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Best Headphones for Sleeping 2023: Top Picks, Reviews & Buying Guide

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Shopping for the Best Headphones for Sleep?

You’re at the right place!

If you struggle with falling asleep due to interventions like snoring or traffic noises, headphones designed specially to block out noise are what you need. These specialized headphones can help you sleep better.

Such headsets have noise cancellation technology, and some even have an impressive sound masking ability to block any and all unwanted sounds.

Your regular headphones won’t work for this purpose as they aren’t built for it, may even be painful to wear throughout the night, and carry potential risks.

This is why you need headphones specifically designed for sleep. These come in several styles and types, so you can find a pair you’re most comfortable with.

Why Use Headphones for Sleeping?

According to a report by the CDC, people who get less than 7 hours of sleep are at risk of developing diabetes and asthma.

Headphones for sleeping block out noise interventions and help you sleep better.

They can help reduce insomnia and even significantlyimprove the quality of sleep.

Plus, some studies suggest that playing music as you try to sleep can have health benefits like lowered blood rate.

What's In This Buying Guide

This buying guide answers some critical questions about choosing and buying the best headphones.

We first review our top picks and list the pros and cons of each.

Then, to help you narrow down your options, we list the features you need to keep in mind when buying headphones.

You also learn how to use them and why you should opt for headphones over other devices.

In the end, we answer a few FAQs, so you make a well-informed buying decision.

Best Headphones for Sleeping

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  1. Best Overall: Bose QuietComfort 35 II
  2. Best In-ear Headphones: Hearprotek Headphones
  3. Best Headband Headphones: Lavince Sleep Headphones
  4. Best Fast-charging Headphones: Fulext Headband Headphones
  5. Most Comfortable Headset: Perytong Headband Headphones
  6. Best Design: Bose QuietComfort 20
  7. Best Headphones for long Playtime: SuperEQ S2 On-Ear Headset
  8. Best Wireless Earbuds: Bose Sleepbuds II
  9. Best for Side Sleepers: MMUSS Sleep Ultra-Thin Pillow Speakers
  10. Best Headphones for Kids: CozyPhones Headband Headphones
ProductAwardTypeBattery life
Bose QuietComfort 35 II
sleep headphones

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Best OverallOver EarUp to 20 hours
Hearprotek Headphones
sleep headphones

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Best In-ear HeadphonesIn Ear-
Lavince Sleep Headphones
sleep headphones

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Best Headband HeadphonesOver Ear10 hours
Fulext Headband
sleep headphones

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Best Fast-charging HeadphonesOver Ear10 hours
Perytong Headband
sleep headphones

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Most Comfortable HeadsetOver Ear10 hours
Bose QuietComfort 20
sleep headphones

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Best DesignIn Ear16 hours
SuperEQ S2 On-Ear Headset
sleep headphones

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Best Headphones for long PlaytimeOn Ear25 hours
Bose Sleepbuds II
sleep headphones

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Best Wireless EarbudsIn Ear10 hours
MMUSS Sleep Ultra-Thin Pillow Speakers
sleep headphones

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Best Budget headphonesIn Ear-
CozyPhones Headband
sleep headphones

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Best Headphones for KidsOver Ear-

1. Best Overall: Bose QuietComfort 35 II

The Bose QuietComfort 35 II is one of the best headphones for sleeping. They offer world-class noise cancellation for a good listening experience and intervention-free sleep.


  • 3 levels of noise cancellation
  • Alexa enabled
  • Feature a noise-rejecting dual-microphone system
  • Easy Bluetooth pairing and 20 hours of battery life


  • Don’t come with a charging adapter
  • Pricey

Our Review

The Bose QuietComfort headphones have 3 levels of world-class noise cancellation to ensure the best listening experience and block out all noisy distractions. You can adjust the noise cancellation easily either with the Bose app or the action button.

The Bose QuietComfort headphones also have clear sound and voice pick-up thanks to the noise-rejecting dual-microphone system.

This unit is Alexa-enabled for voice access to music, podcasts, etc. Plus, it has Bose AR for an innovative, audio-only version of augmented reality.

It also has volume-optimized EQ that provides a balanced audio performance at every volume level.

2. Best In-ear Headphones: Hearprotek Headphones

The Hearprotek headphones have an innovative and ergonomic design that maximizes comfort and offers effective noise reduction, ensuring that you have an undisturbed sleep.


  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Comfortable soft-silicone construction
  • Sturdy zippered case with carabiner
  • Feature a 3-button in-line remote


  • Tend to fall out during the night
  • Volume controller stops working

Our Review

The Hearprotek headphones have an ergonomically designed double-layer tip shaped according to the ear cavity to maximize comfort. They have a lightweight and ultra-soft silicone construction, so they don’t dig into your ears while sleeping.

The Hearprotek headphones for bed come with a 125 cm extra-long thin wire so that they don’t restrict your movement.

These headphones are perfect for those who have insomnia, those who sleep on their side, and those who tend to snore. They are portable and easy to travel with as they come with a sturdy zippered case with a carabiner.

The Hearprotek headphone features a 3-button in-line remote, so you can play/pause/skip your music and answer calls conveniently.

3. Best Headband Headphones: Lavince Sleep Headphones

The Lavince Headband headphones feature ultra-thin flat headphone speakers that effectively block out noise. Plus, they have an easy control panel.


  • Easy control panel
  • Rechargeable battery with 10-hour playtime
  • Comfortable ultra-thin flat headphone speaker
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking ice silk fabric


  • Volume not loud enough as compared to other headphones
  • Some users complain that it fits too snugly on the head

Our Review

The Lavince sleep headphones have two mini flat speakers embedded in a breathable, super soft material, making them comfortable to wear. They are perfect for those who find other earplugs and headphones painful or uncomfortable in bed.

The Lavince headband headphones are designed with lightweight, luxurious, and moisture-wicking ice silk fabric so that you don’t sleep hot. You can simply wash the band after removing the speakers.

This unit features a conveniently placed and easy-to-use control panel. It also allows you to wirelessly stream audio with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Plus, it is equipped with a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 10 hours on a 2-hour charged battery.

4. Best Fast-charging Headphones: Fulext Headband Headphones

Fulext Headband headphones are equipped with the latest wireless technology for good sound quality. Plus, they are designed to make sure you’re completely comfortable while sleeping.


  • Only a 2-hour charging time
  • Made with washable and breathable material
  • Comfortable design with ultra-thin flat headphone speakers
  • Built-in stereo speakers for sleep and sports


  • Become loose over time
  • Speakers tend to move around while sleeping

Our Review

The Fulext wireless headphones for sleeping are designed with a durable braided cord and have a breathable mesh lining.

They are made using soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic material to ensure comfort throughout the night. The ultra-thin headband has a thickness of just 0.25 inches, making these headphones comfortable for side sleepers, too.

The control module is easy to use and allows you to control your music with just your fingertips.

These Fulext headphones have a built-in microphone and a quality chipset, so you do not miss any calls and enjoy a clear sound and lossless music.

5. Most Comfortable Headset: Perytong Headband Headphones

The Perytong sleep headphones feature a headband design with a headset inside. The unit has ultra-thin speakers and a hassle-free wireless design for simpler and more convenient use.


  • Soft and comfortable construction
  • Equipped with thin built-in speakers
  • Elastic headband fits most head
  • Features Bluetooth 5.2 with fast pairing speed


  • Doesn’t have automatic shutoff after inactivity
  • Button placement isn’t intuitive

Our Review

The Perytong headphones for sleeping are designed with a comfortable and breathable material embedded with thin speakers, making them very comfortable to wear while sleeping. They don’t press against the ear to cause discomfort or pressure.

These headphones have built-in advanced rechargeable lithium batteries that provide a 10-hour playtime and fully charge in 2-2.5 hours.

The Perytong headphones feature Bluetooth 5.2 and use a quality chip, ensuring faster pairing speed, lesser power consumption, lossless music, and clear sound.

6. Best Design: Bose QuietComfort 20

The QuietComfort 20 are Bose’s first in-ear noise-canceling headphones. They feature acoustic noise-canceling technology that reduces distractions in your surroundings, whereas the featured Aware mode lets you tune back into them with the push of a button.


  • Cone-shaped design with a gentle seal for full-spectrum noise reduction
  • Soft, secure and comfortable fit
  • Features Active EQ and TriPort technology for a deep and clear voice
  • Comes with a carrying case for easy portability


  • Expensive
  • No Bluetooth pairing

Our Review

The Bose QuietComfort 20 headphones are available in two styles; one is compatible with only Apple devices while the other is for Android devices.

They are equipped with acoustic noise cancellation technology that blocks environmental interferences for a peaceful sleeping experience.

Plus, the QuietComfort is equipped with Active EQ and TriPort technology that produces lifelike, digital-quality sound.

The advanced ear tip design is soft and offers a secure fit. The cone-shaped design spreads the contact evenly, establishing a gentle seal that contributes to full-spectrum noise reduction and ensures maximum comfort.

Along with the headphones, you get ear tips in three sizes (S, M, L) and a carry case for portability.

7. Best Headphones With Long Playtime: SuperEQ S2 On-Ear Headset

The SuperEQ S2 On-Ear headphones have noise cancellation technology that blocks ambient sounds and provides an immersive listening experience. With the wired noise-canceling mode, the SuperEQ provides playtime of up to 45 hours.


  • Built-in high-quality 40mm Neodymium magnet drivers for impressive sound quality
  • Lightweight and portable build
  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Flexible on-ear design naturally adjusts to fit various head sizes


  • Non-intuitive power button placement
  • Doesn’t show any low battery warnings

Our Review

The SuperEQ S2 headset is equipped with an active noise cancellation digital audio processing system and a Qualcomm 3003 chip that captures and reduces ambient noise up to 75% in real-time. It features 3 CVC 8.0 noise-canceling mics that improve call quality by suppressing external noise.

The SuperEQ S2 has a premium breathable protein leather ear cup and lightweight construction, so you don’t feel hot and stuffy while wearing the headset throughout the night.

It is equipped with high-quality 40mm Neodymium magnet drivers for high sound quality.

Plus, the playtime for the S2 depends on the mood you choose. The headset can run for 45 hours on wired noise-canceling mode, 25 hours on Bluetooth mode, and 18 hours on Bluetooth noise-canceling mode.

8. Best Wireless Earbuds: Bose Sleepbuds II

Designed exclusively for sleeping, the Sleepbuds II delivers relaxing and noise-masking sounds that help you fall asleep quickly and ensure you have a peaceful sleeping experience.


  • Masking sounds combined with the noise-blocking design ensure a good night’s sleep
  • Soft silicone ear tips ensure maximum comfort
  • Playtime of 10 hours per charge
  • Simple and intuitive app plays relaxing sounds


  • Easy to lose in bed as they tend to fall off the ear
  • Sound quality can be better

Our Review

The Bose Sleepbuds II offers an excellent solution for those with sleeping troubles. They are designed with innovative noise-masking technology and are user-tested to help you fall asleep faster.

The Sleepbuds headphones for sleep combine the noise blocking design of the buds with noise-masking technology to counter unwanted disturbances. You can operate the Sleepbuds via a simple app and access the sound library of 50 specially curated sounds.

With the Sleepbuds app, you can download your favorite audio, control the volume, and access features like a personal alarm.

The Bose Sleepbuds headphones come with three sizes of proprietary ear tips made with soft silicone. Plus, they have a battery life of up to 10 hours per charge.

9. Best for Side Sleepers: MMUSS Sleep Ultra-Thin Pillow Speakers Headphones

The MMUSS pillow speaker headphones are designed especially for side sleepers, and their unique and carefully developed design ensures the utmost comfort for their users. Moreover, these headphones are pretty low-budget, making them great and affordable for everyone.


  • Soft and comfortable design
  • Perfect for side sleepers
  • Durable braided cord and sturdy stereo plug
  • Affordable


  • Not the best sound quality
  • The cord is a bit too long

Our Review

The MMUSS speaker headphones have 3mm ultra-thin speakers and a flexible and durable braided cord. With careful use, these headphones will last you a long time, and the cord will not kink, twist or break.

They are the perfect alternative for side sleepers who find using earbuds in bed uncomfortable and painful. You can also use them in place of headband headphone speakers.

10. Best Headphones for Kids: CozyPhones Headband Headphones

CozyPhones headband headphones are an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable alternative for kids. These headphones are compatible with most cell phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices.


  • Flexible and durable 52-inch braided cord
  • Soft and washable headband
  • Equipped with speakers limited to 90 dB for hearing protect
  • Adorable design available in multiple colors (blue, pink, purple & white)


  • You need to readjust the speakers a lot
  • Average sound quality

Our Review

These CozyPhones headphones provide a kid-friendly alternative to bulk over-ear and uncomfortable in-ear headphones. They are made with soft fleece material, so they are comfortable and easily washable.

These headband headphones feature volume-limiting technology that keeps the sound levels within 90 dB to cater to the volume requirements of children.

The CozyPhones headphones are equipped with noise reduction technology to ensure a disturbance-free night’s sleep. Their foldable and lightweight design makes them easy to travel with.

Headphones for Sleeping: Buying Guide

What Are Sleep Headphones – and How Do They Work?

Headphones for sleeping are primarily designed to block out environmental noise, snoring, and interventions that disturb your sleep.

Active noise cancellation headphones operate by creating an ‘anti-noise’ sound wave that cancels out any unwanted disturbances by interfering with them.

Meanwhile, passive noise-canceling headphones block the sound waves as a result of their material construction. They do not cancel out noise waves like the ANC headphones.

Types of Sleep Headphones

Sleep headphones can be categorized based on their design. The different kinds include:


This type of headphones wraps around your head, and the cups cover your ear. This is a traditional style that tends to be quite bulky, which is why over-ear headphones are not commonly used for sleeping.


These headphones are similar to over-ear headphones but are smaller. Plus, they sit on top of the ears rather than completely cupping them.


In-ear headphones are commonly called earbuds. As the name suggests, these headphones sit in the ear canal. They are quite compact and well-suited for sleeping.


These headphones essentially are headbands that encase the speakers. They have extra padding around the ear and can be quite comfortable to wear.


Such headphones are connected to a device via a cord, be it a phone, tablet, or any other device. This cord isn’t the safest or most convenient when you’re sleeping, as it can potentially strangle you or make you uncomfortable when you change positions.


Wireless headphones use Bluetooth pairing to connect to any device. Some wireless headphones have a cord connecting the two earpieces. They tend to have shorter battery life and need to be charged frequently.

Why Buy Sleep Headphones over Other Sleep Gadgets?

Sleep headphones, regardless of their design and style, do an excellent job of canceling noise. Some even mask the noise with soothing sounds.

They are great for light sleepers, insomniacs, and those who experience frequent sleep disturbances.

They help improve your sleep quality and make sure you fall asleep quickly, so you can get the recommended eight hours of sleep.

Other sleep gadgets like white noise machines and soothing pillows also help you sleep, but they might disturb your partner, which is why headphones are the ideal choice.

How to Use Headphones for Sleeping

Once you wear the headphones for sleeping, connect the headphones to your phone via Bluetooth or plug them into the headphone jack.

Then choose anything soothing from music to masking sound from the headphone app or play it from your own music library.

Just make sure to keep the volume levels low to prevent damage to your hearing.

What to Look for in Headphones for Sleep

A few features to consider when looking for headphones for sleep include:


The price of sleep headphones is determined by various factors, including the technology it uses.

Sleep headphones can range between $30 and $300.

Products with exceptional audio quality, top-class noise-cancellation, and noise-masking features are naturally very expensive, while budget options have standard features.


Sleep headphones are available in different styles, defined by their shape and fit on the air.

Make sure you consider your preferences and your preferred sleeping position to find a style that works best for you.


The headphones you invest in should have sturdy and durable construction so they can withstand wear and tear.

Plus, the material for the headband and ear tips should be soft silicone, so they aren’t painful to wear.

Noise Reduction

Pay attention to how much noise reduction a pair of headphones offers before you invest in it. Take into consideration the technology used – is it passive noise cancelation or active noise cancelation? Knowing this can help you make the best decisions according to your need.


Finding comfortable sleeping headphones should be your prime focus.

The comfort of headphones depends primarily upon the style, weight, and material. It is crucial to assess Your needs and choose a product that fits most comfortably.


Headband headphones are ideal for sleeping since they are very comfortable, effectively block noise, and work best for back and side sleepers.

Just make sure the headband is made of breathable material so that you don’t get uncomfortable throughout the night.


Make sure you avoid heavy headphones as they can make you quite uncomfortable. Lightweight headphones offer more convenience and comfort and are the ideal choice.

Cord Length

The cord of your headphones should be long enough to give enough distance between your device and the headphones, but it should not be too long. A longer cord is more likely to get tangles.


It is best to opt for headphones backed by a warranty as it gives you added protection and surety of the unit’s durability. Most headphones have a 1-2-year warranty.

Pros and Cons

Still not sure if you should invest in headphones for sleeping? Here are their pros and cons to help you decide better:


  • Help people fall asleep quicker
  • Improve sleep quality and help reduce insomnia
  • Relaxing sounds and music decrease blood pressure and lower heart rate
  • Designed to be comfortable


  • Good-quality headphones can be expensive
  • Wearing headphones while sleeping may prevent people from hearing sounds like fire alarms or children crying throughout the night

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Headphones Last?

How long a pair of headphones will last depends upon their quality of construction.

A cheaply-made headphone set will only last you a few months, whereas a well-designed, high-quality headset may last you for 5-10 years, depending upon the usage. Good-quality products are usually backed by a warranty, which adds to their durability.

Are Noise Cancelling Headphones Safe to Use?

Yes, noise-canceling headphones are perfectly safe to use and pose no threats to your health. Contrary to common belief, they do not emit radiation, unlike our mobile phones.

Why Do Noise Cancelling Headphones Feel Like They Are Applying Pressure?

When you put on noise-canceling headphones, you may feel almost like they are putting pressure on your ears. This is because, much like when you ascend in an airplane, your brain perceives the absence of low-frequency sound as a difference in pressure between your inner and outer ear.

Do Noise Cancelling Headphones Damage Ears?

No, noise-canceling headphones do not damage your ears or affect your hearing negatively. Some people may hear a slightly irritating hissing sound when they turn on their active noise cancellation, but even the hissing sound is not harmful.

Final Verdict: What is the Best Headphone for Sleeping?

Out of all the products that we reviewed in this guide, we firmly believe that the Bose QuietComfort 35 II is the best headphone for sleeping.

It offers 3 distinct levels of noise cancellation, ensuring the best sleep experience.

Moreover, this headphone set also has a noise-rejecting dual-microphone system for a clear voice pickup.

But, since everybody’s sleeping habits are different, what’s best for us might not be the best for you. So, make sure you go through our list again to find headphones that meet your needs.


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