Products For People Who Sleep On Their Back

10 Proven Products For People Who Sleep On Their Back

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Do you sleep on your back?

You're at the right place.

What's In This Guide?

If you sleep on your back, you'll face some challenges, especially if you lack adequate support from your bedding and pillows.

This back sleeper’s guides discuss the most common problems back sliders experience and the best solutions.

Then we recommend and review the best mattresses, mattress toppers, and pillow brands for each issue.

Most Common Sleep Problems Back Sleepers Experience

If you mainly lie on your back when sleeping, here are some of the most common issues you're likely to encounter. The next section lists best-selling items that may help with these problems.

Lower Back Pain

Lumbar spine pain is one of the top reasons people report sleeping poorly. Usually, the mattress is the cause.

If your bed is too soft, it may cause pressure on your lower spine, resulting in lower-spine pain or a sore lower spine.

If your mattress is too soft, it doesn't provide adequate spinal stability and causes your body to sink too deeply into the bed, which leads to lower-body aches and pains.

Sleeping on the wrong pillows (too thick, firm, or soft) can worsen neck pains.

One of the best supportive mattresses for back sleeping is the Saatva classic. If you're already suffering from back pains, try the Casper wave hybrid mattress, which has built-in support.

For the pillow, we recommend the Coop Home Goods original loft pillow for back sleep­ers.

We also suggest using a knee pillow like ComfiLife’s Orthopedic Knee Support Pillow. It helps relieve pain from sitting for long periods of time.

Hip Pain/Sore Hips

Products For People Who Sleep On Their Back

Next after back pain, hip pain is the next biggest problem for people who sleep on their backs.

If you're experiencing low-level pain in your lower spine, you may want to address the problem before dealing with the pain in your legs.

Sometimes, hip joint pains can occur on their own when you're asleep on your back. These pains may be caused by the mattress or the pillows you're using.

If you sleep on a too-hard mattress, it may cause hip pains or sorenesses. Sleeping on a soft bed may cause misalignments, which put extra strain on your hips and lower back.

You may experience back and/or joint pain if you sleep on an uncomfortable bed.

Switching to comfortable mattresses like the Saatva Classic or Casper Wave Hybrid should be helpful.

If you're having trouble sleeping because of hip pain, you might consider trying a knee support pillow that helps take some weight off your hips. We recommend the ComFiLife Orthopedic Knee pillow.

A leg elevation pillow may be just what you need if you're having trouble sleeping because of hip pain or after hip or knee surgeries. We recommend the Kӧlbs flat top bed wedge pillow.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Neck and shoulder pain in back sleepers usually occurs when you sleep on a bed that doesn't allow for proper alignment between your neck, shoulders, and back.

If your pillow has a lot of “lofty” (too thick) filling, it makes your head bend up. Initially, you might feel stiff and sore in your neck and shoulder muscles.

After a few days, the soreness can worsen into serious neck pains that continue even during the day.

If your pillow is too low, it can cause the same misalignment problem.

Your pillow can be the perfect height, but it's too firm. You may wake up stiff neck and shoulder muscles from sleeping on an unyielding pillow.

We prefer the Coop Home Goods original loft pillow for back sleepers. We recommend using a cervical cushion like the ZAMAT contour foam pillows for neck or shoulder pain.


Products For People Who Sleep On Their Back

One downside of lying on your back when you sleep is that you're more likely to snore loudly.

When you lie on your back, your airways get narrower than if you were sleeping on your left or right sides or stomach.

As you restrict carbohydrates, you may experience increased noise in your throat, lips, or nose when breathing. We call this “snoring.”

Sleeping on your side reduces snorting. If you sleep on your back, you may want to look for an anti-snoring device that works even if you don't mind snoring.

The best one we found is nasal strips. Specifically, Breathe Right nasal strips.

Increased Acid Reflux

Sleeping on your stomach may cause acid reflux. Over time, acid re­flux can develop into gastroesophageal refluc­sion disease (GERD).

Sleeping on your side may help relieve acid reflux and other symptoms related to gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). However, if you prefer to sleep on top of your pillow, raise your head slightly, so your neck is elevated.

A foam wedge cushion is the best way to raise your upper back. We recommend the InteVision Foam pillow.

Increased Nasal Congestion

Products For People Who Sleep On Their Back

Sleeping on your back can cause nasal blockage. It's harder for your body's natural drainage system to clear out mucus, so it accumulates in the nasal passages.

When you're sick with the common cold or a sinus infection, nasal congestion can be caused by allergies or sensitivity to things like dust mite allergens or pet dander.

Once you've figured out what's causing the nasal obstruction, improving your sleeping posture can improve your breathing and allow you to get some restful sleep.

To stop snoring, use a wedge pillow like the one from InteVision.

If you have an adjust­able bed frame, you don't need a wedge pillow. Adjust the bed so that your head is elevated. It'll help with snoring and nasal blockage.

You can also use nasal strip products like the Breathe Right Nasal Stripe to help relieve sinus pressure.

Breathing Difficulties For People With Sleep Apnea

If you have sleep apnea, you should change your sleeping position. Sleeping on your back or side is the best position for preventing this potentially serious condition.

Sleeping on your stomach causes your airways to narrow because of gravity naturally. It may increase snore events and apnea events.

To prevent snoring, if you must sleep on your back, use a wedge pillow to raise your head slightly off the bed, so your throat doesn't collapse. We recommend the InteVision Foam Pillow for its comfort and support.

Discomfort During Pregnancy

Products For People Who Sleep On Their Back

Another situation where we recommend changing your sleep position is if you are pregnant. You'll be able to sleep on your back for the first few days.

However, by the fifth month, once the fetus has grown big enough, lying down on your stomach may put too much pressure on your lower spine and could lead to low-grade injuries.

A knee support cushion like the ComfiLife orthopedic knee cushion can help relieve pressure on your lower back, pelvis, and hip joints.

As you get closer to giving birth, we recommend switching to a maternity bed cushion. Our top recommendation is the INSEN 62in Pregnancy Pillow.

It'll help you fall asleep faster and is also good for side sleeping.

Sleep Solutions For People Who Sleep On Their Back

A Comfortable Mattress

Products For People Who Sleep On Their Back

If you're experiencing back pain, you just need a new mattress. Even if you've got a relatively new bed, it might not be the right one for you.

If you have an old mattress, it might be time for a new one.

We enjoy our Saatva Classic Mattresses for back sleepers. And for back sleep­ers who suffer from back pains, we recommend their Casper Wave Hybrid Mattresses.

The most important thing to consider when buying a back sleeping mattress is its firmness. A firmer mattress provides better support and less comfort than a softer one.

People who sleep on their backs tend to prefer a medium-firm mattress.

For most people, a medium-firm bed is best suited for light and average-sized backs. It provides deeper contouring and plenty of firmness.

A firmer bed will feel better for heavier sleepers. It won't disappoint and provides extra support to keep your spine in a neutral position.

A Supportive Pillow

A good bedding set goes together with a good pillow. You need both to be perfect for your sleep position and your size.

Shredded pillows are usually the best for back sleepers, but if you're unsure which one to get, we recommend the Coop Home Goods original loft pillow.

Memory Foams relieve pressure on your head, back, and shoulders while supporting your body.

We recommend a loft adjustable bed so you can adjust its position to suit you perfectly.

If the bed is not adjustable, get an average-sized mattress that's neither too soft nor too firm.

For back sleepers, a medium-firmer pillow is the best choice.

Cervical Pillow For Neck Support

Products For People Who Sleep On Their Back

Orthopedic pillows are specifically designed to provide support for your back. They're useful if you suffer from lower back pain, even when using an ergonomic cushion.

We enjoy using our ZAMAT Contour Memory Foam Pillows for sleeping. They support the neck while keeping your head at the correct height.

Wedge Pillow to Elevate The Head

Wedge pillows help with various health conditions, including acid reflux, GERD, snor­ing, nasal congestion, and sleep apnea.

It helps open up your lungs and makes it easier for you to breathe.

We like the InteVision Foam Pillows best because they're made from foam. It even has a smaller headrest pillow for added comfor­tability and relief.

Knee Pillow

Products For People Who Sleep On Their Back

Usually, an extra pillow under your knees works fine to support your knees and reduce pressure on your back and hips.

A special knee support pillow can be slightly more comfortable and supportive than a regular one. It's usually shaped into a half moon corresponding to your raised knee.

We recommend the ComfiLife OrthoKnee Pillow for knee pain relief.

Leg Elevation Pillow

A knee pillow may help relieve some lower back and hip discomfort, but it won't always help. If that’s the case, then we recommend a leg elevation pillow that helps keep your knees elevated.

A leg elevation pillow looks like a wedge pillow but for your legs.

It helps relieve pain in your hips and back, decreases swelling in your ankles, and improves blood circulation throughout your body.

The best leg elevation pillow we found is the Kӧlbs Flat Top Bed Wedge Pillow.

Pregnancy Pillow

Products For People Who Sleep On Their Back

Pregnancy pillows help pregnant women get comfortable sleeping with their growing bellies. The C-Shaped full-body pillow supports various body areas, including your head and neck, shoulders, back, waist, thighs, and knees.

Our favorite pregnancy pillow, the INSEN 62in Pregnant Pillow, cradled and supported your pregnant belly whether you were lying on your back or side when you slept.

Anti-Snoring Solutions

There are lots of anti-snoring products available in the market. Two of the best are a wedge pillow and nasal strips.

A wedge pillow helps keep your airway open, which prevents snoring. We recommend the InteVision Foamed Bed Wedge Pillows.

Nasal Strips work by widening your nasal passages so that they're easier for air to flow through without making any noises. Breathe Right nasal strips are some of the highest-rated nasal strips online.

By the way, a wedge pillow (or nasal strip) and saline spray are also effective at relieving a stuffy nose or sinuses.

Note: Chin straps may help some people who suffer from mild snoring, but health professionals do not recommend them. They can cause snoring instead of reducing it. And, they don't work well for most people with sleep apnea.

Top 10 Products For People Who Sleep On Their Back: Product Reviews

  1. Best Mattress For Back Sleepers: Saatva Classic Mattress
  2. Best Mattress For Back Pain: Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress
  3. Best Mattress Topper For Back Sleepers: PlushBeds Natural Latex Topper
  4. Best Pillow For Back Sleepers: Coop Home Goods Original Loft Pillow
  5. Best Cervical/Orthopedic Pillow: ZAMAT Contour Memory Foam Pillow
  6. Best Wedge Pillow: InteVision Foam Bed Wedge Pillow + Headrest Pillow
  7. Best Knee Support Pillow For Back Sleepers: ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow
  8. Best Leg Elevation Pillow For Back Sleepers: Kӧlbs Flat Top Bed Wedge Pillow
  9. Best Pregnancy Pillow For Back & Side Sleepers: INSEN 62in Pregnancy Pillow
  10. Best Nasal Strips For Snoring and Congestion: Breathe Right Nasal Strips

1. Best Mattress For Back Sleepers: Saatva Classic Mattress

Bedroom Products For People Who Have A Lot Of Sex

The Saatva classic mattress has a hybrid construction that offers just the right firmness and softness for back sleep­ers.

There are three different hardness options for choosing the right one.


  • Luxury hybrid and Euro pillow top construction
  • There are three different firmness options
  • Sleeps cool
  • Ideal for heavier back sleepers
  • Good support and pressure relief


  • Costly

Our Review

Each of the layers of the Saatva mattress is designed to provide better back and spinal alignment than traditional mattresses. It employs what Saatva calls lumbar zone technology.

On the top of the mattress is a 3″ plush Euro pillows with lumbar zone quilting that adds extra comfort and supports at the center of the bed.

An organic cotton cover covers the pillow top.

The second level consists of lumbar zone active spinal wire to improve spinal alignments and memory foam for deep pain relief.

The third level of support features pocket coils. These provide firmness in the lumbar zone, which helps keep your spine properly positioned.

The fourth and final layers contain coils (Saatva’s famous coil-on-coil design) to provide robust overall stability and ensure longevity.

On the sides of the Saavta Classic Mattress are high-density foams that help prevent the mattress from sagging when you lie on its side.

The Saatva mattress has three firmnesses: plush soft, luxury firm, and firm.

Back sleepers who prefer a firmer mattress will usually choose the luxury brand. It’s best suited for them.

You can also select either an 11.5″ or 14.5″ mattress profile (no price change)

Both are comfortable but heavy sleepers (230lbs and above), and couples will appreciate the deeper compression support of the thicker mattress.

The Saatva mattress comes with free shipping and in-house delivery service, a 365-night sleep trial, and a 10-year warranty.

Issues & Limitations

If you're shopping for a budget mattress, then the Saatva Classic might not be what you want.

It is pricier than most other mattresses, but if you're looking for a cheap bed that's good at supporting your spine, we recommend the Caspar Original Foams Mattresses.

2. Best Mattress For Back Pain: Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

Products For People Who Sleep On Their Back

If you have backache (whether due to an injury or a bad mattress), you need a good bed that relieves pressure and keeps your spine aligned.

We recommend the Casper Wave Hybrid.


  • Excellent pressure relief helps with back pain
  • Zoned design and gel pods maintain spinal alignment
  • Sleeps cool
  • Durable & supportive hybrid construction


  • No firmness options

Our Review

The unique features of the Casper Wave hybrid mattresses are the gel pod sets in the middle foam layers.

The gel pads are placed under your waist and lower spine to give targeted pressure and relieve discomfort. They help keep your spine aligned.

Above the gel pods are three different types of foaming materials: polyfoam, natural latex, and Memory Foam. They contour to your body and take off pressure from your aching back.

Under the gel pads is a base made up of springs. They add responsive support to the mattress so that heavier people don't sink into the bed.

The Casper Wave hybrid mattresses sleep cool because they're made from perforated foams and use a special type of memory material in their top layer.

The cover is also highly breathable.

The Casper Wave hybrid mattress ships for free within the contiguous United States and Canada. It includes a 100-night trial and a 10-year guarantee.

Issues & Limitations

The Casper Wave hybrid mattress is available in just one firm level. There are no firm options to choose from.

As far as comfort goes, the medium-firmer feel of the Casper wave hybrid mattress is comfortable for most back sleepers.

3. Best Mattress Topper For Back Sleepers: PlushBeds Natural Latex Topper

Products For People Who Sleep On Their Back

If your current mattress is causing pain and discomfort, but you're not ready to purchase a new one immediately, a memory foam topper is an affordable option.

We recommend using medium-firmer mattress toppers that provide extra support and keep your spine aligned. We recommend the PlushBeds Natural Latex Topper for its comfort and durability.


  • Made with 100% natural latex
  • Two thickness options and five firmness levels
  • Good support and pressure relief
  • Great for hot sleepers


  • Costs more than memory foam toppers

Our Review

One of the most common issues for back sleepers is their mattresses not providing enough support.

Adding toppers to a soft or saggy mattress is one of the best ways to keep yourself comfortable. Latexes can relieve pressure and keep you well-supports.

The PlushBed mattress toppers are made from 100 percent natural latex toppers with Oeko-tex Standard 100 and GREENGURD Gold certifications.

It comes in five different firmness levels, ranging from soft to extra hard. We suggest choosing the medium firm option for back sleepers.

It makes your bed softer without making it too firm.

If your problem is that your mattress is too hard and makes you feel sore when you wake up, then go for the medium one. It softens your bed without sinking too deeply into it.

There are two sizes available: A 2″ and a 3″. The 2″ version is better suited for people who need a firmer mattress. The thinner size is softer and more comfortable.

However, for heavier back sleep­ers, the 3-inch PlumpBed latex topper will provide greater pressure relieving benefits.

Issues & Limitations

The PlushBed mattress topper is healthy and environmentally friendly. However, its high cost may be an issue for some people.

It's still cheaper to buy a new mattress than to pay for memory foam toppers, but it costs more.

We think the added convenience and improved sleep quality are well worth it.

4. Best Pillow For Back Sleepers: Coop Home Goods Original Loft Pillow

Products For People Who Sleep On Their Back

The Coop Home Good Original Loft Pillow has shredded polyester fiber fill that conforms to your head and neck, maintaining proper alignment between your head, neck, and back.

The best part is adjusting the pillow's fill to your personal preference.


  • A pressure-reliving and supportive shredded memory foam cushion
  • Adjustable loft
  • It’s suitable for everyone who wants to get better quality sleep.
  • CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD Gold certified
  • Additional filling included


  • Needs frequent fluffing
  • Not perfect for hot sleepers

Our Review

Shredded (or shredded) mattress pads have better contouring ability than solid ones.

That's why the original Coop Home Goods Loft pillow can mold to the curves in your head and neck, giving you perfect comfort and pain relief.

You can adjust the pillow's position if you think its' too high or too low. Remove or add more shredded foam inside the interior lid.

If you want to add more stuffing to the pillow, there’s an additional bag available for purchase. Most people who sleep on their backs will find the pillow to feel comfortable as it is or if they remove some of its stuffing.

The Coop Home Good Original Loft Pillow has an inner pillowcase that is removable and washable. You can also clean the pillowcase by washing it with just the inside of the pillowcase.

Issues & Limitations

Shredded memory foams are slightly cooler than solid memory foams but trap a lot of heat.

Some people might find their pillows too warm. Instead, we suggest using the Saatva latex pillows. It's full of shredded natural latex.

One problem with the Coop Home Good pillow is that you must keep it fluffed up daily. If not, the shredded memory foams stick together into a lump.

5. Best Cervical/Orthopedic Pillow: ZAMAT Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Products For People Who Sleep On Their Back

If you want neck and back comfort, then the ZAMAT Contour Memory Foams Pillow is the one for you. It has been designed to keep your head aligned correctly, so your spine stays straight.


  • Targeted support for the neck
  • Relieves neck and shoulder pain
  • Adjustable height
  • Suitable for all kinds of sleepers


  • A bit uncomfortable for those who move a lot during sleep
  • It can feel a bit hot

Our Review

If you have neck pain or sore shoulders, the ZAMAT Contour Pillows may be helpful.

Unlike a traditional pillow, which has a smooth, flat, and hard outer shell, the ZAMAT Pillow has dips and contours on its outer shell, which provide much better support and pressure relieve­ment than a traditional pillow.

It also relieves shoulder pressure and helps with muscle aches.

You can adjust the pillow's height by removing the memory foam inside the pillow.

You may choose between firm and soft pillows depending on whether you prefer a pillow that sinks deeply into your neck or feels softer against your head.

The firm option may be better for you if you're larger than average.

You can also use the ZAMAT contour pillows in other sleep positions. See the instruction sheet for tips on using them in different sleep positions.

The ZAMAT Pillows come with a removable and washable inner cover for cleaning purposes. The core is made from soft, durable, hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill, which means you can't wash the whole thing.

Issues & Limitations

The unique shape of this ZAMAT contour pillow means it takes some time to get used to. It's especially true if you're accustomed to tossing and turning at bedtime.

Another problem is that the memory foam can be too warm for some people who sleep well at night. You might want to get bamboo or another cooling pillowcase to keep yourself cool at night.

6. Best Wedge Pillow: InteVision Foam Bed Wedge Pillow + Headrest Pillow

Products For People Who Sleep On Their Back

With its height measuring 7.5 inches at its highest point, the Intellivision wedge pillows can be used to reduce snorting, nasal congestion, and heartburn.

It has a 2″ headrest memory foam pillow for added comfort.


  • A wedge pillow top is made from pressure relieving foam.
  • Included headrest pillow
  • Breathable bamboo cover
  • Cooling gums and airflow channels help you sleep cool.


  • Takes time to get used to it

Our Review

The InteVision Wedge Pillows help with various sleep disorders, including sleep apnea and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), by reducing symptoms like heartburn and stomach acids.

Snoring can be reduced or stopped by using nasal strips.

The InteVision Wedge Pillows comprise a polyurethane base with a 2″ memory foam layer. The memory foam layer relieves shoulder and back pain caused by sleeping on hard surfaces.

It also comes with a smaller pillow that you use underneath your head for added support.

You can remove the headrest pillow insert to make it thinner.

The InteVision Wedge Pillow measures 26″x25″x7.5″. It's high enough to provide full support for your entire spine and wide so you can comfortably lay on your side.

The extra length makes sure you don't roll off your bed.

Despite having a lot of foam inside, the InteVision Pillows sleep surprisingly cool because they contain special materials designed to keep heat from building up inside them.

The mattress has a cool gel-infused top cover for added comfort. It also features two airflow channels underneath the top cover to help dissipate excess warmth.

The breathable bamboo fabric of the pillow also helps with keeping you cool.

Issues & Limitations

Customers complain that it took them some time to adjust to sleeping on the Intellibelt wedge pillow.

At first, sleeping with your head raised may feel strange, but you'll soon get accustomed to it.

Another problem is that the InteVision Wedge Pillows, or any wedgelike pillows, are unsuitable for people who change their sleeping positions during sleep.

Wedge pillows are designed for back sleepers only.

7. Best Knee Support Pillow For Back Sleepers: ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow

Products For People Who Sleep On Their Back
The ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow fits perfectly under your knees and takes the pressure off your hips and back. Use it to reduce back and hip pain or sleep more comfortably on your back.


  • A comfortable memory foam pillow for knees
  • Relieves back and hip pain
  • It can be used for both back and side sleepers.
  • It can be used as a lumbago pillow or neck support pillow.
  • Washable cover


  • A bit too small for larger sleepers

Our Review

The ComFiLife Orthopedic Kneepillow is made with high-density memory foam, so it won't collapse when you place it under your knee.

It doesn't get flat over time.

It fits perfectly under your knee and feels much more comfortable than using a regular pillow or rolled-up towel.

Besides providing knee comfort, the ComfiLife Orthopaedic Pillows can also be used for other purposes. They can help you reduce swelling and improve circulation by sliding them further down and propping up your knees.

You can also wear it under your neck for better shoulder and chest comfort, put it between your legs when lying down to improve hip and buttock comfort, or put it behind you when sitting to improve lumber comfort.

The soft case on the ComfiLife Pillow is removable and machine washable.

Issues & Limitations

Some customers complain that the ComfiLife Knee pillow is too short for them. They claim it measures 17.3 inches, which might not be long enough for some people with wider thighs.

If you're looking for a longer knee pillow that fits comfortably under both legs, try the CushionForm Bolster Pillow. Its length is 22.1 inches.

8. Best Leg Elevation Pillow For Back Sleepers: Kӧlbs Flat Top Bed Wedge Pillow

Products For People Who Sleep On Their Back

If you want to improve your posture, we recommend the Kölps Flat Top Bed Wedge pillow.

It helps elevate your hips, knees, and legs, relieves pressure from your low back, and improves your feet and leg circulation.


  • Helpful for relieving lower back and hip pains.
  • Improves blood flow to the legs
  • Reduces swelling in legs
  • Great for post-surgery or post-injured recovery.
  • Comfortably soft memory foams


  • A few complaints about the pillow not expanding

Our Review

The Kӧlb’s flat-topped cushion is designed to support your thighs, while the incline helps keep your calves and ankles comfortable.

This sleep posture has been shown to help with various health issues, including varicosities, restless leg syndrome, swollen legs, back pain, and hips.

Elevating your legs after surgery or an injury is also good for recovery.

The Kӧlb Wedges Pillow is 21 inches wide, which gives you plenty of room for your feet. It has a high-quality poly foam core and a soft memory foam layer on top, making it comfortable to sleep on.

It has a removable cover so you can clean it easily.

Issues & Limitations

Many customers report that their Kӧlbs didn't grow to their full size after receiving them. If you're experiencing the same problem, you can always send back the pillows.

9. Best Pregnancy Pillow For Back & Side Sleepers: INSEN 62in Pregnancy Pillow

Products For People Who Sleep On Their Back

The INSEN pregnancy pillows let you sleep on your stomach or side without pressing down your lower abdomen or hips.

It’s great for relaxing in beds.


  • Excellent for back or side sleeping
  • Full Body Design: It relieves stress and supports you from head to toe.
  • Filled with plush cotton fibers
  • Versatile use


  • Takes up a lot of space on the bed

Our Review

The INSEN pregnancy cushion is the only pillow you’ll ever need. It has a full-length C-shape which allows it to support your entire back.

It’s a cushion that fits under your head and neck and supports your back and stomach. It helps relieve pressure on your back and hip joints.

It's made from soft, fluffy, 100% polyester fibers, so it's comfy and cozy. And the removable and washable cover has no elasticity so it won't get too warm.

It's designed to fit most pregnant ladies, including tall ones.

You can use the pillow to sleep comfortably on your back or side. It's also great for reclining or sitting up in bed. It's flexible, so you can mold it however you want to support different areas of your body.

Issues & Limitations

Like other pregnancy full-body pillows, the INSEN pillow takes up a lot of room on the bed. This can be an issue if you share a bed with your partner.

But I'm sure they'll understand, and it's only for a few months anyway.

10. Best Nasal Strips For Snoring and Congestion: Breathe Right Nasal Strips

Products For People Who Sleep On Their Back

If you snore when you sleep on your stomach, Breathe Right Nasals strips will be helpful.

They expand your nasal passages, making breathing easier for you.


  • They reduce snoring
  • Helps with nasal congestion
  • Improves breathing in any situation
  • Helps with sleep apnea symptoms


  • Doesn't completely stop snoring
  • Difficult to take off

Our Review

You can buy anti-snoring devices at any store. Nasal strips are by far the best solution for nasal congestion.

And Breathe Right sell the best nasal strips. It uses an adhesive to stick to either side of your nose. A spring-like device expands your nasal passage, making breathing easier.

These exercises help with several health conditions, including sleep apnea (reducing the number of times you breathe), snore­ing, deviated septums, nasal congestion, allergies, and flu.

The adhesive is extra sticky so the patches won't fall off at night. Make sure you cleanse your face and don't put anything on your skin before applying the strips.

This package of Breathe Right nasal strips contains 26 strips. You shouldn't reuse the strips. Use one for every night.

Issues & Limitations

The most common complaint about the strips is how difficult and often painful they are to remove.

It may leave red spots on pale skin. Breathe right has clear strips that are easy to use but also come off more quickly at night.

One thing to keep in mind is that Breathe Right Stripe may not be able to eliminate snoring completely. If you're having trouble sleeping because of snores, then there are several things you can try. However, if you don't have any underlying medical conditions, then they probably won't help.

Luckily, they work for most people who snore. Even though they may not always completely eliminate their snores, they significantly reduce how often and how loudly you snore.

We recommend using these strips with a wedged pillow for the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions About Back Sleeping

Is it good to sleep on your back?

As long as you have a comfortable mattress and pillow, you should sleep fine on your back. It's good for the back, legs, and joints because there's less pressure on them.

However, some medical conditions may prevent you from falling asleep at night. Sleeping on your back can cause breathing issues for people suffering from these three things.

What's the best sleeping position?

Sleeping on your back helps keep your spine straight and healthy. It has the lowest risk of causing back and hip pain.

If you snort or have heartburn, sleep on your left side.

How can I sleep more comfortably on my back?

Get a medium-soft bed with good lumbar support and an orthopedic pillow that aligns your head, neck, back, and shoulders.

You can also place a pillow under your legs to relieve some of the pressure on your lower back.

What can I do to reduce lower-body pain when sleeping on my stomach?

Put a knee pillow between your legs. It'll help alleviate back pain. Check whether you need to buy a new mattress and/ or pillow.

Get a new one if your bed is too soft or sagging in the middle.

How can I prevent snorting when sleeping on my back?

To raise your upper body, sleep on a wedge pillow. This will help keep your airways open, so you don't snore.

You can also use nasal strips. They help prevent snoring by widening your nasal passages.

Is it okay for a pregnant woman to sleep on her back?

Pregnant women may safely sleep on their backs during the first and second months of pregnancy. During pregnancy, it may be difficult to sleep on your back due to the extra weight and discomfort.

Sleeping on your side is more comfortable.

There isn't any solid evidence that sleeping on your back raises the risk of stillbirths. If you rest for a few hours, it won't take long for your back pain to go away. You'll usually shift to one of your sides to be comfier.

What is the best pillow for sleeping on your back?

A low to mid-loft pillow is the best choice for back sleepers, depending on their body size. Choose a firm pillow that supports your head and shoulders and reduces pressure.

Memory foam pillow inserts are particularly good for people who need support when lying down.

How to stop neck pain when sleeping on your back?

If you're experiencing neck pains, you may be sleeping on the wrong pillows. Switch to a better pillow.

You can also use cervical/orthopedics pillows that provide better support and pressure relief.

What's the best mattress for back sleepers?

For most people, a medium-firmer mattress is the best choice. It provides the right balance between firm supports to keep your back straight and soft contours for pressure relieving.

If you're heavier than average, you might consider using a firmer mattress.

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