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Best Nasal Dilators 2023: Top Picks, Reviews & Buying Guide

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Shopping for a nasal dilator, nose vent, or external nose strips?

You’ve come to the right place.

Sleeping well through the night is an essential aspect of our physical and mental well-being. However, breathing troubles caused by nasal congestion can make it quite difficult.

My husband snores and it can make him really grumpy in the morning. Snoring also causes nasal congestion, negatively impacting your sleep and can leave you tired throughout the day.

Deviated septums are another breathing issue that nasal dilators can help with.

In this guide, we cover the best nasal dilators and nose strips sold today and answer all of your questions.

What's in this Buying Guide

In this guide, we review and recommend the best nasal dilators on the market for a range of specific needs.

We then discuss the types of dilators sold and their pros/cons.

Finally, we discuss what to look for when buying a dilator, and answer a few frequently asked questions.

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Best Nasal Dilators

  1. Best Reusable Nasal Strips: Breathe Right Clear Nasal Strips
  2. Best Internal Nasal Dilator: Best Breathe Anatomical Nasal Dilator
  3. Best Extra-Strong Nasal Strips: Breathe Right Extra Nasal Strips
  4. Best Value Nasal Dilator: Mobi Lock Nose Relief Nasal Dilator
  5. Best Internal Nasal Dilator For Snoring: Rhinomed Mute Anti Snoring Aid Solution
  6. Best Nose Vents for Snoring: Bastion Nose Vents
  7. Best Nasal Dilator for a Deviated Septum: Airmax nasal dilator
  8. Most Comfortable Nose Vents: Vamotto Nose Vents

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Product Our OpinionSizeMaterial
Breathe Right Clear Nasal strips
best nasal dilator

See Price on Amazon

Best Reusable Nasal StripsS/M/L-
Best Breathe Nasal Dilator
best nasal dilator

See Price on Amazon

Best Internal DilatorXS/S/M/L/XL/XXLSilicone-like medical material
Breathe Right Extra Nasal Strip
best nasal dilator

See Price on Amazon

Best Extra-Strong Nasal StripsOne size only-
Mobi Lock Nose Relief Nasal Dilator
best nasal dilator

See Price on Amazon

Best Value Internal DilatorS/M/L/XLSoft Silicone
Rhinomed Mute Anti Snoring Aid Solution
best nasal dilator

See Price on Amazon

Best Internal Dilator For SnoringS/M/L‎Medical-Grade Polymer
Snore Baston Anti Snoring Nose Vent
best nasal dilator

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Best Nose Vents for SnoringS/M/LMedical-Grade Silicone
Airmax nasal dilator
best nasal dilator

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Best Dilator for Deviated SeptumS/MMedical plastic
Vamotto Nose Vents
best nasal dilator

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Most Comfortable Nose VentsS/M/LSilicon and soft plastic

1. Best Reusable Nasal Strips: Breathe Right Clear Nasal strips

do nasal dilators really work

Simple, effective, and efficient would be the best way to describe these Breathe Right nasal strips. These strips have a clear band and are gentler on the skin as compared to other available options.


  • Provide quick relief from nasal congestion
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Come in a pack of six (60 strips in total)
  • Available in small/medium or large size


  • Come loose after a few hours
  • Tend to leave a sticky residue once you take them off

Our Review

The Breathe Right clear nasal strips provide quick relief from nasal congestion and are clinically proven to reduce snoring.

They are the drug-free solution to snoring and help you breathe better for a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep throughout the night.

These strips have a clear band which makes them less noticeable than other available options. They are specially designed to work for people with sensitive skin as they are easy to take off and don’t cause irritation.

You can get them in a pack of six with 60 strips at a pretty affordable price.

2. Best Internal Nasal Dilator: Best Breathe Anatomical Nasal Dilator

best nasal dilator

The Best Breathe Anatomical Nasal Dilator is designed to fit securely and comfortably in your nasal cavity to improve airflow. It has high-quality construction, and it is available in different sizes.


  • Available in 5 different sizes from XS to XXL
  • Constructed of soft, high-quality silicone-like medical material
  • Easy to clean
  • Internal winding and anatomical design improve airflow through the nose


  • Anti-slip little blocks on the design can slightly irritate the nose
  • Difficult to find the right size

Our Review

In our opinion, the Best Breathe Anatomical Nasal Dilator is the best-designed internal nasal dilator.

Its anatomical shape allows it to better fit your nasal cavity and will not fall out even during sports. It is an effective remedy to improve breathing and airflow, reduce snoring, and ensure peaceful sleep and enhanced physical performance.

The Best Breathe nasal dilator is made of high-quality silicone-like medical material that is soft and comfortable to wear.

It is easy to clean the dilator with water and soap and reuse it. It comes with a storage box so you can carry it around and a multilingual leaflet that explains how to use it correctly.

3. Best Extra-Strong Nasal Strips: Breathe Right Extra Nasal Strips

nasal valves for snoring

Breathe Right Extra nasal strips are designed with a strong band, so they don’t come off during the night. They effectively and instantly remove nasal congestion for a comfortable breathing experience.


  • Designed with flexible and extra-strong spring-like band
  • Reduces nasal congestion and snoring
  • Comes in a value pack with 72 strips
  • Doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue


  • Removing the strips abruptly may irritate sensitive skin as it has strong adhesive
  • Pricey

Our Review

Breathe Right Extra nasal strips can effectively and efficiently relieve nasal congestion due to cold, allergies, etc. They provide a drug-free solution to reduce snoring and ensure better sleep.

These nasal strips are built with an extra spring-like band that opens your nostrils and helps you breathe better.

These strips are designed to be 50% stronger than regular nasal strips and have better adhesion for a secure fit that stays on throughout the night.

The Breathe Right Extra nasal strips are perfect for those tired of their strips coming off during sleep. They are available in a pack of 72 strips.

4. Best Value Nasal Dilator: Mobi Lock Nose Relief Nasal Dilator

internal nasal dialator

The Mobi Lock Nose Relief Dilator has a soft and comfortable medical-grade silicone design. It maximizes airflow to the nostrils to reduce breathing struggles and ensure an excellent sleeping experience. And the price is hard to beat.


  • Offers a lifetime money-back guarantee
  • Smartly designed to have a secure fit
  • Made from soft medical-grade silicone
  • Comes with a reusable storage box


  • Takes time to get used to
  • Finding the right size takes trial and error

Our Review

This Mobi Lock nasal dilator has a medical-grade silicone construction and is quite soft. It gently widens the nostrils to remove any airway resistance and improve breathing. It enables a better sleeping experience and reduces snoring.

The soft and convenient construction ensures a comfortable wear experience and makes sure you don’t experience any irritation or itching.

The Mobi Lock nasal dilator comes with a reusable storage case that keeps your dilator clean, hygienic, germ-free, and dust-free.

5. Best Internal Nasal Dilator For Snoring: Rhinomed Mute Anti Snoring Aid Solution

Rhinomed Mute internal nasal dilators are smartly designed to improve breathing & reduce snoring. It has a flexible and lightweight design that you can reuse several times.


  • Easy to use
  • Proven to increase airflow by an average of 38% as compared to nasal strips
  • Reusable up to ten times
  • Flexible and lightweight design


  • Tends to come off easily during the night

Our Review

The Rhinomed Mute is designed with medical-grade polymer and is quite comfortable to wear. It is completely latex and drug-free. Its construction is lightweight and features adjustable nostril stents.

Compared to nasal strips, studies suggest that the Rhinomed Mute increases airflow through the nose by an average of 38%.

The Rhinomed Mute anti-snoring device comes in three different sizes. The trial pack consists of all three sizes, so it’s best to start with that so that you can find the ideal size.

75% of verified users reported reduced snoring, whereas 78% reported improved breathing throughout the night.

6. Best Nose Vents for Sleep Apnea: Bastion Nose Vents

nasal dilators for snoring

The Bastion nose vents provide instant relief from snoring and are one of the best options for sleep apnea patients. They are available in a variety of sizes to choose from and have premium-quality silicone construction.


  • Designed from medical-grade silicone
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Comes with a useful user manual
  • Easy to carry around


  • Pricey

Our Review

The Snore Bastion nose vents are made from medical-grade, odor-free silicone. They come in a pack of 12 and are available in four shapes.

They are clinically proven to improve nasal breathing and oxygen saturation, and they reduce snoring to improve your sleep quality.

The Bastion nose vents come with a storage box so that you do not misplace them. It comes with an informative user manual on how to use the nasal opener properly.

7. Best Nasal Dilator for a Deviated Septum: Airmax Nasal Dilator

nasal dilator

The Airmax nasal dilator is designed by ENT (ear, nose, throat) specialists and aerospace engineers to optimize airflow and increase your oxygen levels. It counteracts nasal congestion and improves breathing.


  • Helps reduce snoring and improve sleep quality
  • Lasts up to 3 months
  • Helps people with nasal congestion, a deviated septum or narrow airways
  • Available in a trial package with 2 sizes


  • Difficult to put in
  • Only available in two sizes

Our Review

This Airmax nasal dilator dilates the narrowest part of the nose and improves airflow during inhalation and exhalation. It has been carefully developed and tested by ENT specialists and aerospace engineers. It is also recommended by specialists and is ISO 13485, FDA and CE certified.

It comes in a trial pack with two sizes, so you can test out both and determine which one works best for you. The Airmax Nasal Dilator lasts for up to 3 months.

8. Most Comfortable Nose Vents: Vamotto Nose Vents

internal nasal dialator

The Vamotto anti-snoring nose vents are designed according to the natural shape of your nostrils. This makes these nose vents quite comfortable to wear. They are available in several sizes and are safe and convenient to wear.


  • Comfortable PE food-grade plastic and silicone construction
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • It comes with a storage box
  • Simple and durable design


  • Pricey considering you end up paying for several sizes, but you only use one

Our Review

Comfortable and effective internal nasal dilators are hard to find. The Vamotto nose vents are designed according to your nostril shape, which ensures a good fit.

They are highly comfortable to wear as they are designed with soft plastic and silicone.

The Vamotto nose vents come in two styles and four sizes, so they are suitable for everyone, be it men and women, young and old.

Plus, the nose vents come with a storage box so that you don’t lose them.

Nasal Dilator Buying Guide

best nasal dilator for deviated septum

What is a Nasal Dilator – and How Does it Work?

Nasal dilators are contraptions that mechanically open up the nasal passageway to improve airflow. They reduce the resistance experienced by the airflow to ensure a better breathing experience.

They effectively reduce snoring caused by blocked nasal passageways.

Nasal dilators are primarily of two types; internal and external.

An external nasal dilator is essentially a strip bent across the surface of your nose, and as the strip tries to straighten itself out using a springboard action, it will dilate your nostrils and improve airflow.

An internal nasal dilator is placed inside your nose. It is designed to reach the narrow part of your nose and gently pushes and dilates the passageways to optimize airflow.

However, they aren’t just used to prevent snoring.

People also use them while playing sports or during their workouts to optimize breathing and improve their physical performance.

Types of Nasal Dilators

nose strips for snoring reviews

Nasal dilators are of two kinds:


As the name suggests, internal nasal dilators are inserted inside the nose to gently push open the nostrils.

They are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including nasal cones, vents, clips, prongs, and stents.

Internal dilators are better than external dilators when it comes to breathing efficiency.


External nasal dilators, also called nasal strips, help improve breathing efficiency and reduce snoring.

Nasal dilators stick to the surface of the nose. Professional athletes often use nasal strips as they allow them to breathe better and improve their performance.

Why Buy a Nasal Dilator over Other Anti-Snoring Remedies?

Nasal dilators are proven to effectively and quite significantly reduce snoring, but the same can’t be said about other anti-snoring remedies.

Other remedies like nasal sprays are medicated, become less effective over time, and cause side effects like nosebleeds, withdrawal, etc.

However, this isn’t the case with nasal dilators, as they have no side effects.

Nasal dilators also provide a drug-free and quick way to minimize snoring and breathe better. Plus, you can use them along with other medicines.

What to Look for in a Nasal Dilator

best nasal strips for sleep apnea

To make sure you get the best nasal dilators for snoring, make sure you look out for:


Nasal strips and internal dilators come in different sizes.

If you get the wrong size, you will find it quite inconvenient to use the dilator. So, make sure that you choose a size that fits securely and stays in place throughout the night.


It is best to choose an internal dilator that has a comfortable design and fits well. It should be lightweight so that you don’t feel any unease and flexible enough so that you can customize it according to the shape of your nose.


best nasal dilator reviews

Internal nasal dilators come in a variety of shapes.

Some are smooth, while others have vents, or they are ribbed or winged.

Some products are available in trial packs where you can try different shapes and choose one that works best for you. These can be a great investment if this is your first time using a nasal dilator for snoring and you don’t know what exactly to look for in one.


The construction and material of the nasal dilator should be comfortable. Medical-grade silicone is the best choice in this case as it is soft and high-quality.


External dilators like strips, are single-use whereas you can reuse internal dilators if you maintain them properly.

Make sure the nasal valves for snoring you invest in last you a good amount of time.

How to Use a Nasal Dilator

External nasal dilators like nasal strips stick to the surface of your nose to dilate the nasal passageways due to springboard action.

You need to place the strip across the surface of your nose. As the strip attempts to straighten itself out, it will dilate your nostrils and improve airflow.

On the contrary, you should insert internal nasal dilators inside your nose. Slide the legs of the dilator gently inside your nostrils till the bridge connecting the two legs touches your nasal septum.

Pros and Cons

Still on the fence about nasal dilators? Let’s take a look at their pros and cons so that you can make a better decision:


  • Affordable
  • Reusable
  • Provide a drug-free solution to obstructed nasal airflow
  • Easy to use
  • Help improve quality of sleep


  • Internal nasal dilators are a bit invasive
  • Takes time to get used to and trial and error to find the right size

Care and Maintenance

nasal dilator reviews

You cannot reuse external nasal dilators like nasal strips. You should not wear them for more than 12 hours and discard them after use.

However, you can reuse most internal dilators. Just make sure you clean them properly and thoroughly before and after each use.

You can simply wash the nasal dilators with a mixture of water and liquid antibacterial soap. Rub to clean them thoroughly.

Make sure you remove all the soap residue and dry the nasal dilator with a soft towel. Do not store it wet.

Plus, make sure to store the nasal dilator in a clean and dry case to prevent germ and dust contamination.

Frequently Asked Questions

nasal valves for snoring

How long do nasal dilators last?

Depending on the product and its construction, the lifespan of nasal dilators differs.

Internal nasal dilators like the Airmax nasal dilator last a good amount of time if you clean them and store them properly. However, you should replace them after 60–90 days of usage for hygienic reasons.

Also, make sure you don’t use a nasal strip for more than 12 hours.

Are nasal dilators safe to use?

Yes, both internal and external nasal dilators are designed to be safe to use.

Can the nasal dilator help with sleep apnea symptoms?

Yes, nasal dilators can effectively help symptoms of sleep apnea.

Using a nasal dilator can significantly decrease the frequency and severity of obstructed breathing.

Research shows nasal dilators showed a 47% mean decrease of apnea index.

Are nasal dilators better than nasal strips?

As far as performance and airflow optimization is concerned, we found in our reviews that internal nasal dilators perform slightly better than nasal strips.

However, you may prefer one over the other depending on comfort, ease of use, etc.

Final Verdict: What is the Best Nasal Dilator Sold Today?

We believe that the best internal nasal dilator for most people is the Best Breathe Anatomical Nasal Dilator.

If you prefer external nasal strips, then the Breathe Right Clear Nasal strips are the best product around. Super-high reviews and a proven product.

Regardless of type, all of the nasal dilators reviewed above will help you reduce snoring, counter nasal congestion, and offer great value for money. They are also non-invasive and comfortable to wear throughout the night.

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