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Best Bath Pillows: Top Picks, Reviews & Buying Guide

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What can be more relaxing than a soothing bath?

It is the ultimate relaxing experience after a long, tiring day. As we soak our bodies in the warm water, we can genuinely feel all our worries and troubles fading away with our tiredness too, as we cozy up.

However, whether we soak for 10 minutes or 30, a bath is usually followed by a sore neck and shoulders. This is because of the cold bathtub wall you lean on, sometimes awkwardly as you bathe.

But using the best bath pillow ensures that you get proper support. It protects your neck and shoulders from becoming sore, prevents the annoying neck-cricking that takes place when you bathe without any support, and enhances your overall bath experience.

And to get the best bath pillow, here’s everything you should know.

What’s In This Buying Guide

In this buying guide, we review the best bath pillows currently available on the market. We first compare them side-by-side, so you get a quick overview of the products. Then we review them in detail and list their pros and cons.

To help you further narrow down your options, we discuss all the essential features of the best bath pillows and mention their advantages.

We also include some cleaning and maintenance tips and answer common queries regarding bath pillows.

While you’re at it, if you are also interested in buying a down pillow or a latex pillow, check our buying guides that review the best ones.

The Best Bath Pillows

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  1. Most Ergonomic Bath Pillow: Bath Haven Bath Pillow
  2. Best Non-Slip Bath Pillow: Epica 2X-Thick Bath Pillow
  3. Most Luxurious Bath Pillow: Viventive Luxury Bath Pillow
  4. Best Waterproof Bath Pillow: Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow
  5. Best Full-Body Bath Pillow: Soothing Company Full Body Bath Pillow
AwardDimensionsWeightMaterial Number of Suction CupsType
Bath Haven Bath Pillow
best bath pillow

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Most Ergonomic Bath Pillow17 x 17 x 2.5 inches16 ouncesQuilted 3D mesh fabric61-piece
Epica 2X-Thick Bath Pillow
best bath pillow

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Best Non-Slip Bath Pillow14.02 x 12.01 x 2.99 inches10.6 ouncesLuxury Foam72-piece
Viventive Luxury Bath Pillow
best bath pillow

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Most Luxurious Bath Pillow14.02 x 4.02 x 12.99 inches14.1 ounces3D air mesh technology material42-piece
Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow
best bath pillow

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Best Waterproof Bath Pillow16.34 x 13.23 x 5.28 inches1.3 poundsThick, high-quality foam with a breathable and soft mesh cover42-piece
Soothing Company Full Body Bath Pillow
best bath pillow

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Best Full-Body Bath Pillow 16.02 x 12.8 x 7.72 inches2.14 poundsSoft mesh131-piece

1. Most Ergonomic Bath Pillow: Bath Haven Bath Pillow

best bath pillow

This bath pillow from Bath Haven is highly ergonomic and supportive. Made using quilted air mesh fabric, this model embraces your neck and shoulders to provide a comfortable, cozy feel.

The Bath Haven Bath Pillow has an elevated pad to cradle your head while the six suction cups sturdily hold it in place.


  • Ergonomic one-piece design
  • Quilted 3D mesh for ultimate comfort
  • The breathable fabric dries quickly
  • Satin edges for a luxurious appearance
  • Equipped with a hook for easy drying


  • Suction can be inconsistent
  • No lower back support

Our Review

The Bath Haven Bath Pillow is low-maintenance, easy to care for, and promises immense support and comfort. It features an ergonomic design with an elevated pad to hold your head and an ergonomic shape to support your neck and shoulder region.

The pillow is made using incredibly soft and supportive quilted air mesh fabric. The wavy pattern is strategically used to promote both comfort and airflow. The breathable material and design allow maximum airflow, which enables the Bath Haven pillow to dry quickly.

Along with its ergonomic shape, all the other aspects of this bath pillow are carefully thought out. The six suction cups hold it firmly in place, while the satin edges give it a luxurious look.

This bath pillow from Bath Haven is machine-washable and comes with a wash bag to protect the fabric during the wash. Plus, you can use the hanging hook for drying purposes.

2. Best Non-Slip Bath Pillow: Epica 2X-Thick Bath Pillow

best bath pillow

We really like the Epica 2X-Thick Bath Pillow for its powerful suction and non-slip design. The 2-piece design has a thick foam filling encased within a waterproof material.

It has seven powerful suction cups, 2 in the head region and five on the lower cushion. It sticks sturdily to most bathtub surfaces and does not slip or move around as you bathe.


  • Affordable
  • Waterproof
  • Resists microbial growth and odors
  • Strong suction cups prevent it from slipping
  • It matches your posture and temperature


  • Insufficient head support
  • Water can get inside even though it is waterproof

Our Review

The Epica 2X-Thick Bath Pillow is an excellent choice for people who want a firm yet supportive pillow for their baths. The 2-piece design features a headrest and a back support cushion.

The entire pillow sticks to the bathtub’s surface with seven strong suction cups that prevent it from slipping inside the water.

The Epica 2X-Thick Luxury pillow has a thick foam filling to provide adequate support. A waterproof vinyl cover over the filling protects it from becoming waterlogged. It also adds to the bath pillow’s quick-drying ability.

3. Most Luxurious Bath Pillow: Viventive Luxury Bath Pillow

best bath pillow

If you want to enjoy an authentic spa-like experience, the Viventive Store Luxury Bath Pillow offers it all. It features a 2-piece design with an extra thick head, neck, shoulders, and back support.

It is made using 3D mesh technology for superior airflow and comes with four powerful suction cups and a hook for drying purposes.


  • Thick and soft
  • Breathable and fast drying
  • Supports multiple body parts
  • Simple and easy to clean
  • Mold- and mildew-resistant


  • Slip resistance is not great
  • Rough mesh surface

Our Review

The Viventive Luxury Bath Pillow is one of the highest quality bath pillows available.

It features an extra-thick yet breathable design, and the 3D mesh technology construction makes it one of the fastest drying pillows. The four powerful suction cups allow it to firmly stick to the bathtub’s surface.

This Viventive luxurious pillow boasts a two-panel design. The headrest sits on the top of the tub while the cushion sticks to the wall to support your shoulders, neck, and back. It cradles and supports your upper body to provide a true spa-like bathing experience.

The Luxury Bath Pillow is machine-washable, so it requires little maintenance. It is also antimicrobial, but you should still dry it thoroughly after every use to discourage the growth of mold and mildew.

4. Best Waterproof Bath Pillow: Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow

best bath pillow

Sure, genuine air mesh bath pillows are comfortable and quick-drying, but they cannot beat the comfort of a true foam-filled waterproof bath pillow like the Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow.

It features a thick and comfortable structure with high-quality foam filling covered in a soft mesh cover. The pillow is completely waterproof, allowing you to use it more conveniently and frequently.


  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Thick headrest for more comfort
  • It comes with a lifetime replacement warranty
  • Conforms to your body
  • Built-in side pocket to hold bath accessories


  • Big and bulky
  • No suction cups on the headrest

Our Review

We really like the Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow for its comfortable, supportive, and waterproof design. The pillow is crafted using high-quality foam covered with a soft yet waterproof mesh cover.

This adjustable expands to adjust itself according to your body shape. Plus, the four suction cups hold the Everlasting Comfort pillow in place while the deep pocket holds your bath accessories.

The 2-piece pillow features a cylindrical headrest to cradle and support your head. The second panel lies against the hard tub surface and provides support to your neck, shoulder, and back muscles, preventing them from becoming sore.

5. Best Full-Body Bath Pillow: Soothing Company Full Body

best bath pillow

If you feel that the smaller head and neck bath pillows are not really your thing, the Soothing Company Full Body Bath Pillow provides comfort and support to your entire body. It features a long one-piece design with a padded headrest for the ultimate relaxing experience.

The soft mesh construction of the Soothing Company pillow makes it incredibly soft yet supportive. Plus, the 13 suction cups along its entire length prevent it from slipping.


  • Supports the entire body
  • Quick-drying mesh material
  • Equipped with a hanging hook
  • Wavy pattern for maximum comfort
  • Breathable and antimicrobial


  • Expensive
  • Not very thick

Our Review

This bath pillow from the Soothing Company cushions your entire body as you soak yourself. It features a long soft mesh mat equipped with a padded headrest that supports your head and protects the neck from soreness.

Plus, the wavy pattern protects and supports your body from the sharp tub edges.

The Soothing Company Full Body Bath Pillow particularly supports your tailbone. People who suffer from numb buttocks or are healing from an injury will find it extremely useful.

Thirteen strong suction cups hold the Soothing Company pillow in place. The soft mesh construction is quick to dry. It is also protected from microbial growth, so you don’t have to worry about mold or mildew.

What Are Bath Pillows?

best bath pillow

Bath pillows, like a bath caddy, are an essential bath accessory. They keep your body comfortable, supported, and protected against the hard sides and sharp corners of the bathtub. It contours and supports your body, allowing you to relax completely as you unwind.

Imagine having a long, relaxing, spa-like hot bath with all your favorite essential oils, bath bombs, salts, and candles.

But all of these become useless if you can’t find a comfortable position after slipping into the bath. The bathtub’s cold, hard surface makes it difficult to relax, especially if it has straight walls that are extremely difficult to lean against.

Some bathers use rolled-up towels that cradle and support their necks to remedy this problem. However, one wrong move and the towels slip right into the bathtub and become an unusable, soggy mess.

A luxurious bath pillow is a great alternative that offers a soft and cozy place to rest your head, neck, and shoulders. These are the regions where the hard tub surface typically rubs or digs.

Some of the best bath pillows allow these parts to sink into themselves, allowing the rest of your body to relax as well.

Who Needs a Bath Pillow?

Stepping into the bathtub and unwinding after a long day is one of the most relaxing things you can do.

But is it for everyone?

Well, a bath pillow is great for people who:

Want a luxurious bathing experience

best bath pillow

Whether you are a server, a teacher, a doctor, a stay-at-home person, or anything in between, a single hot bath can easily melt away all the hard work.

For an ultimate spa-like experience, all you need are your favorite oils, candles, bath bombs, and, of course, your reliable bath pillow.

The pillow helps you find a comfortable and relaxing position inside the tub and cradles your neck and shoulders to prevent them from becoming sore after prolonged contact with the tub’s cold surface.

Experience back discomfort

Nothing is more soothing than a hot bath for people who suffer from back discomfort.

However, lying in the bathtub is not very easy for them, especially without a good bath pillow. Bath pillows support their back and neck region, which significantly relieves their back pain.

Need stress relief

People who enjoy long baths report that it helps them relieve stress. Bearing this in mind, a bath pillow serves as an important tool that ensures complete relaxation.

It can transform any ordinary bath into a luxurious spa experience that reduces your discomfort and allows you to clear your thoughts.

Suffer from neck stiffness

If you work with your head bowed down, you know what it feels like at the end of the day. Sitting with your neck unsupported for extended periods makes the muscles stiff, leading to pain and discomfort.

Similarly, leaning inside the bathtub without adequate neck support also leads to neck stiffness.

An ergonomic bath pillow provides your neck with the support it needs. It cradles your neck such that your neck and shoulder region receive maximum pressure relief.

How to Select The Best Bath Pillow

best bath pillow

Like we mentioned earlier, bath pillows come in various shapes, sizes, features, and comfort levels. You can look into getting the most basic and inexpensive inflatable ones or invest in a more supportive bath pillow.

Regardless of the type, some key considerations to help you select the best bath pillow include:


When looking at different bath pillows, you should carefully consider the fill material as well as the cover material.

Of course, the most inexpensive and basic bath pillows are inflatable ones. They feature a polyethylene cover equipped with an air valve that you can use to inflate or deflate the pillow.

Inflatable pillows are lightweight and highly portable; however, they don’t provide as much support as pillows with actual cushioning. You can also fill some with warm water for a more soothing experience.

Another type of bath pillows is the gel- or bead-filled pillows. They are a step up from inflatable ones as they can mold, shift, and expand according to your body type to provide adequate support.

Then there are foam bath pillows. These are, by far, the most expensive, but they also provide the most support. They feature either a basic foam with easy compression and decompression or memory foam that better adapts according to your body type.

As for the covers, you can either get a fabric cover or a PVC cover. Fabric covers are soft to touch and comfortable to lean on, but they are more difficult to clean. PVC covers are typically waterproof and easier to clean, but they are not as soft as their fabric counterparts.


Bath pillows are available in various sizes.

The smallest ones are head and shoulder pillows. These compact pillows are easy to pack and store. They fit inside various bathtubs and often come with suction cups to prevent slipping. Some are shaped like traditional pillows, while others are slightly curved to better support your neck.

Then there are long, full-body versions. They are more comfortable as they cushion your entire body. They have varying amounts of padding across the entire length for better support and cushioning.

You should consider the size of your bathtub to figure out the size of the bath pillow you need. If a pillow is too small, it won’t cover the bathtub’s surface, losing its efficiency. Too big and it won’t fit inside.


The pillow’s shape also matters because it determines the level of support and comfort it provides. For example, most inflatable bath pillows feature a semi-circular shape to cradle your head and support your neck.

Most foam bath pillows come as a 2-piece unit: one for the head and the other for your neck and shoulder region. Others have a third padding to support your lower back as well.

Full-body bath pillows attach to the tub at the top and support everything from the head to the legs. They provide great comfort to ensure a complete spa-like experience.

You should consider the shape of different pillows. Neck pillows are generally small and cylindrical, while those for the shoulder and neck are large with comforters. Look for a model that offers maximum support to your neck, and in the case of a full-body pillow, your back too.

Fast drying

The quicker your bath pillow dries, the more often you will be able to use it.

A slow drying pillow remains moist for longer, making it prone to mold and mildew. It also emits a strong, unpleasant odor.

A fast-drying pillow is not only more sanitary but also makes your life easier. It does not become a breeding ground for mold and mildew, and you don’t have to worry about the damp smell lingering inside your bathroom.

Mesh pillows are the fastest to dry. The ventilated layering promotes airflow that allows the pillow to breathe and dry faster while eliminating mold spores in the process.


A waterproof pillow prevents waterlogging. Leaning on a wet pillow feels exactly like laying on a wet mattress. It seeps out and flops like a squash ball as you apply pressure on it. A wet pillow loses its purpose by offering little support and comfort.

Waterproof pillows also dry quickly, so you can use them more often.


The level of comfort that a pillow provides is determined by its shape and the material used in its construction.

Look for materials that are soft to touch and don’t irritate your skin. Mesh, of course, is softer and gentler on your skin than the polyethylene used in inflatable pillows. But you should choose according to your personal comfort level.

If you have back and neck pain, you will benefit from foam bath pillows that support the back and neck. And if you’re sensitive to the tub’s hard surface, full-body pillows can ensure a more comfortable experience.

Suction Cups

A bath pillow must have suction cups to prevent it from slipping into the water. A pillow that slips constantly can be extremely frustrating. Look for a pillow with a strong suction system to enjoy your bathing experience to its fullest.

When comparing different models, check the number and size of suction cups. The bigger they are, the better the suction. Similarly, the more the suction cups, the better the pillow will hold.

Remember that suction cups stick well to only dry, non-textured walls. So, if your bathtub has a textured surface or is coated in resin paint, you’ll have a hard time making your pillow stay put.

Easy Maintenance

If you don’t want to be bothered too much about the bath pillow’s maintenance, look for a machine washable model. Doing so will save you the time and hassle of hand-washing.

Advantages of using bath pillow

best bath pillow

Bathtubs are known for being the most uncomfortable surface to lay on. Even if you love taking long baths, you often have to end your bath earlier because the hard surface of the tub is difficult to relax on.

This is where bath pillows come in handy. Whether you choose a simple head pillow or a full-body one, bath pillows provide adequate support and prevent your body from becoming sore.

Other benefits of bath pillows include:

Increase your comfort

The best bath pillow can increase your comfort level tenfold. The bathtub’s hard and slippery surface is pretty difficult to stretch out on, and Pairing it with a bath pillow makes it a great place to relax.

Match your unique style

Bath pillows come in various styles, shapes, and sizes. So, you can easily find one that not only suits your bathroom’s vibe but also meets your unique demands.

If you want something portable, there are inflatable pillows, and if you want something comfortable, there are foam pillows. And if you want something low-maintenance, mesh pillows offer a more natural feel without requiring too much care.

Encourage more and long baths

If the uncomfortable posture makes you cut down on your bath time, using a bath pillow will encourage you to take longer baths and more often too. When you are able to fully relax, bathing will become your favorite wind-down activity.

Ease muscle pain

A warm bath can help relieve muscle pain. People suffering from chronic or acute back pain or an injury that needs healing often use warm baths as a means of easing their pain.

But this is only possible when they find a comfortable position without tensing their body parts, and a bath pillow helps them in this regard.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Bath Pillow

best bath pillow

A bath pillow can be tricky to clean and maintain. Since it is used around water, there’s always the chance of it not drying enough, which, in turn, allows mold and bacteria to grow.

Most bath pillows are designed to dry quickly, which prevents the growth of mold and mildew. But those that lack such protection not only look gross but also smell musty.

Inflatable pillows are the easiest to clean, and they are waterproof, so all you have to do is deflate them and run a dry cloth over the surface to soak up the water.

Foam pillows take longer to dry. If you own one with a waterproof cover, drying it won’t be much of a problem. And you can always take off the cover for washing.

Mesh pillows are truly breathable, and they promote airflow that allows them to dry quickly. Cleaning them is also not difficult because most are safe to machine-wash.

You can also clean your bath pillow with a mixture of diluted vinegar and baking soda to remove bacteria that may cause mildew or mold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do bath pillows have the ability to grow mold?

Yes, bath pillows can grow mold, and mold spores spread everywhere with air. But they grow only on surfaces with enough moisture and favorable conditions.

Unfortunately, bath pillows offer the ideal environment for mold growth. That’s why you should dry your pillow after every use and wash it frequently as well.

Are there any alternatives to the bath pillow that I could try?

Although there is no alternative to the support and comfort of a bath pillow, you can still try using a rolled-up towel to support your head and neck as you lounge inside the bathtub.

Just make sure to adjust it such that it does not fall into the water with the slightest movement.

How often should a bath pillow be washed?

You should rinse a bath pillow after every bath to wash away the dirt. However, rinsing alone is not enough to keep it clean. You should wash your bath pillow with soap and water once every two months.

Is it possible to wash a bath pillow in the machine?

Yes, it is possible to wash a bath pillow in the machine. However, you should always check the manufacturer’s directions to learn about the cleaning process.

Some bath pillows are exclusively hand-washable, so if the directions say to hand-wash your pillow only, you should never throw it inside the washing machine.

What is the finest bath pillow for a straight-back tub?

A full-body bath pillow is the finest option for a straight-back tub. It is designed to hug the curve of your back to provide the necessary support and comfort to your entire body.

What is the difference between a bath cushion and a bath pillow, and which one should you use?

Bath cushion and bath pillow are two names for the same thing. You can use either to make your bath experience more relaxing and comfortable. They cradle your neck while providing support and comfort to your back, shoulders, and neck region.

Final Verdict: What is the best bath pillow sold today?

Bath pillows are essential bath accessories that ensure maximum comfort. They help improve your posture and allow you to lay comfortably as you soak in the warm, bubbly water.

And while all of them have their advantages, we believe that the Bath Haven Bath Pillow is the best bath pillow for most people. It features an ergonomic design that protects your head and neck region from soreness. The quilted mesh is not only comfortable to lay on, but it also dries pretty quickly.

But if you want something more luxurious, we’d suggest you check out the Viventive Store Luxury Bath Pillow. This extra-thick 2-piece bath pillow is highly supportive and comfortable and cushions multiple areas of your body. Plus, the 3D mesh material dries quickly and is antimicrobial.

And, if you prefer getting something that offers support to your entire body, we’d say you go for the Soothing Company Full Body Bath Pillow. It is made using soft mesh fabric, comfortable to lay in, and quick to dry so that you can use it frequently.

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