jennifer Taylor Home Anastasia Platform  
  6. Best Heavy Duty: COMASACH California King Bed Frame   
  7. Best With Headboard and Footboard: Uliesc 14 Inch Cal King Bed Frame 
  8. Best Foldable: Tooyyer Elite 14″ California King Foldable Bed Frame 

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AwardCapacityConstructionHeadboardUnderbed clearance
ZINUS SmartBase Tool-Free Assembly Mattress Foundation

Zinus SmartBase

Best metal frame

1500lbs Metal frame & slats No13”
eLuxurySupply Wood Bed Frame


Best wood frame
Wood frame & slats

45MinST 18 Inch Platform Bed Frame


Best high frame
Metal frame & slats

Zinus Gerard Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

Zinus Gerard

Best upholstered
Metal & wood frame, wood slats

Jennifer Taylor Home Anastasia Platform

Jennifer Taylor

Best luxury
Hardwood & plywood frame, no slats

COMASACH California King Bed Frame


Best heavy duty

Metal frame & slats
Uliesc 14 Inch Cal King Bed Frame 


Best with headboard & footboard

Metal frame & slats
Tooyyer Elite 14

Tooyyer Elite

Best foldable

Metal frame & slats

1. Best Metal California King Bed Frame: ZINUS SmartBase Tool-Free Assembly Mattress Foundation

california king bed frame with storage

The ZINUS SmartBase Cal King bed frame features a sturdy metal construction that can support up to 1500lbs. 

It comes complete with slats, so you don't need a box spring. 


  • Heavy-duty metal frame. 
  • Box spring is not required.
  • Easy tool-free assembly. 
  • Lots of underbed storage. 


  • Basic when it comes to style. 
  • Slats are too far apart for certain mattresses. 

Our Review

The ZINUS SmartBase is one of the most affordable California King Bed frames you can get. But it’s also one of the strongest and most supportive. 

The basic metal frame supports up to 1500lbs. So it can easily handle two people plus a heavy Cal King mattress. 

You don't need to add the weight of a box spring since the frame comes with metal slats that can directly support your mattress. 

The SmartBase frame is easy and quick to assemble and requires no tools at all. 

Once assembled, it feels solid with no squeaking. You also get plenty (13 inches) of clearance under the bed, enough to store boxes and totes. 

Issues & Limitations 

If you have a foam mattress, you may need to get a bunkie board for the Zinus SmartBase frame. The slats are spaced 10.6” apart, which is too wide to adequately support foam mattresses. 

Also, check if the warranty on your mattress requires a maximum spacing between slats. If it does, use a bunkie board to ensure you don't void the warranty.  

The other issue with the Zinus SmartBase Cal King bed frame is its very basic style. If you are looking for a stylish bed that will stand out in your bedroom, this is not it. 

But at least, you can attach a headboard to make it more interesting. 

2. Best Wood California King Bed Frame: eLuxurySupply Wood Bed Frame

solid wood california king bed frame

Prefer the warmth and charm of wooden beds? We recommend the eLuxurySupply wood bed frame. 

It costs quite a bit more than metal frames, but it looks great and can support lots of weight. 


  • Sturdy solid wood construction. 
  • Contemporary style. 
  • Comes complete with slats. 
  • High capacity. 
  • Easy tool-free assembly. 


  • Pricey. 
  • Hard to move after assembly. 

Our Review 

It’s hard to find a wooden bed that doesn't look good, and the eLuxurySupply wood frame is no exception. 

It has a beautiful contemporary style with a bit of a farmhouse look mixed in.

The construction is solid New Zealand Pine, so you can be sure the frame is sturdy and durable. It handles up to 900lbs of weight, more than enough for most couples. 

The bed frame doesn't come with a headboard, but you can attach one. But it comes with wooden slats, so you don't need a box spring. 

The slats are spaced 3” apart, so they can support even foam mattresses. 

Assembling the eLuxurySupply Cal King wood frame is easy and takes 10-20 minutes. You don't need any tools. 

The different parts join together without any bolts and the slats slot easily into place. 

Issues & Limitations

Because of the solid wood construction, the eLuxurySupply wood frame is considerably more expensive compared to most metal frames. 

If you are shopping for a budget California King bed frame, it may not be what you are looking for.

The other issue is the lack of bolts. It makes fast tool-free assembly possible, but it also makes it impossible to move the bed after assembly. 

If you try to move it by lifting it, all the parts will come apart. You either slide it gently or break it down and reassemble it. 

3. Best High California King Bed Frame: 45MinST 18 Inch Platform Bed Frame

modern california king bed frame

Looking for a Cal King bed with lots of storage space underneath? We recommend the 45MinST 18-inch platform bed frame. 

It’s also a great pick for anyone who prefers the look and feel of a high bed. 


  • Plenty of underbed storage. 
  • Heavy-duty metal frame. 
  • Includes slats.
  • Easy to assemble. 


  • Slats are too far apart. 

Our Review 

An 18-inch bed frame is the highest you can buy unless you are looking for a loft bed. The 45MinST 18-inch frame is perfect if you love sleeping high off the floor or just love the look of tall beds. 

With 15.5 inches of underbed clearance, you also get lots of storage space underneath the bed. You can even fit a trundle bed under there if you want extra sleeping space. 

The  45MinST bed frame has a heavy-duty steel construction with a weight limit of 3,000lbs. It’s a great pick for heavy couples. 

It comes with metal slats so you don't need a box spring. Notably, the slats are set below the side rails, leaving a lip all around that keeps your mattress from slipping. 

The  45MinST frame doesn't have a headboard, but there are holes for attaching whichever headboard you want. 

Assembly is fairly easy. Using the small hex tool provided, it takes under an hour to put the frame together. 

Issues & Limitations

Similar to many metal bed frames, the 45MinST platform bed frame has metal slats too far apart. This is okay for some mattresses but doesn't work with foam mattresses. 

The mattress will sag in between the slats. You’ll need to place a bunkie board between the slats and the mattress. 

4. Best Upholstered: Zinus Gerard Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

best california king bed frame

The Zinus Gerard bed frame comes with luxury faux leather upholstery on the headboard as well as the side rails. 

Underneath is a wood and metal frame that supports up to 500lbs. 


  • Great style. 
  • Lots of clearance under the bed. 
  • Includes slats.
  • Easy to assemble. 


  • Limited weight capacity. 

Our Review 

The dark faux leather upholstery combined with the high profile of the frame gives the Zinus Gerard bed frame an imposing look. 

If you want a centerpiece for your bedroom, this is a great pick. 

The upholstered headboard is 46 inches tall. That’s tall enough that it won’t be completely covered if you have a thick mattress and pillows. 

The frame material is a combination of wood and metal. This includes the wooden slats spaced 3.3” apart (suitable for most mattresses). 

The high profile of the Zinus Gerard bed frame gives you an underbed clearance of 9.8 inches. It’s not as much as some bed frames, but it’s enough to store some boxes and bins under the bed. 

Issues & Limitations

The Zinus Gerard has a weight limit of 500lbs. That’s low for a California King bed. Heavy couples can surpass this limit when you add the weight of the mattress.   

Check the combined weight of your partner and you before buying the Zinus Gerard bed frame. For heavy couples, we recommend the 3000lb capacity 45MinST platform bed frame we’ve reviewed above.

5. Best Luxury California King Bed Frame: Jennifer Taylor Home Anastasia Platform

low profile california king bed frame

Looking for a bed fit for royalty? We recommend the Jennifer Taylor Home Anastasia platform bed. 

The bed consists of a solid hardwood frame with plush upholstery on the headboard and footboard. 


  • Beautiful style. 
  • Sturdy hardwood and plywood frame. 
  • Includes a tufted headboard & footboard. 
  • Available in multiple colors. 


  • Requires box spring. 
  • Limited weight capacity. 
  • Pricey.

Our Review 

The Jennifer Taylor Anastasia bed combines classic, farmhouse, and contemporary styles to create a unique-looking luxury bed. 

Unlike most bed frames, the Anastasia bed comes complete with a headboard and footboard. 

The headboard features a classic wingback style. Both the headboard and footboard are upholstered with woven fabric and high-density foam. They are also tufted to add a nice texture. 

Nailhead silver trimming completes the luxury look. 

The side rails are also covered in fabric. 

The frame of the Jennifer Taylor Home Anastasia bed is made with solid hardwood and high-quality plywood. It can support up to 600lbs. 

The Anastasia bed frame is available in several colors to suit your bedroom decor. Options include silver-gray, antique white, and navy blue. 

Issues & Limitations 

The Jennifer Taylor Home Anastasia bed is pricey, but that’s to be expected for a luxury bed frame. 

But for the price, it would have been nice if it came with slats. It doesn't have slats, meaning you have to budget for a box spring or foundation if you don't have one already. 

The other issue is the weight capacity. Considering you need a box spring, the 600lbs capacity is not adequate for heavier couples. 

The weight of the sleepers, the box spring, and the mattress could surpass the limit. 

6. Best Heavy Duty California King Bed Frame: COMASACH California King Bed Frame

heavy duty california king bed frame

For heavy couples, we recommend the COMASACH California King bed frame. It has a capacity of 3500lbs, making it one of the strongest bed frames you’ll come across. 


  • Heavy-duty metal construction. 
  • Great for heavy couples and heavy mattresses.
  • Underbed storage space. 
  • Includes slats – no need for a box spring. 


  • Watch out for toe stubs. 
  • Slats are too far apart for foam mattresses. 

Our Review 

The 3500lbs weight limit of the COMASACH bed frame is more than enough for any couple. Even if you are sleeping on an extra-tall and heavy mattress, the bed frame can handle the weight. 

The metal frame is made with reinforced steel and includes 9 legs for adequate support. Metal slats directly support your mattress, meaning you don't need a box spring. 

The COMASACH bed frame doesn't come with a headboard, but there are pre-drilled holes you can use to attach any headboard and footboard you want. 

The frame sits 14 inches high, leaving a foot of clearance underneath the side rails. That’s enough to fit bins and boxes for storage under the bed. 

Issues & Limitations

The metal slats on the COMASACH bed frame are spaced 6 inches apart, which leaves gaps too wide to support a foam mattress. 

If you sleep on a memory foam mattress, you’ll have to use either a box spring or a bunkie board on top of the slats. Otherwise, you could damage the mattress and void the warranty. 

Another issue is with the metal legs. They are not recessed and it’s easy to stub your toes on them. Find something soft to wrap around the legs (especially the center legs) to prevent painful accidents. 

7. Best California King Bed Frame With Headboard and Footboard: Uliesc 14 Inch Cal King Bed Frame

luxury california king bed frame

Looking for a complete California King bed frame with a headboard and footboard? We recommend the Uliesc 14” metal bed frame. 

It also comes with slats, so you don't need to buy a box spring. 


  • Complete bed. 
  • Heavy-duty metal frame. 
  • Underbed storage space. 
  • Easy to assemble. 


  • A bit more expensive than most metal bed frames. 

Our Review

If you don't want to keep buying extra stuff for your bed, get the Uliesc bed frame. It’s a complete bed with slats, a headboard, and a footboard. 

It’s ready to use immediately. 

The bed frame is all-metal and can support a whopping 3500lbs, making it ideal even for heavy couples. 

The slats are 14” high, leaving 12 inches of clearance under the bed. So you can use the underbed space for storage. 

Assembling the Uliesc bed frame is fairly easy and takes about an hour. You can put it together alone, but it’s best if you have someone to help you. 

Issues & Limitations 

The Uliesc bed frame costs a bit more than most metal bed frames. But considering it has a footboard, headboard and slats, the price is not too bad. 

But if you are shopping for a budget Cal King metal bed frame, we recommend those basic ones that don't have a headboard or footboard. 

They are cheaper and you can add a headboard later when you are ready. 

8. Best Foldable California King Bed Frame: Tooyyer Elite 14″ California King Foldable Bed Frame

high california king bed frame

If you need a California King frame that you can fold and put away when it’s not in use, get the Tooyyer Elite foldable bed frame. 

It takes about ten minutes to assemble, and even less time to fold. 


  • Foldable design that’s great for occasional use. 
  • High-capacity metal bed frame. 
  • Easy to assemble and fold.
  • Lots of underbed storage space.
  • Includes slats – no need for box spring. 


  • Basic in terms of style. 

Our Review

It takes 10 minutes or less to assemble or fold the Tooyyer Elite bed frame. It’s easy and quick to set it up when you need a bed and fold it away when you no longer need it. 

The foldable design is perfect if you need an emergency guest bed that you can set up anywhere in the house. 

When assembled, the Tooyyer Elite is super sturdy. There’s no squeaking or wobblin. The all-metal frame can support up to 3500lbs. So even heavy couples can comfortably sleep on the bed frame. 

The Tooyyer Elite bed frame comes complete with metal slats, so a box spring is unnecessary. 

Underbed clearance is 13”, which is plenty of space to store bins and totes. 

Issues & Limitations

The Tooyyer Elite bed frame is pretty basic when it comes to styling. It’s a good pick if you are going for an ultra-minimalist look. But it doesn't work if you want an eye-catching centerpiece in the bedroom. 

Luckily, it is compatible with most headboards. So you can jazz it up a bit by attaching a stylish headboard.      

California King Bed Frame Buying Guide

best modern bed frames

What Are The Dimensions Of A California King Bed Frame 

The standard dimensions of a California King bed frame are 72 inches wide by 84 inches long. 

This matches the dimensions of a Cal King mattress. 

That said, not all Cal King bed frames will be 72” by 84”. Some may be smaller or bigger by half an inch to an inch. 

So it’s important you check the exact dimensions of the bed frame you want to buy and make sure your Cal King mattress will fit on it. 

What To Look For In A California King Bed Frame

Wooden bed frames

Here are some of the most important features and specs to consider when you are shopping for a Cal King bed frame. 

1. Construction Quality & Materials 

The first thing to check is the build quality of the bed frame. Because this is hard to check for yourself when buying online, read some of the customer reviews to get a feel of how good (or bad) the bed is. 

Does it wobble? Any squeaking, especially during sex and other movements? How well do the slats hold up?

Next, consider the materials used to make the bed frame. 

The choice here mostly comes down to your preference. The type of material doesn't always determine the sturdiness of a bed frame. 

We’ve seen metal bed frames that bend with weight and wood frames that can last several lifetimes. 

Decide which kind of bed you prefer. Metal bed frames tend to have an industrial, minimalist or vintage style. Wooden bed frames have a warmer farmhouse feel. 

Upholstered bed frames have a more luxurious look and are a great choice if you want a contemporary bed. 

2. Capacity 

Check the weight limit or capacity of the bed frame. 

For light and average-weight couples, a California King bed frame with a capacity of 500-700lbs is adequate. It can handle your combined weight as well as the weight of the mattress. 

For heavier couples, we recommend a Cal King bed frame with a capacity of at least 1,000lbs. Some heavy-duty bed frames can handle up to 3500lbs. 

Note: If you plan to use a box spring or foundation, get a bed frame with a higher weight capacity to ensure it can support your weight, the weight of the mattress, and the weight of the boxspring.  

3. Style 

What’s your favorite bed style and what design will look best in your bedroom?

Options include contemporary/modern, vintage/classic/Victorian, industrial, mid-century, farmhouse, and so on. 

Some bed frames combine various styles like modern and industrial or farmhouse and contemporary. 

Also, take time to find the perfect color. Some bed frames are available in multiple color options, so you can choose the one you love most. 

4. Slats or No Slats 

Most bed frames these days come with slats, meaning you don't need to use a box spring or foundation. 

But check just to be sure. If the bed frame doesn't have slats, make sure you have a boxspring ready when the bed arrives.

Note: For bed frames with slats, check the distance between slats. If it’s too wide (more than 3-4 inches), you may need a bunkie board if you have a foam mattress. A bunkie board prevents the mattress from sagging in between the slats. 

5. Headboard & Footboard

If you want a traditional-looking bed, look for one that comes complete with a headboard and footboard (or just the headboard). 

A headboard is also handy if you want to be able to lean against the bed when reading or watching TV. 

If your preferred bed doesn't have a headboard, make sure that it has holes to attach a headboard. You can then buy a headboard separately and attach it to the bed.  

6. Underbed Clearance  

Finally, check how much-underbed clearance the bed frame offers. This is important if you plan to store some stuff under the bed. 

12 to 14 inches of clearance is enough space to store large bins, boxes, and totes. 9 inches is about the minimum clearance for the underbed space to be useful for storage. 

If you want more organized storage, we recommend a Cal King bed frame with drawers.

California King Bed Frames: FAQs


Can you use a King size frame for a California King mattress?

A Cal King mattress measures 72*84 inches, while a King size bed frame is 76*80. 

So the king bed will be wider and shorter compared to the Cal King mattress. 

If you have no option, it can work. But it’ll leave gaps on the sides of the bed, and the mattress will hang off the edge at the foot of the bed. Putting sheets on the bed will also be a challenge. 

It’s best to get a Cal King bed frame for a Cal King mattress.

How long and wide is a California King bed frame?

A Cal King bed frame is typically 84 inches long and 72 inches wide. That’s the same size as a California King mattress. 

Some Cal King frames can be off these dimensions by half an inch to an inch. 

Is a California King bed worth it?

If you already have a Cal King mattress or are planning to get one, then a California King bed frame is worth it. 

A Cal King bed is a great pick for tall sleepers who need more room to stretch their legs. It’s also ideal for long and narrow bedrooms. That’s because a Cal King bed is longer but narrower than a King bed. 

What’s the weight limit of a California king bed frame?

Most California King bed frames have a weight limit of 700lbs or more. Heavy-duty bed frames have a capacity of 1500-3500lbs. 

The high capacity ensures the bed frame can support the weight of a couple as well as a heavy Cal King mattress.

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