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5 Questions You Must Ask Before Buying a Mattress Online: Latest Advice

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There are some benefits of buying a mattress online such as affordability. Online mattresses also called “Mattress in a Box” is generally cheaper than mattresses in conventional retail stores. Online mattresses offer plenty variety, are also comfortable, and are easy to set up.

However, online mattresses have their downside. You cannot try or feel the mattress when you buy it online as you do in a conventional mattress store. All the same, it appears that online mattresses are gaining popularity among online shoppers.

Buying a mattress online is not a bad idea, but there are certain things that you should know first. Therefore, the following are some mattress buying questions you should ask before rushing into purchasing the product.

1. “What Is My Budget For The Mattress?”

Just like when you want to buy any other commodity in the market, you must have a budget for the online mattress. Online mattresses are generally cheaper compared to traditional mattresses sold in brick-and-mortar stores. However, these “mattresses in a box” have various price points where some cost above $1,000 while others cost below this figure.

The money you want to spend on the product is up to you. Before you make a final decision to buy the product, you should make sure that your choice is within your budget. The manufacturers and marketers of these products usually have something for everyone. Therefore, you should focus on what you can afford and leave things outside your budget.

You can compare prices of different products to make an informed decision. It is also crucial to read customer reviews to get insight into what other customers think about the product you want to buy. People who have experience with the product provide useful comments that can shape your decisions.

2. “Do I need Hybrid Or Memory Foam Mattress?”

It is a fact that we spend about a third of our life sleeping and this is quite an extended period. Therefore, you need to get the best mattress that will give you the comfort you desire. There are mainly two types of online mattresses namely hybrid and memory foam and/or foam.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to test the quality of an online mattress before its delivered to you. However, your knowledge about the difference between a hybrid and foam mattress can help you make an informed decision.

Leesa is a well-known foam mattress whereas Purple uses more a  hybrid of materials.  Making the right choice when buying a bed online can be challenging. You should prioritize your choice between hybrid and memory foam to avoid confusion. You may want to research different brand names and let's say compare a Leesa or a Purple mattress.

leesa foam layers mattress

Memory foams offer spinal support as well as alignment which make them excellent choices for people with problems of back pain. The memory foam can also contour the body so that you can experience the feeling of sinking into softness.  Foam mattresses may help relieve pressure point pain, and it offers different forms of comfort to the users.

On the other hand, Hybrid mattress features traditional springs and memory foam. The mattress is not too firm, but it is supportive at the same time. If you want to enjoy medium comfort, not too soft or too firm, then a hybrid mattress is your best choice.

purple 4 hybrid mattress

3. “What Are The Key Features?”

There can be no two products that are manufactured by different companies that are similar in every respect. In this case, we can safely say that no two companies that offer online mattresses are equal. Their products may share similar features, but somehow each company infuses critical elements that make it unique from the other.

You should look at critical aspects like the type of material used in the manufacture of the mattress. Some companies offer mattresses that consist of cooling materials to regulate temperature. These properties are unique, and they make the company different from other players in the same industry.

The other issue you should ask pertains to whether the unique features make any special difference. Some features are solely for differentiating a company from the other actors in the same field.

Upon closer analysis, you may discover that some of the said key features of the product make no significant difference.  Regarding user satisfaction, some features do not make a difference but they contribute to differences in prices.

4. “What Research And Testing Were Involved In The Development Of The Mattress?”

The success of a product mainly depends on the quality of research involved in its development. Very few companies get their mattresses right during the first attempt. However, after going through rounds of research, they finally get it right.

The mattress industry requires a variety of researches such as focus groups. Mattresses are designed for people hence their input is significant in the manufacture of these products. When you understand the level of research involved in the development of the product, you can gain more knowledge about it.  The Purple mattress is a perfect example of real engineering research that went into creating their mattress.

You also need to understand the amount of money invested in ensuring that the product is of high quality. You can dig this information about the historical background of the company and product from its official website. All online companies have this vital information, and it can help you to make informed decisions.

When you know the product, you also develop confidence in it. You should avoid rushing into purchasing a product when you have little knowledge about it.

5. “What Is The Company’s Return Policy?”

Buying a mattress online can be tricky when you realize that the product does not meet your standard expectations after delivery. The mattress can appear perfect on a picture when you select it, but the mattress may not match your sleeping habits.

It is essential to read about the company's return policy before deciding to purchase the mattress. This policy will give you peace of mind when you are buying the product such that you know you can return the mattress after a specified number of days if it fails to meet your expectations.

Some companies have return policies where they will pick the mattress if you are not satisfied. You also get a full refund within a free 100-day trial from purchase date. Some companies may give you a free trial for the whole year, so read the fine print.

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