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Best Alexa Ambient Sounds for Sleep 2023: Top Picks, Reviews & Buying Guide

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Weary of counting sheep at night in vain attempts of falling asleep?

It’s time to upgrade your sleeping routine.

We can all relate to the struggles of continuously lying in bed for long dreadful hours, with our minds racing and eyes wide open, trying with everything in us to be able to fall asleep.

Maybe it’s the tedious work schedule taking a toll on your mind or the anxiety of a new day at school? Or is it a poor sleeping environment dominated by unwanted noises and external commotion?

Whatever it, let’s be honest, you’re just looking for a fool-proof solution, and the Alexa Ambient Sleep Sounds is undoubtedly a great option!

Amazon’s Alexa is a smart home device that boasts numerous high-quality soundtracks to give you a peaceful night's sleep.

Whether you enjoy soft sounds or rhythmic tunes, Alexa sleep sounds have you sorted.

These ambient sounds are tuned into a pleasant pitch that lowers your stress levels, decreases anxiety to help ease your mind, and blocks all the undesirable noises around you.

Apart from guaranteeing undisturbed sleep, these sounds also help you relax and focus when working or meditating.

Ranging from a nature lover’s favorite rain and ocean sounds to shower or fireplace sounds, our list of Alexa sleep sounds will help you break free from your home and escape to the most tranquil of places.

Curious to know more?

Stick with us till the end.

What's In This Buying Guide

This buying guide provides a comprehensive outlook on Alexa Ambient Sounds for sleep.

We have listed some of the most popular sound choices that are bound to become your top Alexa sounds pick the next time you struggle to fall asleep.

You also learn how to enable Ambient Sounds in the Alexa App.

In the end, we list some benefits of relaxing sounds and tunes.

Best Alexa Ambient Sounds for Sleep

  1. Rain Sounds
  2. Thunderstorm Sounds
  3. Ocean Sounds
  4. Waterfall Sounds
  5. Babbling Brook
  6. Seaside Sounds
  7. Fireplace Sounds
  8. Wind in the Trees
  9. White Noise
  10. Rainforest Sounds

1. Rain Sounds

alexa sleep sounds

Miss those childhood days when you could go outside, play, and soak in the rain?

With the Alexa rain sounds, you can experience this sensation again.

Listening to the constant patter of rain is one of the most serene noises that can actually convince you into believing it’s raining outside.

Cascading in a rhythmic, predictable pattern, with a mixture of high and low frequencies, rain sounds are categorized as pink sounds that aid one in enjoying a deeper, rested and more peaceful night’s sleep.

This rain soundtrack mainly filters out any harsh or rowdy surrounding noises using rain sounds, so you can relish in the soft, light shower of raindrops falling on the pavements and streets.

However, our Amazon Alexa sleep sounds list offers several variations to rain sounds, where you can choose if you want to hear a light pitter-patter or heavy torrents.

For some, the tapping of raindrops on a tin roof might be a preference, whereas camping enthusiasts might be inclined towards the sound of rain on a tent.

2. Thunderstorm Sounds

amazon echo sleep sounds

If you’re on the lookout for something much more penetrating and powerful than rainfall, you might want to try out the thunderstorm sounds. This soundtrack is loaded with deep grumbles and growls of thunder and might also include rainfall.

Although you might believe that thunderclaps combined and an aggressive storm is not the right choice for a peaceful sleep, here’s something that might change your mind.

The distant rumble of thunder complemented with a heavy downpour of rain sounds can connect you to nature. This connection forms an association in mind, invoking nostalgic memories and relaxation.

The roars of thunder and lightning induce a sense of wellbeing, safety, and comfort; pair it up with a snuggle in your warm bed, and your mind takes a sigh of relief.

Thunder therapy has recently emerged as a notable sleep aid because such sounds relax our psyche and reduce the stimulation of the fight or flight response.

3. Ocean Sounds

alexa ambient sounds

Water sounds have their own specific touch of calmness and placidity. Amongst them, the lapping and crashing of ocean waves have emerged as a favorite choice for sleepers.

The slow movement of water against a rock or the sand followed by quiet intervals is undoubtedly heavenly. As the water waves wash over our ears, they drown out all unwanted frequencies, appearing as a single, static, soothing sound.

Ocean sounds have been traced to show that such soothing sounds actually allow your brains to drift into a state of meditation. This significantly contributes to lowering stress levels, battling anxiety, and improving mood.

The slow, whooshing whispers of water shush out less attractive sounds to give you a sense of safety and harmony.

Featuring little variation in volume, the crashing waves of water seem less disruptive and lean more towards the gentler, softer side.

4. Waterfall Sounds

sleep and relaxation sounds alexa

Water sounds are not just restricted to the oceans and the beach. Flowing water has its own appeal to the mind, and waterfalls possess an unbeatable charm.

The ripple of water surfacing over rocks and cliffs can be distinctly heard, along with a splashing, burbling sound as it cascades inevitably from a tremendous height. The Alexa Waterfall sound gives a similar sensation as owning a little waterfall in your backyard or garden.

Waterfalls have always been a grand gesture in nature’s beauty because of their grandeur and magical feel.

Hearing the sounds of water moving or falling induces a rush of neurotransmitters in the brain (predominantly serotonin and dopamine) that give you a sensation of happiness and enhanced mood.

Scientific evidence also suggests that waterfalls release negative ions that our body perceives as positive energy and cause a flood of serotonin to help us feel calmer, rested, and peaceful for the night.

5. Babbling Brook

alexa sleep sounds list

Another variation to water sounds is the babbling brook or water stream sounds.

This Alexa night sound mimics water gushing over rocks in a stream. The quiet, continuous water splashing feels like a soft hum to the ears as you imagine yourself sitting by the side of a stream in the woods.

Listening to a repetitive sound, such as moving water, induces light hypnosis, increases blood flow to the vital organs in your body, consequently giving way to relaxation and drowsiness.

True nature-lovers will find great fascination in the babbling brook because the sound feels familiar to flowing water streams.

Such a soothing sound confers positive health benefits by reducing stress and inducing a tranquil feeling. Allowing your body to fall into this state of relaxation will feel like you’re in nature’s arms at all times.

The rippling, sloshing, and burbling of water activates the rest-digest response of the body, and, as a result, sleep comes easy. In addition to this, moving water sounds are great for meditation and for kicking out anxiety, depression, etc.

6. Seaside Sounds

amazon alexa sleep sounds list

Can’t spare enough time to visit the beach? It’s a good call to bring the seaside into your bedroom with this Alexa soothing sound.

Combining the slow crashing of waves on the shore and the sound of seagulls in the air will enrich your bedtime relaxation. The gentle resonance of waves sets the perfect ambient atmosphere to guarantee a peaceful night’s sleep.

The seaside presents its own symphony of music, and you’re bound to fall in love with it.

As the sound of the sea drowns your ears, it blocks out all disturbing external noise. The alternative whoosh of waves and the silence that follows will draw in your brain and allow it to drift off into a sleeping state.

From a physiological viewpoint, our brain deeply processes nature sounds and perceives them as highly relaxing and mood-lightening triggers.

7. Fireplace Sounds

sleep sounds alexa

Humans have long since been drawn towards the fire, learning to use it for warmth, cooking, and defense, and, now, for sound therapy.

Fireplace sounds are a highly realistic imitation of a campfire. With Alexa ambient sounds for sleep, you can now enjoy a roaring fire sound without the hassle of collecting wood and cleaning soot.

We’d describe this sound like a soft crackling, followed by the occasional crisp snapping of twigs and dried branches. The effect is so convincing that it can serve as a reminder of bonfire nights and camping adventures.

Nothing warms the soul like a raging fireplace, making this sound the perfect match for wintry and lonely nights.

The sharp crackling sound activates the most primitive feelings of safety, comfort, and warmth in our brain, making it easier to fall asleep.

Our minds become so occupied and absorbed in the fire sounds that it sets the mind off its guard. As a result, this calms you down, reduces anxiety and stress, and puts you to sleep easily.

8. Wind in the Trees

best alexa sleep sounds

One of our absolute favorites is the sound of wind rustling in the trees. There’s even a fancy word for this one – psithurism. This sound feels more like a walk in the countryside or the woods as the trees provide the wind with a way to be heard.

In case you live in a hot, summer climate, these hums can give you the sensation of windy weather outside.

Now, who wouldn’t love that?

The ruffling of leaves on a breezy night, paired up with the whispery blows of wind, is a great way to unwind your mind before sleeping. This persuades your body into entering a state of profound composure as you traverse into a windy forest setting.

Your mind eases and forgets the entire day’s stress by silencing all kinds of displeasing noises.

Since the clarity of the whistle and the whoosh of air is greatly appreciable, we believe that the sound of winds is very restorative. Windchime sounds can also be a source of peace because of their resonance and high frequencies.

9. White Noise

amazon sleep sounds

If you’re a light sleeper or face sleeping disorders, white noise might be just what you need. Sound is color-coded into pinks, browns, whites, blues, etc., based on the power spectrum of noise.

White noise usually consists of all audible frequency sounds played at equal intensity. Such a steady and unvarying sound is balanced out at a single intensity, making it a valuable sleeping aid. This noise is effective for drowning out surrounding sounds that might disrupt your sleep.

No more waking up in the middle of the night from next-door party sounds or car horns in your street. White noise creates a blanket to mask sudden sound changes from low to high ones, promising you quicker and uninterrupted sleep at night.

Some white noises include oscillating fan sounds, TV static hum, or the constant hissing of a radiator or AC.

However, if you’re more into lower sound frequencies, pink noise might help decrease brain activity and enhance sleep quality.

10. Rainforest Sounds

alexa sounds

Not everyone has had the opportunity of visiting a rainforest, but it’s safe to say that you can relish the Alexa sounds for a similar experience.

Rainforest sounds are an amalgam of mind-soothing tunes, including nature’s finest collection. You can hear the sharp chirp of birds, humming of insects, and gentle trod of animals teeming in the forest.

With the wind and water co-existing in one ecosystem, this Alexa ambient sound soothes your ears with light wind strokes and dripping water from leaves.

As you dive into a different world, rainforest sounds are bound to take you far from the city into nature’s nest. These sounds exclude squeaky or high-pitched tones and place more emphasis on creating a tropical atmosphere on a rainy night in the jungle.

Being closer to nature evokes a feeling of goodness, positivity, and bliss, making your brain feel comforted and peaceful. This is essential for good sleep to lower tension and keep the sympathetic system at bay.

How to Enable Ambient Sounds in Alexa App

what sleep sounds can alexa play

Not tech-savvy? Don’t worry; we have you covered.

To enable Alexa night sounds, start by adding a new skill in the app.

Simply open up the Alexa app on your smartphone or device, and tap the Menu icon. Then, select ‘Skills & Games’, and a search bar will pop up on the screen.

Here, you can search for the skill you want to add, such as Sleep Sounds, Ambient Sounds, etc. Tap the ‘Enable to Use’ button, sit back and enjoy.

It’s that easy!

And here’s the kicker – it can get even easier! All you need to do is say, ‘Alexa, enable skill (name the particular skill you want to add).’

So, for instance, the sound skills can be Relaxing Sounds, Sleep Sounds, Ambient Sounds, Nature Sounds, and so on.

Each skill comprises individual sounds such as rain, white noise, oceans, thunderstorms, and the list goes on. Once you access the skill, you will see a full-fledged list of sounds, so you can freely choose whatever suits your preference.

Once you enable the desired skill, say, ‘Alexa, play skill (name the skill here),’ or you can directly ask for a specific sound, like ‘Alexa, play rain/fireplace/beach sounds’ etc.

The sound is programmed to play for 60 minutes, but you can choose the time frame as per your needs.

The Amazon Sleep Sounds also offer an option to loop the soundtrack for continuous repetition, or you can set a timer by saying, ‘Alexa, stop in 6 hours or put an immediate end by saying, ‘Alexa, stop.’

Benefits of Alexa Ambient Sounds

sleep sounds alexa list

This might seem surprising, but the therapeutic effects of Alexa soothing sounds are not just limited to sleep. These sounds target one’s mind to promote a sense of calmness and serenity.

With a simple Alexa command, you can bid farewell to all those unwanted noises in your surroundings.

Other benefits of Alexa ambient sounds include:


We might not observe it often, but sounds definitely have a huge impact on us.

Traffic noise in a suburb or the drilling sound from the house next door do not go unnoticed by the brain. Such noise pollution ends up making us cranky, disturbed, and restless.

To improve focus and concentration, background ambient music can help block out all unwanted clamor.

Ambient sounds boost creativity, mental attentiveness, productivity, and, ultimately, work satisfaction.

Listening to familiar sounds of nature or white noise enhances cognitive function and concentration, bringing out the best in you.

So, the next time you’re writing, working, studying, or editing, try Alexa sounds.

Anxiety and Stress Relief

Have you ever wondered why humans resort to the countryside or take a walk in the woods when they’re feeling stressed out?

It’s as simple as this – the ambient sounds in nature’s surroundings are a great stress-buster. The chirping of bird's leaves rustling in the wind or the sound of water babbling down a stream have an uplifting effect on our psyche.

Anxiety and high stress levels are usually associated with over activity of the sympathetic nervous system.

This is where ambient sounds come into play.  They allow the brain to relax and help you calm down by inactivating the fight-or-flight response and increasing the parasympathetic activity in your mind, enabling your body to loosen up, decrease the heart rate, and combat stress and anxiety.

Alexa soothing sounds are purpose-built to give you a sense of safety and consistency.


As your body relaxes and goes into a composed state, you become more grounded and empathic.

Relaxing sounds have a subtle effect in improving mood and emotions because they influence the release of dopamine, a brain chemical involved in mood regulation and emotional empathy.

By connecting to nature sounds, you basically invoke your most primitive nature of kindness, positivity, compassion, generosity, and creativity.

Falling Asleep

Tossing and turning over in your bed not only leads to restless nights but can also be the leading contribution to morning grumpiness and tiredness.

And no one wants that.

Good sleep is important for brain functioning, memory, preventing heart diseases, improved mood, lower stress, and a healthy metabolism.

Alexa night sounds are a promising solution to shut off your mind for a few hours so that you get a decent sleep.

With a consistent and static soundtrack playing in the background, our minds recognize them as non-threatening and non-invasive sounds. This inactivates the sympathetic system, and your stress levels decline to give you peace of mind.

Once the brain relaxes, you eventually stop worrying about trivial matters and drift off to dreamland. The Amazon Alexa sleep sounds’ list comprises a rich array of sounds to choose from, each of them effective in generating soothing tunes and masking out disturbing external noises.

This not only helps to fall asleep faster but makes sure you enjoy undisturbed sleep throughout the night.

Depression Relief

sleep sounds alexa list

Sound therapy has proved to achieve a state of relaxation and improve mental health.

Alexa ambient sounds are a complete package of calming sound loops that help improve mood and energy.

If you’re feeling a bit low, a relaxing sound can help release dopamine and serotonin to rejuvenate your body and give you an energy kick to get through the day.

You can also achieve significant reductions in depression, pain, anxiety, and stress with a tranquil background sound that helps you escape from your confines and take shelter in nature’s arms.

Final Verdict

Overall, Amazon sleep sounds is an appeasing and all-encompassing collection that is highly effective and diverse. We strongly believe that choosing a sound all comes down to personal preferences, based on what you find, helps ease your mind, and you’ll be glad to know that Alexa has something to offer to everyone.

But, we must mention that nature sounds such as rain falling, ocean waves crashing, rustling leaves, flowing water, or crackling fire are popular choices and seem to work best in ensuring you enjoy a good night’s sleep.


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