Awara Eco-Friendly Mattress

Awara Eco-Friendly Mattress Review

Awara Eco-Friendly Mattress Review


Awara is an affordable eco-friendly mattress with a hybrid latex and pocket coil construction.

Great choice for: Anyone looking for an affordable natural or organic mattress.

Avoid if: You prefer the feel of memory foam mattresses.

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Natural and organic mattresses tend to be pricey, putting them out of reach of many people who want an environmentally friendlier alternative to polyurethane foam mattresses.

The Awara mattress breaks this trend by offering an all-natural mattress at the same affordable price range as memory foam mattresses.

It consists of natural New Zealand wool, sustainably-sourced natural latex, and organic cotton.

Read on for our full review of the Awara eco-friendly mattress.

If it’s not the kind of mattress you are looking for, read our reviews of the best latex mattresses for other recommendations.

If you are looking for a mattress that offers a more luxurious sleeping experience, there are better deals online that offer a plusher eco-friendly mattress at an affordable price point.

What’s in this Mattress Review?

In this 10-minute review, we break down the construction of the Awara mattress, talk about how it feels (comfort, support, and temperature control) and tell you where you can order it.

Use this table of contents to skip to the features you care most about.

About Awara


Awara is a new mattress company, having been in business since 2018.

Their goal was to create a mattress that’s good for the earth as well as the health of their customers.

The Awara mattress is sourced and manufactured sustainably. All materials used in the mattress can be traced back to their origin.

The Dunlop latex comes from sustainable plantations while the organic wool comes from New Zealand.

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Social Impact

Awara ecofriendly mattress

By manufacturing an eco-friendly mattress, Awara contributes significantly to environmental protection. It also protects customers from potentially harmful chemicals used in synthetic foams.

Awara also participates in a tree planting program that’s beneficial for people as well as the environment.

For every Awara mattress sold, they planted food trees in developing countries.

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Purchase Process

Awara purchase process

The mattress is available only on Awara’s official website. You won’t find it on Amazon or any online retailer. Awara also doesn’t operate any physical stores.

Go to Awara’s website and select the size you want. All standard sizes from twin to Cal King are available.

You can add a platform bed, an adjustable frame, or a bed frame to your order.

Similar to most online mattress companies, Awara offers financing, which allows you to pay slowly over several months.

The financing is through Affirm. Visit Awara’s official website to pre-qualify.

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Awara mattress price list

Awara is one of the most affordable natural latex mattresses you’ll find. It costs about the same as a memory foam mattress.

Considering that it also has pocket coils, it’s a terrific deal.

Here’s the latest Awara price list. Visit their website to see the latest prices and offers.

Twin $699
Twin XL $799
Full $899
Queen $999
King $1,199
CAL King $1,199

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365-Night Trial

awara mattress reviews

Awara offers a much longer in-home trial compared to most online mattresses. Instead of the typical 100 or 120 days, you get a full year to test the mattress at home.

This allows you to feel how comfortable the mattress is in different scenarios and seasons. You’ll be able to find out whether it stays cool in summer or if it gets too cold in winter.

You’ll need to give the mattress a break-in period. You can only return it 30 days after the date of delivery.

Returns are free. Awara will donate the mattress to charity or recycle it.

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Forever Warranty

Awara mattress warranty

Lifetime warranties have become more common among online mattresses. While a mattress will, obviously, not last a lifetime, a forever warranty gives you the confidence that it will last a long, long time.

The warranty is not prorated at all. If you make a valid claim, whether ten years or 30 years from the date of purchase, Awara will repair or replace the mattress without charging anything.

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Free shipping & returns

Awara ships via FedEx to all fifty countries in the USA. However, free shipping applies only to continental states – all 48 of them.

Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii will cost you. Note that shipping costs are non-refundable in case you return the mattress.

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Delivery and Setup

Awara mattress setup

The Awara mattress will be delivered in 2-5 business days. If you opted for white glove delivery, delivery might take a couple of more days.

But you don’t need to pay extra for white glove delivery. The mattress is straightforward to set up. As long as you have someone to help you carry it inside, you can unbox and roll it out on the bed on your own.

The mattress comes with handles to make it easier to lift and move.

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Foundation and Frame

awara mattress foundation

What type of bed frame/support does Awara Mattress require?

Awara says any support that raises the mattress off the floor will work. It can be a box spring, Bunkie board, or a slatted frame.

Does Awara work on an adjustable bed?

Yes, it does.

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Care and Cleaning

Awara Eco-Friendly Mattress

Is a mattress protector needed for Awara?

The company doesn’t specifically require that you use a mattress protector for your warranty to remain valid, but we highly recommend getting one.

Stains and spills on your mattress can void the warranty.

A mattress protector also improves bed hygiene by keeping out the mold, moisture, and allergens.

Do you need to rotate the Dynasty Cool Breeze mattress?

No, you don’t need to rotate the mattress.

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Aesthetics and Styling

Awara mattress setup

The 13” height makes the mattress looks more expensive than it is. The styling is minimalist with a white top and grey sides.

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Awara mattress construction

The Awara mattress has three layers. Here’s the full breakdown.

Quilted cover: The organic cotton cover is quilted with organic New Zealand wool. The wool keeps the mattress temperature neutral. When it gets hot, the wool fiber transfer excess heat into the hair. When it’s cooler, the wool retains more heat to keep you warm.

4” Dunlop latex: Though not as soft as Talalay latex, the Dunlop latex layer still manages to provide the right amount of giving. It wraps around your body, providing pressure relief to your hips, lower back, shoulders, and other pressure points.

9” wrapped coils: A core layer of individually wrapped coils offers deep compression support and motion isolation. They also allow the mattress to contour better to your body and maintain good support in different sleeping positions.

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Mattress Cover

awara mattress cover

The cover is made from organic cotton. It’s soft and highly breathable. Together with the wool underneath, it keeps you cool and sweat-free.


awara Mattress

Unlike memory foam mattresses, Awara does not give off a chemical smell. The natural latex has a much milder rubber-like smell.

You probably won’t notice it. If you do, it fades away in a matter of hours.

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Sleeping Experience

Awara organic mattress

If you like the plushness and deep hug of memory foam mattresses, I’m not sure the Awara mattress is for you.

It has a firmer, more solid feel. It feels like you are sleeping ‘on’ rather than ‘in’ the mattress.

But it’s not too firm that it wakes you up with a sore back. The quilted cover and latex layers provide a comfortable soft balance that relieves pressure and aligns the spine.

If you love a bouncy bed, you’ll enjoy sleeping on the Awara mattress. Latex is responsive enough on its own. Combine it with innersprings, and you get a pleasantly bouncy bed that is especially great for sex.

The bounciness is not the only thing couples will appreciate. The Awara mattress has robust edge-to-edge support thanks to the innersprings. The bed won’t collapse or bottom out if you sleep close to the edge.

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awara mattress review

Awara is a medium-firm mattress, coming in at around 6.5/10 on the firmness scale.

This is the universal comfort range that most sleepers find comfortable. The extra-thick 13” profile makes it a good choice for heavier sleepers.

The only group of sleepers I hesitate to recommend the Awara mattress to is side sleepers. The mattress might feel a bit too firm against your hips and shoulders.

If you still want the Awara mattress, consider buying a soft topper to enhance pressure relief.

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Awara mattress sinkage

Awara’s sinkage is noticeably less than that of a foam mattress. It doesn’t have as much give. Hence the reason we don’t recommend it for side sleepers and people who prefer sleeping on a plush bed.

Motion Transfer

Awara organic mattress

The Awara mattress has minimal motion transfer thanks to the motion-isolating pocket coils. It’s a good choice if you or your partner sleeps fitfully.

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Hot/Cold Issues

eco-friendly latex mattress

The Awara mattress has excellent temperature regulation. It feels comfortable throughout the year, never getting too hot or too cold.

Here are three reasons why it’s a great choice for hot sleepers.

  • Natural latex does not retain heat, unlike memory foam. So no matter how much heat your body gives out, the mattress remains cool.
  • The wool used in the quilted cover maintains the temperature within a comfortable range, never getting too cool or too warm. It also does a great job wicking away sweat, which cools you down.
  • The pocket coils enhance airflow within the mattress. This improves heat and moisture dissipation.

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Pros and Cons

awara mattress reviews


  • Good value for money –it’s an eco-friendly hybrid mattress that costs the same as a foam mattress.
  • Good support and pressure relief.
  • Ideal for heavier sleepers weighing more than 130lbs.
  • Sleeps cool.
  • Lengthy in-home trial and warranty.


  • Not ideal for side sleepers. It doesn’t provide the same level of pressure relief as a foam mattress.

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This Mattress is Perfect for You If…

Awara ecofriendly mattress

You are looking for an affordable and eco-friendly latex mattress. Awara is also ideal for heavier sleepers looking for a supportive, pocket-friendly mattress.

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Awara mattress setup

The Awara mattress is one of the best deals you’ll find on a natural or organic mattress. It offers a healthy and eco-friendly sleeping experience at a surprisingly affordable price.

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