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Allswell Mattress Topper Review [2023]

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About Allswell’s Mattress Topper

Allswell 3 inch mattress topper

Allswell is an online bedding brand owned by Walmart. Their business model is based on Affordable luxury.

This certainly applies to the Allswell mattress toppers. They are comfortable but cost less than comparable mattress toppers.

Currently, Allswell sells three memory foam mattress toppers ranging from a budget 2″ topper to a luxury 4″ topper. Below is a quick summary of the toppers with more detail further below.

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What's In This Mattress Topper Review?

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Allswell's Mattress Topper Options

Allswell mattress toppers

1. 2″ Energex Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Graphite

This is Allswell's budget mattress topper. It's made with 2″ Energex foam, a type of memory foam that's cooler and more responsive than standard memory foam.

The Allswell Energex memory foam topper is infused with both graphite and copper gel to keep it cool.

2. 3″ Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Graphite

If you want a memory foam topper with deeper pressure relief and support, we recommend the 3″ Allswell memory foam topper.

It's also a great choice for softening a firm mattress, especially for side sleepers.

The memory foam is infused with graphite to help with heat dissipation.

3. 4″ Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Copper Gel

Prefer a more luxurious feel on your bed? Get the 4″ Allswell memory foam topper. The added thickness makes for a plusher feel. But you still get some support thanks to the 2-layer design.

The 4″ topper is great for side sleepers and heavier folks. The memory foam is infused with copper gel to prevent overheating.

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Allswell Mattress Topper Comparison 

2” Memory foam 3” Memory foam 4” Memory foam
1 layer Energex memory foam with graphite and copper gel 1 layer memory foam with graphite 2 layers of memory foam with copper gel
No cover No cover No cover
Medium comfort Medium comfort Medium-soft comfort
30-day returns and no warranty 30-day returns and no warranty 30-day returns and no warranty
Price (Queen): $98 Price (Queen): $109 Price (Queen): $135

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Allswell Mattress Toppers Review


Allswell mattress toppers construction

All Allswell mattress toppers are made with memory foam. The difference between them is mostly in their thickness and what is infused into the foam.

The 2″ memory foam topper is made with a special type of foam called Energex. Energex foam responds faster than standard memory foam, so you don't get that mushy feel that many memory foam toppers have.

Because of its open cell structure, Energex foam is also cooler than normal memory foam. For added cooling, the 2″ Allswell topper is infused with graphite and copper gel.

The 3″ memory foam topper uses open-cell memory foam. Allswell calls it Coolflow foam. To further improve cooling, the foam is infused with graphite, which draws heat away from your body and dissipates it out of the foam.

The double-layer 4″ memory foam topper also uses Coolflow foam, which improves ventilation and reduces the amount of heat the foam traps.

The 4″ topper is infused with copper gel. Copper has antimicrobial properties, which reduces odours and makes for a more hygienic sleeping surface. Copper is also a great way to dissipate excess body heat.

Notably, none of the Allswell mattress toppers comes with a cover. So make sure you have a deep fitted sheet or a mattress protector to cover the topper. Alternatively, buy a breathable topper cover.


Allswell toppers have a softer than average comfort feel. The 2″ and 3″ toppers have a medium feel while the 4″ topper has a medium-soft feel.

If you want pressure relief without sacrificing support, we recommend the 2″ topper. The thinner profile ensures you don't sink in too deep, especially if you sleep on your back or stomach.

The 3″ topper is a better choice for most side sleepers. The added thickness allows your shoulder and hip to sink deeper into the mattress, which keeps your body and spine aligned.

The 4″ topper is plusher and sinks deeper than the other two toppers. We recommend it for heavier folks that weigh over 230lbs, especially the side sleepers.

All three toppers are ideal for the firm and extra-firm mattresses. If your problem is that your mattress is too soft, none of these toppers will work for you. We recommend a firm foam or latex topper instead.

Comfort & Sleeping Experience

Overall sleeping experience:

All three toppers score highly when it comes to the overall sleeping experience. As long as you choose the right topper for your needs and mattress, you'll find it comfortable.

The area they excel most in is pressure point relief. The memory foam hugs your body and cushions your back and joints against pressure.

Because of their higher than average pressure relief, Allswell mattress toppers are great if you are suffering from back, hip, or shoulder pain.


Allswell toppers cooling experience

Memory foam is not known for its cool nature. Memory foam mattresses, toppers, and pillows tend to overheat.

Allswell mattress toppers are different. While they are not as cool as a latex mattress topper, most people will find them cool enough.

The 2″ topper combines the cooling effects of copper gel and graphite, the 3″ topper contains graphite, and the 4″ topper contains copper gel for cooling.

The type of foam Allswell uses makes a big difference too.

The 2″ topper is made with Energex foam, which has an open structure that maintains good airflow. The 3″ and 4″ toppers both use open-cell memory foam that boost ventilation and heat dissipation.

Read our reviews of the best cooling mattress toppers and pads for other great options.

Motion control

Allswell toppers have little to no motion transfer. The foam absorbs disturbance coming from your partner's side of the bed, ensuring you don't feel anything.

You can use one of Allswell's toppers to reduce the bounciness and motion transfer of a hybrid or innerspring mattress.


Memory foam springs back slowly when you take the weight off it, so don't expect a bouncy experience when you buy an Allswell topper.

This can make sex less pleasant and make it harder to change sleeping positions. But if you are not a big fan of bouncy beds, you'll love Allswell mattress toppers.


Here are the latest Allswell topper prices.

2” Topper 3” Topper 4” Topper
Twin $68 $79 $99
Twin XL Not available $89 Not available
Full $85 $95 $125
Queen $98 $109 $135
King $125 $135 $155

Returns and Warranty

Allswell offers a 30-day return period. Unfortunately, Allswell mattress toppers do not come with a warranty.

Care and Cleaning

Allswell mattress toppers do not come with a cover. Since the toppers themselves are not washable, you can only spot clean. Use mild detergent and warm water to remove stains and dirt spots.

To keep your topper clean, we recommend buying a topper cover or covering the topper with a waterproof mattress protector.

Allswell Toppers Pros and Cons

Allswell memory foam mattress topper


  • Excellent pressure point relief.
  • All toppers sleep cool.
  • Multiple options to choose from.
  • Great prices.


  • No warranty.
  • Not ideal for sleepers looking for a supportive topper.

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Allswell 3 inch mattress topper

It's a bummer that Allswell doesn't offer a warranty for their toppers. But, based on customer reviews, this is not an indication of their longevity. Most customers say the toppers last long without flattening or sagging.

If you are looking for a comfortable and cool memory foam topper at a low price, we highly recommend Allswell.

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  1. Nowhere do I read about the unboxing or unpacking experience, namely that the foam is compacted and does NOT expand to its advertised shape or form. I unboxed the 4 inch product and 6 hrs later it is still NOT expanded. Edges are still compressed and irregular. I’m wondering if this is a bad product?


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