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Best Electric Cooling Pad For A Bed: Top Picks, Reviews & Buying Guide

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Shopping for an electric cooling pad for your bed?

You’ve come to the right place.

An electric cooling pad is one of the best ways to cool and heat your bed.

An electric cooling pad is much more effective than non-electric passive cooling pads or toppers. Most electric cooling pads use cooled water to absorb excess heat from the mattress and your body.

Though more expensive than a latex or gel memory foam cooling pad, an electric cooling pad is the best option for hot sleepers and warm summer nights.

It’s also great for people experiencing hot flushes while they are asleep and those with night sweats.

What’s In This Buying Guide?

In this buying guide, we recommend the best electric cooling pads for a bed. We also explain how they work and how to choose the right one for yourself.

Best Electric Cooling Pads For Bed

  1. Our Top Pick: Sleepme Cube
  2. Best Bargain: Mattress Cooler Classic
  3. Most Advanced: Eight Sleep Pod Smart Cooling Cover
  4. Best Temperature Control: Sleepme OOLER
  5. Best Electric Air Cooling Pad: Sleep Number DUALTEMP
  6. Best For Very Hot Sleepers: Sleepme Dock Pro
ProductAwardType of CoolngLowest tempAlso heatsRemote controlApp controlWarranty
Sleepme Cube
best cooling mattress pad

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Our top pickWater cooling55FYesYesNo1yr
Mattress Cooler Classic
best cooling mattress pad

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Best bargainWater cooling12 degrees below room temp
Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover
best cooling mattress pad

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Most advancedWater cooling55FYesNoYes2yr
Sleepme OOLER
best cooling mattress pad

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Best temperature controlWater cooling55FYesNoYes1yr
Sleep Number Dual Temp
best cooling mattress pad

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Best air cooling padAir coolingNot specified
Sleepme Dock Pro
Best Electric Cooling Pads

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Best for very hot sleepersWater cooling55FYesNoYes2yr

1. Our Top Pick: Sleepme Cube

Chillisleep Cube Sleep system

The Sleepme Cube system is the best electric cooling pad for most people. It’s not too pricey, is very easy to use, and provides powerful cooling using just water.


  • It can go as low as 55 degrees.
  • Easy and convenient temperature control.
  • Efficient water cooling.
  • It can also warm the bed.


  • Small reservoir – requires frequent top-up.
  • The main unit can make the room too warm.
  • It has limited settings and controls.

Our Review

Our favorite bed cooling systems are those that use water rather than air. Because of water’s thermal characteristics, these systems can achieve much lower temperatures and cool you more efficiently.

The Sleepme Cube system has a minimum temperature of 55 degrees. While it’s unlikely that it’ll ever get that cold (cooling performance depends on ambient temperature), it usually gets cold enough, even for the hottest of sleepers.

If you are not careful, you might wake up at night freezing cold.

Fortunately, the Cube sleep system comes with a simple and easy-to-use wireless remote control with just two buttons for temperature control – up and down.

The only downside is that the water cooling system does not respond as quickly as an air system.

It’ll take a few minutes for it to reach the set temperature.

Note that the Sleepme Cube system is also great at bed warming. It can go as high as 115 degrees, and this can be especially handy for chilly nights.

The Cube system consists of the main unit that sits next to your bed and a thin pad (the Chili Cool Mesh pad) with tubes that goes on top of your mattress. The tubes are thin, and most people don't feel them.

In terms of sizes, you can order a half Queen, King, or Cal King if you want a Chili Cool Mesh pad just for yourself, or a regular Queen, King, or Cal King if you want separate temperature control for both you and your partner.

The full-size options come with two Cubes and a split pad, so each person can set their preferred temperature.

As for maintenance, the Chili Cool Mesh pad is machine washable, and you can sanitize the Cube using Sleepme's Cube cleaning solution.

Issues & Limitations

Chillisleep Cube System

One thing many users have noted is that the Cube sleep system can have the opposite effect of the one you want. As the pad cools you, the Cube emits warm air into the room.

After some time, this can make the room and the bed too warm for most people’s liking.

That’s why you need to keep your AC on to maintain a reasonable room temperature for the cooling pad to work properly. Some users say cracking a door or window also helps prevent heat buildup.

The other complaint is that the water reservoir could be bigger. As it is, you have to top it up with water weekly. Other cooling systems like Eight Sleep Prod Pro Cover and Sleepme's own OOLER can go for months without requiring any top-up.

We also think the remote control is too basic. While its simplicity makes it easy to use, additional controls like fan speed and auto-off timer would be handy.

Bottom Line

The Sleepme Cube sleep system is best for: Anyone looking for a powerful cooling pad for their bed.

Avoid if: You don't have AC, and your bedroom regularly reaches over 75 degrees. The Sleepme Cube won’t cool properly.

2. Best Bargain: Mattress Cooler Classic

best cooling mattress pad

Looking to stay cool on a budget? The Mattress Cooler Classic chilled mattress topper is the best bargain we found.

It is smaller than other cooling pads and comes in just one size, but it’s also the cheapest electric cooling pad you’ll find.


  • Low price.
  • Gets really cold.
  • Easy to use remote control.
  • Can cool one or two people.
  • Comes with a spare pad.


  • Smaller than other cooling pads.
  • Pad is uncomfortable.

Our Review

The Mattress Cooler Classic pad is cheaper for a reason. It’s smaller than other pads and comes in just one size – 27 by 63 inches.

There aren’t half and full Queen and King sizes. But because of just how cold the pad gets, the small pad is enough to keep the entire bed cool.

In fact, some users have complained that it gets too cold. Some have gone on to describe it as sleeping on a block of ice.

If you sleep really hot, the Mattress Cooler Classic is just as good as pricier cooling pads.

It comes with a remote control with which you can adjust the fan speed. This allows you to control how cold the pad gets (there are no temperature controls).

But even at the lowest fan speed, some users say it’s still too cold. That’s where the timer feature comes in.

Instead of leaving the pad on all night (and waking up freezing in the middle of the night), set it to run for a short period. This will be enough to keep you cool the whole night.

Setting up the Mattress Cooler Classic pad is easy. The pump unit is compact and fits easily on your bedside table.

The pad itself goes on your mattress (ideally on a mattress protector) and secures to the mattress using attached straps. Lay it down horizontally if it's only you who needs cooling. Lay it across the width of the bed if your partner also needs help sleeping cool.

All you need to do now is connect the tubing and add water to the main unit.

When working, the small fan makes some noise, but it’s not too loud. Most people can sleep comfortably through it. But you can lower fan speed to make it quieter.

Issues & Limitations

If you want a large cooling pad, this is not it. It’s especially not suitable for couples who want a Queen, King, or Cal King pad.

The pad is made with PVC and doesn't have a soft surface like other cooling pads. So, it can feel a bit uncomfortable under you.

But once you place a comfortable fitted sheet over it, you shouldn’t feel it too much. You can also try placing a thin 1 or 2-inch mattress pad on it for added cushioning.

Another thing – the Mattress Cooler Classic topper doesn’t have temperature settings. Temperature control is not as fine and customizable as with other cooling systems. That’s why some users say it’s too cold even at the lowest fan speed.

Bottom Line

The Mattress Cooler Classic chilled mattress topper is best for: Anyone looking for a powerful but affordable electric cooling pad for their bed.

Avoid if: You want a large cooling pad that will cover your entire bed.

3. Most Advanced: Eight Sleep Pod Smart Cooling Cover

best cooling mattress pad

Want a lot more tech than just up/down temperature control in a cooling pad? Get the Eight Sleep Pod smart cooling cover.

It includes personalized temperature control as well as sleep tracking.


  • It can go as low as 55 degrees.
  • Advanced temperature control.
  • Sleep & health tracking.
  • Comfortable pad.


  • Expensive.
  • No physical remote control.

Our Review

The Eight Sleep Pod Cover is the most advanced cooling mattress topper you’ll come across. It combines water-based cooling and sleep/health tracking.

Initially, Eight Sleep only offered the smart cover along with one of their mattresses. But now, you can get just the smart cover and use it with your existing mattress.

The smart cover is available in three options: the original Pod 2 Cover for 10″-11″ mattresses, the Pod 3 Cover that provides better comfort and more accurate tracking (also for 10″-11″ mattresses) and the Pod 3 Cover with PerfectFit that's designed to fit securely on any size mattress.

Our favorite feature of the Eight Sleep smart cooling cover is the intelligent temperature adjustment.

Sensors within the topper monitor ambient temperature and humidity to automatically keep you comfortable. You won’t wake up feeling too warm or freezing.

The Pod Pro uses water cooling similar to most other cooling pads. The main hub with the reservoir looks much more stylish than the boxy units other cooling pads use. You won’t mind having it next to your bed.

The topper itself is also high quality. It contains a thin layer of foam to give it a soft feel and ensure you don't feel the water tubes underneath.

Instead of straps, which don’t always prevent pad movement, the Pod Pro is zippered. Once you insert it over your mattress, it’s not going anywhere.

Being a water-cooled pad, the Pro cover works extremely well to keep you cool. It can hit temperatures as low as 55F, though this depends on ambient temperature.

It can also heat the bed.

You control temperature via an app. You can also set an alarm (pad warms up and vibrates gently) and configure a timer.

Our favorite features of the app are the daily sleep report and fitness score and sleep trends. Trackers embedded on each side of the pad monitor various metrics, including sleep time, sleep cycles, heart rate, and breathing patterns, to track how well you are sleeping.

In the latest Pod 3 cover, Eight sleep has doubled the amount of sensors in the cover, providing better and more accurate sleep and health tracking.

You can check your sleep quality on the app. It’s actually a nice way to get hard evidence that the cooling pad is helping you sleep better.

Eight Sleep sells the Pod Pro Cover in four sizes: Full, Queen, King, and Cal King. All sizes have dual temperature control and sleep tracking on each side of the bed.

Issues & Limitations

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover is the most expensive electric mattress cooling pad. If you don't care about sleep tracking (or you already have a sleep tracker), a basic cooling pad will cost you way less.

The other issue is the lack of a physical remote control. The app is nice, but the connection can be problematic at times. Also, not everyone wants to keep their phone at their bedside.

Bottom Line

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover is best for: Anyone looking for an advanced electric cooling pad with personalized temperature controls and sleep tracking.

Avoid if: You are shopping for a budget or don't need the sleep tracking feature.

4. Best Temperature Control: Sleepme OOLER

Ooler Bed Cooling System

Sleepme OOLER is an upgrade to the Cube system. Both use the same Chili Cool Mesh pad, but OOLER uses a different cooling unit with more advanced controls. It also comes with an app.


  • Excellent cooling performance.
  • Customized temperature scheduling.
  • Adjustable fan speed.
  • It can also warm the bed.
  • Large water reservoir.


  • It costs more than the Cube system.
  • No physical remote control.

Our Review

When it comes to cooling performance, there isn’t much difference between Sleepme's OOLER and Cube systems.

Both can go as low as 55 degrees, and they are great for all kinds of hot sleepers.

The main difference is in the main cooling unit and the controls.

For one, OOLER comes with a larger water reservoir in the main unit. This means you don't need to add water as often – usually, once a month or so compared to once a week for the Cube system.

OOLER also gives you more control over the cooling system. You can adjust the temperature by turning it up and down, similar to other cooling pads. You can also set different temperatures for different times of the night.

This is useful if you typically get colder as the night progresses. You can set OOLER to gradually raise the temperature through the night.

You can also set a warm awake silent alarm that wakes you up gently.

Unlike the Cube system, you can adjust the fan speed in OOLER, making it easier to quiet down the fan.

The pad (called the Chili Cool Mesh) is the same one used in the Cube system. You can order the pad in a single or dual configuration. The dual option comes with two control units.

Note: Sleepme has launched a new more powerful bed cooling system called the Dock Pro. It has better cooling performance, customizable sleep schedules, and optional sleep tracking (requires subscription).

Issues & Limitations

Ooler Bed Cooling System

The OOLER system is a fair amount more expensive than the Cube system. If you want to save money or feel you don't need advanced temperature control, go with the basic Cube sleep system.

The other issue is the lack of a physical remote control. The app works well most of the time, but there are a few times you’ll struggle to connect it to OOLER. It’s also a problem if you prefer leaving gadgets out of your bedroom.

Bottom Line

Sleepme OOLER is best for: Anyone looking for a cooling pad with personalized temperature controls for all-night comfort.

Avoid if: You prefer a cooling pad with a good old physical remote control.

5. Best Electric Air Cooling Pad: Sleep Number DUALTEMP

best cooling mattress pad

If you want a cooling pad with BedJet-like air technology, we recommend the Sleep Number DualTemp.

Instead of water, it blows air into a pad, quickly cooling you and drying sweat on your skin.


  • Great for night sweats.
  • Instant cooling.
  • Comfortable mattress pad.
  • Includes remote control.


  • The remote control can be troublesome to use at times.
  • You cannot select a specific temperature.

Our Review

The Sleep Number Dual Temp is the only cooling pad among our picks that uses air to cool you. It works a lot like BedJet, using a fan to blow cooled or warmed air directly into your bed.

But unlike BedJet that comes with just a hose that you stick under the duvet or blanket, the Sleep Number Dual Temp consists of a hose connected to a comfortable mattress pad.

The pad ensures efficient air delivery and is great for those who don't like the feel of air blowing on them as they sleep.

One advantage of an air cooling system vs. water is how quickly air cools you. Press a button to lower the temperature, and the pad cools you almost instantly.

Air is also great for night sweats. It evaporates moisture faster than water.

The Dual temp mattress pad comes with a physical remote control – you don't need an app. The remote control is easy to use. You can select from three levels of cooling or heating and set a timer between 1 and 9 hours.

Sleep Number sells only an individual size cooling pad. You can order it in a half Queen, King, or Cal King size. If your partner also wants a cooling pad, you can order two individual sizes and button them together at the center.

Note: Unlike other cooling pads, the Dual Temp pad is not machine washable. You can only spot clean it.

Issues & Limitations

The most common complaint from customers is the remote control. If you get two Dual Temp pads, the remote controls can be troublesome to use at times.

They seem to have pairing issues where one remote control will sometimes control your partner’s cooling pad.

Another issue is the lack of specific temperature controls. You can only select from three levels for cooling and heating.

Another thing to note is that the Dual Temp’s air cooling system is affected more by ambient temperature compared to a water cooling system like Sleepme.

You have to keep the AC low (72 degrees or lower) to keep the Dual Temp pad working properly. With a water system, you can raise the AC higher up to around 75 degrees (to save energy) and still sleep cool.

Bottom Line

The Sleep Number Dual Temp is best for: Anyone looking for a cooling pad that uses air to cool and warm the bed.

Avoid if: You want a cooling pad with programmable temperature settings.

6. Best For Very Hot Sleepers: Sleepme Dock Pro

Sleepme DockPro System

Sleepme has introduced a more powerful upgrade to the OOLER and Cube sleep systems. The Dock Pro comes with better cooling performance and more advanced features.

If you sleep very hot or you live in a place that gets sweltering hot, get the Sleepme Dock Pro. 


  • Powerful cooling. 
  • WiFi connectivity – allows remote app control.
  • Quieter. 
  • Silent alarm & sleep scheduling. 


  • Advanced sleep tracking & reports require a subscription. 

Our Review 

The Dock Pro has the same temperature range — 55-115F — as the OOLER and Cube sleep systems. 

But because it comes with double the cooling power (95W vs. 52W in the OOLER), the Dock Pro is able to achieve lower temperatures than the other systems. 

It also cools your bed a lot quicker. It’s not instantaneous like BedJet, but it’s pretty fast. 

Despite the increased cooling power, the Dock Pro runs more quietly – about 41 to 46 decibels. It still produces white noise, but it’s barely noticeable. Those who notice it say they actually like it.  

Sleepme hasn’t just upgraded the main control unit. The cooling pad (ChiliPad Pro) that goes on your mattress is also new and very different from the ChiliPad Cool Mesh included with the OOLER and Cube systems. 

The biggest difference is that the new cooling pad doesn't have tubes. Instead, it has a membrane network that distributes cooled water around the pad. 

The membrane has a larger cooling surface area compared to the tubes in the Cool Mesh Pad. This allows the ChiliPad Pro to cool you faster and more efficiently. 

Another advantage of the tubeless design is that you don't have to worry about feeling tubes under you. The ChiliPad Pro is super comfortable. 

The ChiliPad Pro comes with an elastic skirt that secures to mattresses between 8 and 18 inches thick. 

The Dock Pro is the first Sleepme system to come with WiFi connectivity. This means you can control and monitor it using an app wherever you are.

The Android app is a bit buggy, but most iPhone users say their app works fine. In the app, you can adjust temperature, set up customized sleep schedules, and track your sleep. 

If you prefer keeping your phone out of the bedroom, the Dock Pro also has physical controls. 

Similar to other Sleepme systems, the Dock Pro is available in Me and WE options. 

Issues & Limitations

The Dock Pro is a bit more expensive than OOLER. Unless you need the extra cooling power and WiFi app control of the Dock Pro, OOLER or Cube are cheaper options that work pretty well. 

The Dock Pro gets even pricier if you want sleep tracking and access to AI-powered automatic temperature control. These features are only available in Sleepme Plus, a subscription program. 

Bottom Line

The Sleepme Dock Pro sleep system is best for: Extra hot sleepers looking for a powerful electric bed cooling pad. 

Avoid if: You are shopping for a budget electric cooling pad.

Electric Cooling Pads for Bed: Buying Guide

What is an Electric Cooling Pad – and How Does It Work?

best cooling mattress pad

An electric cooling pad is a type of active bed cooling system.

There are active and passive bed cooling systems and technologies. Ordinary mattress toppers and pads made from gel foam, wool, latex, and other materials are passive cooling systems.

They just sit there and improve the bed’s breathability and cooling.

In contrast, active cooling systems use air or water to cool the bed, making them much more effective at cooling. Many of them can also warm the bed.

Most electric cooling pads use water to keep the bed cool. The pad contains small tubes embedded within it. A small pump pushes cooled water through these tubes. The cool water absorbs excess heat and carries it away from the bed, thus helping you sleep cool.

In the main unit where the pump is, there’s also a fan that draws in ambient air to cool water and dissipates warm air.

Electric cooling pads do not have a compressor. How much they can cool the bed depends on ambient temperature and humidity. That’s why you’ll still need your AC, even with an electric cooling pad.

Electric Cooling Pad vs. Other Bed Cooling Systems

electric cooling pad

An electric cooling pad is just one of several solutions to sleeping cool.

If you don't want a pad, you can get BedJet. It’s an air cooling system that blows cooled or warmed air under the sheets.

It’s great for rapid heating or cooling, as well as drying sweat. On the downside, some people don't like how it blows air on them.

If you want an even cheaper active bed cooling system, get a bed fan. Bed fans are designed to blow air under the bedding.

They do not cool or warm the air – they simply circulate it to ensure heat does not get trapped in the bed. They are also great for night sweats.

Why Get an Electric Cooling Pad

electric cooling pad

  • You sleep hot or live in a place that gets warm nights during certain months of the year. An electric cooling pad is much more effective than the AC at keeping you cool.
  • You sleep cold or live in a place with harsh winters. A majority of electric cooling pads can also warm the bed.
  • You prefer a different sleeping temperature from your partner. Instead of fighting over whether to keep the duvet on or off the bed, get a single side or dual control electric cooling pad.
  • You are experiencing hot flashes.
  • You get night sweats.

Features to Consider When Buying an Electric Cooling Pad?

1. Water or Air Cooled

The first thing to decide is whether you want a water cooled or air cooled pad.

An air cooled pad is good for night sweats and cools you much faster than water. But it’s affected more by ambient temperature, and you only have one option in the market – the Sleep Number Dual Temp.

For most hot sleepers, we recommend a water-cooled pad. Since they can cool much lower than ambient temperature, water-cooled pads can get really cold, making them perfect for extra-hot sleepers.

They are also quieter.

2. Single vs. Dual Use

Next, decide if you are getting a cooling pad for just yourself or you and your partner.

Most cooling pads are available in two options: single and dual control. The dual option is going to cost more, but it allows each person to set their preferred temperature.

If you sleep alone, or only you are experiencing temperature issues, get a pad for just one side of the bed.

3. Size

Buy an electric cooling pad that corresponds to the size of your bed.

If you have a Queen bed, get a Queen size pad (or a half Queen if the pad is just for you).

4. Settings & Controls

Check whether the electric cooling pad comes with a physical remote control. That’s the best way to control temperature and other settings.

A few cooling pads use an app. While the apps provide a more comprehensive range of features, they can be problematic to use, and the manufacturers don't offer a remote control as an alternative.

Also, check what kind of settings are available. The most critical settings feature is the temperature setting.

The best electric cooling pads let you select a specific temperature, while others have cooling levels.

Some electric cooling pads like OOLER also have an option to set different temperatures through the night.

Make sure there’s an auto-off timer. That’s super important if you don't want to wake up freezing.

5. Does It Also Heat?

Hot sleepers sometimes need help staying warm. An electric cooling pad that also heats will be handy on particularly cold winter nights.

6. Comfortable Pad

Make sure the cooling pad doesn't significantly change how your mattress feels. You shouldn’t feel the tubes inside the pad, and your mattress shouldn’t get softer or firmer when using the cooling pad.

7. Machine Washable

We recommend getting an electric cooling pad that is machine washable. That makes it easy to keep it clean and hygienic, especially since the pad goes on top of, not under, a mattress protector.

Pros and Cons

electric cooling pad


  • They offer an excellent cooling performance – much better than an ordinary foam or latex mattress pad.
  • They are very easy to use.
  • You can adjust the cooling level or temperature until you find the perfect setting.
  • Most are available in single and couple options.
  • They work with all kinds of mattresses.


  • You still need your AC.
  • Cooling performance is limited by ambient temperature.
  • They are pricey compared to a regular mattress cooling topper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you place a sheet over a mattress cooling pad?

Yes, you should. Putting a fitted sheet over the mattress pad keeps it secured in place and provides some cushion from the tubes in the pad.

Are electric cooling pads safe to use?

Unlike electric heating pads and blankets, electric cooling pads don't have any wires or electricity running through the pad – only water.

Do mattress protectors affect the performance of a cooling pad?

It should not impact the cooling pad’s performance as long as the cooling pad is placed on top of the mattress protector. Putting the cooling pad under a mattress protector can limit cooling and heating performance.

Do electric cooling pads have any health benefits?

By helping you sleep longer, deeper, and more soundly, an electric cooling pad improves your overall health, both mentally and physically.

Final Verdict: What Is the Best Electric Cooling Pad for a Bed?

The Sleepme Cube system is the best electric cooling pad for most people. It cools the bed really well, is very easy to use, and is quite affordable compared to most other electric cooling pads, making it one of the best cooling pads both in terms of performance and price.

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