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Top 6 Best Natural Fiber Mattress Toppers 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Shopping for the best natural fiber mattress topper? We can help you with that.

Fiber mattress toppers are being hailed as a very effective alternative to down mattress toppers. They are lightweight but soft and cost less than feather toppers.

Fiber mattress toppers are seen as an easy and inexpensive way to upgrade a flattening mattress or just to add a bit of softness to firm mattresses.

However, they are not actual mattresses; rather, they are toppers that you can place at the top of the mattress to enhance comfort.

Owing to their vast usability, many brands manufacture top-quality fiber mattress toppers. It becomes difficult and confusing to decide upon one option out of so many. Therefore, to help you make an informed decision, we will review some of the best fiber mattress toppers in this article.

What's In This Buying Guide

This buying guide has all you need to know about natural fiber mattress toppers. It can serve as a one-stop guide for all your queries related to the product and introduces you to some of the best available options.

Here, we will first look at the scenarios where a fiber mattress topper could be useful. Following this would be a detailed review of six of the best mattress toppers available on the market.

We also go through some of the most important factors you need to consider before buying a fiber mattress topper. Lastly, we take a look at the pros and cons of this type of mattress topper before ending the article with FAQs related to the product.

Who Should Buy a Natural Fiber Mattress Topper?

fiber mattress toppers

A fiber topper mattress could prove useful to many. It is lightweight compared to other toppers, making it more useful for those who cannot lift heavy objects.

There is little to no smell associated with fiber toppers. As a result, they are very suitable for people sensitive to smell. Because these toppers do not use feathers, they do not trigger allergies either.

Therefore, people who are allergic to feathers but want a mattress topper will find good usability in this type. Moreover, fiber toppers are relatively cheaper and more affordable for those who are shopping on a budget.

People who want a thin mattress topper that does not form deep contours to cradle the body and stays warm will like the fiber mattress toppers the most.

Best Natural Fiber Mattress Toppers

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  1. Most comfortable overall – Sleep Innovations Ultra Soft Gel Foam
  2. Best for firm mattresses – Home Sweet Home Dreams Alternative Bed Topper 
  3. Best for allergies – LUCID Ultra Plush 3 Inch Down Alternative Fiber Bed 
  4. Best for hot sleepers: BioPEDIC MemoryLOFT Mattress Topper
  5. Best for all seasons – CHOPINMOON Extra Thick Queen Mattress Topper
  6. Best support for head, shoulders, and neck: MOONCAST Star-CAST 
Natural Fiber Mattress TopperWeightDimensionsMaterialCoverMachine washable
Sleep Innovations Ultra Soft Gel Foam
Best for exceptional comfort

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19.2 pounds80 x 60 x 4 inchesFiber fill and gel memory foamFiberfill and hypoallergenicYes
Home Sweet Home Dreams Alternative Bed Topper
Best for firm mattresses

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8.8 pounds60 x 80 x 2 inches1000 grams fiberfill
Hypoallergenic Microfibers
LUCID Ultra Plush 3 Inch Down Alternative Fiber Bed Topper
Best for allergies

See Price on Amazon

10.4 pounds31.5 x 23.62 x 1.18 inchesMicrofiber alternative fill100% cotton percaleYes
BioPEDIC MemoryLOFT Mattress Topper
Best for hot sleepers

See Price on Amazon

15 pounds84 x 72 x 3 inchesPolyester fiber fill and gel-infused memory foam clustersPolyester with Nanotex cooling technologyYes
CHOPINMOON Extra Thick Queen Mattress Topper
Best for all seasons

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10.03 pounds20.3 x 16.6 x 5.4 inches4D spiral fibers1500 series fiberYes
Best for support to head, shoulders, and neck

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30.9 pounds18 x 17 x 15 inchesFiber fill, memory gel infused beadsBamboo stickYes

1. Most comfortable overall – Sleep Innovations Ultra Soft Gel Foam

fiberbed mattress topper

Promising a cool and cloudlike comfort, our first pick is designed particularly to make the user’s body feel relaxed and rested. It makes use of gel and fiber fillings to provide a soft and gentle lying surface. Sleep Innovations is a popular brand that uses the sleep of science to manufacture exceptional products for its customers.


  • One inch of fiber topper layer and three inches of gel layer to provide support and softness.
  • The memory gel layer relieves pressure points in the body.
  • Hypoallergenic and certified by the Cetri-PUS US.
  • Machine washable and stretches to fit the bed.
  • Supported by a 10-year warranty.


  • It has a chemical-like smell. 

Our Review:

fiberbed mattress topper

With two layers of soft filling, the Sleep Innovation mattress topper feels plush and comforting to the body. The layer at the top is filled with fibers, while the layer below has three inches of gel memory foam. It has a baffle box design that prevents shifting when you turn in your sleep.

Moreover, the large baffle box size ensures proper air circulation and little heat retention so that you do not feel hot or sweat in your sleep.

This mattress topper is easily spread. It stretches to fit your bed size and features side pockets that go over your mattress, ensuring that the topper does not slip. When you want to wash it, all you have to do is remove it from the bed and put it in the machine. No dry cleaning is required, and you can wash it yourself in a machine.

When placed over a mattress, this topper makes it more comfortable and inviting. The gel memory foam cradles the body and relieves pressure points. However, when you leave the bed, the foam fluffs back into its shape, preventing deformation or settling.

To make sure that customers get an exceptional experience and good value for their money, the mattress topper is Cetri-PUR US certified and comes with a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

2. Best for firm mattresses – Home Sweet Home Dreams Alternative Bed Topper

microfiber mattress topper

Firm mattresses provide good support to the body, but they can become uncomfortable to sleep on continuously. Under such scenarios, you can invest in a good-quality mattress topper rather than buying a new mattress. Home Sweet Home Dreams Alternative Bed Mattress Topper is soft yet thin. It ensures that, when used with a firm mattress, it adds softness without compromising on support.


  • Carries a 100% down alternative filling.
  • 1000 grams of filling impart sufficient softness to the mattress topper.
  • The cover is made up of 100% microfibers.
  • Features anchor bands at the sides for secure fitting to the mattress.
  • Baffle box design with side gussets to ensure longevity and prevent shifting.


  • Tends to retain heat, making it unsuitable for use in extremely hot climates.

Our Review:

microfiber mattress topper

We all need the right balance of firmness and softness in our mattresses to get a good night’s restful sleep. For this very reason, many people prefer the combination of a firm mattress and a soft mattress topper. Home Sweet Home Dreams Alternative Bed Mattress Topper has 1000 grams of fiberfill that make it soft, plush, and comfortable. It is ideal to use over a firm mattress.

Because the mattress topper measures only two inches in height, it does not completely overpower the firmness of the mattress. With two inches of plushness between the mattress and the body, you get the softness and firmness for your body’s pressure points from the topper.

To prevent any sort of allergies or discomfort for users, the mattress topper features a 100% microfiber cover. This cover has a baffle box design that ensures the even spread of fiberfill. With an even spread, you get the same comfort for all parts of your body. Not only that, but the baffle box design is reinforced with a side gusset as well. Both of these design features work to prevent the topper from wear and tear and shifting. 

3. Best for allergies – LUCID Ultra Plush 3 Inch Down Alternative Fiber Bed Topper

best fiberbed mattress topper

People with allergies find it difficult to track down a comfortable mattress topper that does not use any filling material that can trigger their allergies. When you sleep for 6+ hours on a mattress topper, it gives your body enough time to elicit an allergic response to any material you might be sensitive to. The LUCID Ultra Plush 3-Inch Down Alternative Fiber Bed Mattress Topper is built with careful considerations to keep it hypoallergenic.


  • Tested ultra-plush fill without allergens or odors.
  • A good thread count of 250 makes it breathable and prevents the poking of quills.
  • 100% cotton percale cover for breathability and gentle comfort.
  • Baffle box construction to maintain the loft.
  • Thick elastic straps to secure the topper to the mattress.


  • Needs periodic fluffing by hand or in the dryer for maintaining loft.

Our Review:

best fiberbed mattress topper

Mattress toppers use several materials in their making. Some of these can trigger allergies in many people. The LUCID Down Alternative Fiber Bed Mattress Topper is designed to be ultra-plush and without allergens. It does not contain any fill material that might cause allergies, nor does it emit odors that might be unpleasant to sensitive noses.

The mattress topper cover is made with 100% cotton percale and has a thread count of 250. Cotton is known to be very gentle that suits all skin types, and does not cause skin allergies or rashes. Moreover, the thread count makes it breathable so that the body or debris like skin cells are not trapped in the cover.

Fill distribution is kept evenly spread thanks to the baffle box design. The evenly spaced and uniform pockets hold the fill firmly, preventing it from shifting under the user’s weight.

Elastic anchor bands at the sides of the mattress topper help you position and hold the topper securely in the right place over the mattress. The elastic bands go under the mattress to prevent the topper from sliding off when you twist and turn in your sleep.

For the best performance, you should fluff the topper periodically. This could be done by hand or in a dryer and ensure that more air is introduced to the filling to maintain the plush and loft.

4. Best for hot sleepers: BioPEDIC MemoryLOFT Mattress Topper

memory fiber mattress topper

Using multiple layers of mattress material also increases the chances of heat-trapping inside your bedding. Hot sleepers emit body heat at night, which might get trapped into the topper. Toppers that retain heat make users sweat at night, making it uncomfortable to use them. However, the BioPEDIC MemoryLOFT Mattress Topper is one of the best options for hot sleepers as it retains minimal heat and does not make the bed excessively warm.


  • Contains polyester fiberfill distributed in the form of clusters.
  • Uses a combination of memory foam and fiberfill
  • Open-cell memory foam is infused with gel and prevents the topper from becoming too warm.
  • Topper cover features Nanotex technology to remove moisture and enhance breathability.
  • Baffle box design and anchor bands hold the fill and topper in place.


  • The clusters are too big and might give a pillow-like feel to some.

Our Review:

The BioPEDIC MemoryLOFT Mattress Topper is designed to minimize body heat retention in the bedding. It has a combination fill made up of polyester fibers and gel memory foam.

The polyester fibers are hypoallergenic, and clusters of gel memory foam are present in the fill. These clusters are open-cell and allow air circulation through them. This is why they do not retain much of the body heat, making the topper ideal for hot sleepers.

To further enhance the breathability of the topper, the cover is made with Nanotex technology. This cool comfort technology removes moisture and heat from the topper by enhancing breathability.

This mattress topper provides good relief to the body's pressure points and maintains a soft and plush surface for users to sleep on. It gives soft support to the body while maintaining a cool temperature.

Like all good mattress topper designs, this model also uses anchor bands and features a baffle box design. Made from CertiPUR-US Certified Foams, the topper does not contain any traces of heavy metals, ozone depleters, formaldehyde, or other harmful chemicals. It also has a very low volatile organic compound emission value that makes it safe to use. A five-year limited warranty also supports it.

5. Best for all seasons – CHOPINMOON Extra Thick Queen Mattress Topper

fiber mattress toppers

A good mattress topper that you can use year-round should be lightweight, breathable, and well-stuffed. Our next pick is the MOONCAST Star-CAST 3 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper, which combines all three features in one. This mattress topper would work well in dry and wet climates as well as cold and warm seasons.


  • Overstuffed with 60% more spiral fiber.
  • Double borders prevent shifting and leak of fibers.
  • Fabric used for the cover is breathable, wicks moisture, and does not retain body heat.
  • Machine-washable and shrink-resistant.
  • Nicely packed in a vacuum bag, making it a suitable gift as well.


  • Does not give much support to the body and back.

Our Review:

fiber mattress toppers

There are numerous things that we love about this Chopinmoon fiber mattress topper. It has cloudlike plush and softness that will provide comfort to your body as you lay on it. This mattress topper is used popularly to soften firm mattresses or revive old ones.

The mattress topper owes its plush and loft to the overstuffed fill. It contains 60% more fiberfill than the average market size. The fill consists of 4D spiral fibers that are light and airy and also retain their shape.

The outer cover is made of premium-quality 1500 series fabric. This fabric is breathable and retains very little body heat. The mattress topper becomes pleasantly warm rather than unbearably hot, which causes sweating. Furthermore, it has a peach skin fizz finish that is soft and gentle to the touch. This mattress topper also wicks away any moisture, making it very suitable for humid areas and seasons. All in all, the mattress toppers maintain optimal warmth and keep your skin dry and comfortable.

The odor-free mattress topper is easily washed in a machine; however, you should avoid top loaders when washing it. Use cold and gentle water to wash it. The topper does not shrink after the wash and retains its size.

It comes with good vacuum packaging that keeps any dirt, moisture, and odor out. It is a good choice for gifting on weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays.

6. Best support for head, shoulders, and neck: MOONCAST Star-CAST 

microfiber mattress topper

Fiber mattress toppers can greatly help with neck, back, and hip pains. There are designs built to provide support to particular points in the body and relieve tension from the muscles. The MOONCAST Star-CAST 3 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper is one such option that could really benefit those looking for some extra support along with the plush feel of a mattress.


  • Made with high-density aviation-grade gel memory beads.
  • Suitable for all kinds of sleeping positions.
  • 3D air layer in the bamboo topper cover gets rid of body heat.
  • Cetri-PUR US certified and made with safe material.
  • Customers can apply for a return in case they are unsatisfied with their product.


  • Pricier than other options.

Our Review:

microfiber mattress topper

If you use a proper mattress topper, your bed can really benefit your body pains. Often, the neck, shoulder, back, and hip areas are most strained after a long day’s work. Sleeping on a mattress topper that can provide additional support to these areas will enhance your sleep and make you feel well-rested.

The MOONCAST Star-CAST 3-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper is made with memory gel-infused beads of top quality. These aviation-grade beads form a nice and comfortable layer in the topper, giving the perfect balance of softness and support. It is medium soft and is built to target the sleeper’s head, shoulders, neck, back, and hip for additional support.

We all have different sleeping positions or styles. Some prefer to lie on their backs while others are side sleepers. This mattress topper is perfect for all kinds of sleeping positions and body weights.

The outer cover is made with bamboo fiber and cooled by a 3D air layer. This layer removes body heat and wicks away all moisture because it has good permeability. It protects the topper filling from debris, stains, dust, liquid spills, animal hair, etc. You can easily remove the cover by unzipping it and wash it in the machine.

Certified by Certi-PUR US, this mattress topper is free from toxic substances like PBDE fire retardants, lead, mercury, formaldehyde, etc. All these features ensure that you have uninterrupted deep sleep and wake up refreshed and energized.

Buying Guide: What to look for in a Natural Fiber Mattress Topper

Now that we are aware of some of the best fiber mattress toppers available on the market, we should look at the features that help us decide the best deal for us. Not every mattress topper will be suitable for your needs. But a careful consideration of a few important factors can help you make more informed decisions with attention to your needs.

Number of layers:

Fiber mattress toppers can have a single layer or multiple layers. Toppers that use a combination of fiberfill and memory gel often have two layers. The upper layer has fiberfill, while the lower layer houses gel memory foam or beads. If you want a firm mattress topper, you should opt for a type with a single layer of fiberfill and no memory gel foam. A medium-soft topper would have both these layers. 

If you are looking for a topper with a lot of plush, loft, and exceptional softness, you should opt for a topper with polyester fill and a high gel memory foam content. Firm toppers provide more support to the body, and softer toppers cradle the body.


fiberfill mattress topper

The thickness of your fiber mattress topper directly affects the firmness of your bedding. If you are using the topper over a firm mattress, then a thickness of two inches would give you more support from the mattress with some added softness from the topper.

Three-inch toppers are thought to provide the ideal softness and support ratio when used over a firm mattress, while toppers that are four inches or more in thickness provide a much softer feel. They overpower the firmness of a hard mattress that is now hardly felt at all.

Cover design and fabric:

fiberbed mattress topper

Various materials and designs are used for the outer cover of mattress toppers. The popular choices are cotton, polyester, and bamboo. Cotton is the gentlest to the skin. It does not cause rashes, irritations, or allergies and is soft to touch. Other options like polyester and bamboo are also soft but a bit firm. These materials prevent debris and liquids from moving past the cover and into the topper filling. Covers can be removed by unzipping them. Most of these are machine-washable, but some may also need dry cleaning.

The design of the cover affects the fill distribution and shifting. It is best to buy a topper with a baffle box design since this design ensures an even spread. An even spread gives uniform comfort to the body. The baffle boxes also hold the fill securely in place and prevent shifting of the fill.

It is even better if the cover is gusseted throughout its length and breadth.

Sleeping style:

Another very important consideration is your preferred sleeping style. As mentioned earlier, there are different types of fills available. Each type of fill is best suited to some sleeping positions. Firm fills are best for those who sleep on their backs or sides, while stomach sleepers would find softer toppers to be much more comfortable. Moreover, there are fiber mattress toppers that support all types of sleeping positions, but they are pricier.

Body heat:

Some mattress toppers are more breathable than others. Those with better ventilation technology often dissipate body heat much more readily and efficiently. As a result, users sleep very comfortably and do not get hot or sweaty at night. Such mattress toppers are good for all seasons because they maintain an optimal and pleasant temperature in different seasons.


When buying a fiber mattress topper, make sure that the material used in the fill does not have excessive noise. Memory foams are good at reducing noises that otherwise could disturb people who share bedroom space with you.

Pros and Cons of Fiber Mattress Topper

Pros and Cons

Fiber mattress toppers are widely popular because they rejuvenate old mattresses or soften firm ones at a very affordable and reasonable cost. There are many pros associated with these toppers, but it has a few cons too. Below let’s take a look at both.


More affordable

One of the greatest advantages of mattress toppers is their affordability. They are a much cheaper alternative to down and feather mattress toppers. If you are upgrading on a budget, then the fiber mattress topper could be a great choice for you as it gives comfort and plushness without being too heavy on the pocket.


fiber mattress toppers

Down and feather mattress toppers can trigger allergies, especially in people who are sensitive to bird feathers and their smell. Fiber topper mattresses contain no amount of feathers and hence are very hypoallergenic.

They are also often Certi-PUR US-certified for containing no amounts of harmful chemicals like heavy metals, formaldehyde, ozone-depleting elements, etc. The fibers used will not trigger skin or respiratory allergies.

Good pressure point relief:

The softness to support balance in fiber mattress toppers is another great benefit. The fibers provide firmness for support as well as plushness for comfort. Toppers that use memory gel foam provide even better pressure relief to the body’s stressed muscles. These mattress toppers are particularly helpful for neck, back, and hip pain.


High maintenance:

These toppers need to be fluffed regularly for optimal performance. If you slack in fluffing them up even once, they will start to lose their shape and settle down. Depending upon the mattress topper, they could be fluffed by hand or in a dryer. Also, the lifespan of these toppers is shorter than other types.

Limited motion isolation:

The motion isolation in these mattress toppers is not the best. They do not absorb motion or disturbance caused by movement as well as latex mattress toppers or gel foam mattress toppers do. This could be a problem for people who share a bed and are light sleepers, particularly for couples.

Final Verdict: Which are the best Natural Fiber Mattress Toppers

After careful consideration and weighing out the pros and cons, we believe that the MOONCAST Star-CAST 3 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper Is the best fiber mattress topper from amongst our discussed options. It provides the ideal support and comfort, is Certi-PUR US certified, and has a secure fitting. The mattress topper is a good choice for all types of sleepers and is worth the price.

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