Best Summer Comforters

Best Summer Comforters for 2020 – Top 7 Cooling Comforters to Buy

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Looking for summer comforters that will keep you cool?

You’ve come to the right place.

Comforters, which some people call a duvet or a duvet insert, are designed to keep you warm at night. But most tend to get too warm that it becomes difficult to sleep well, especially in summer.

Whether you are a hot sleeper or not, sleeping on a cooling comforter will make your summer nights so much better. It’ll help you sleep faster, sleep for longer, and wake up more refreshed.

What’s In This Buying Guide?

In this buying guide, we review the best summer comforters. All our top picks are designed to stay cool and breathable in warm weather.

If you are also looking to get rid of your hot foam mattress, check out the best cooling mattresses we’ve reviewed.

The 7 best summer comforters for 2020

In a hurry? Here’s a list of our top 7 picks and a comparison table.

Sheets AwardFillTypeMachine washablePrice
Best climate controlNo fillCotton sheet
Best for year-round useDown alternative fill (double-brushed microfiber)Polyester cover
Royal Hotel
Royal Hotel
Best summer weightDown alternative fill (microfiber)Microfiber cover
Best budgetDown alternative fill (polyester microfiber)Polyester cover
Best lightweightPolyesterPolyester
Best hypoallergenicDown alternative fill (hypoallergenic fiber)Polyester and cotton cover
Yes (with hot water)
Egyptian Bedding
Egyptian Bedding
Best luxuriousGoose down fillEgyptian cotton cover
Yes (dry cleaning recommended)

Best Summer Comforters: Reviews

1. Best Climate Control: BedJet Cooling, Heating & Climate Control

BedJet Cooling, Heating & Climate Control

Hot sleeper? Cold sleeper? It doesn’t matter with BedJet. You can set a bed temperature precisely where you feel most comfortable.

To get the best out of the BedJet climate control system, the company also sells a comforter cum bedsheet – what they call the AirComfort Cloud Sheet.

The Cloud Sheet has a dual-zone design that allows couples to set up their climate zone.


  • Precise temperature control.
  • Dual-zone – allows couples to set their temperature.
  • It is made from 100% cotton – soft and breathable.
  • Machine washable.


  • You cannot use the Cloud Sheet on its own; you need to buy BedJet 3 as well. The total cost comes to over $1,000.

Our Review

Other comforters use down or microfiber filling to provide warmth. The Cloud Sheet uses air to warm or cool you in bed.

Once you connect BedJet 3 to the cloud sheet, you can set the exact temperature you want. The system will blow air at that temperature.

The cloud sheet distributes the warm or cool air evenly. And because it has a dual-zone design, you can enjoy a warm and toasty bed while your hot-sleeping partner sleeps cool.

Read our full BedJet 3 review to learn more about the advanced bed climate control system.

The cloud sheet is made from 100% cotton. It feels super soft and light. Use it as a top sheet. You can lay a traditional comforter or blanket on top of it.

As for maintenance, the machine washes it just like your regular sheets.

Issues & Limitations

The main issue we have with the Cloud Sheet is the price tag. On its own, it already more expensive than most comforters.

For an accessory that’s just a sheet without any feeling, we think the price is too high.

When you add the price of the dual-zone BedJet climate control system, you’ll spend over $1,000 in total.

If you are on a budget, you’ll find a good old-fashioned comforter to be pocket friendlier.

Bottom Line

We recommend the BedJet cloud sheet and climate control system for those who need precise temperature control.

2. Best for Year-round Use: KingLinen White Down Alternative Comforter 

KingLinen Comforter

Most comforters are great during winter but quickly turn your bed into a sauna in summer.

The KingLinen comforter saves you the trouble and cost of buying different comforters for different seasons. It’s an all year round comforter that’s warm enough in winter but doesn’t get too hot during the summer, for most people (might feel a bit too warm for hot sleepers).


  • Great price.
  • All-year-round comfort.
  • Cloud-like comfort.
  • Box stitching prevents shifting.


  • May feel too warm in the summer for hot sleepers.

Our Review

Most down alternative comforters are great during the colder months. The dense and heavy feel keeps you warm and cozy on those cold nights.

But come summer, and you start waking up all hot and sweaty in the middle of the night.

The KingLinen comforter carefully balances between being light enough for summer and heavy enough for winter.

It’s thinner than most comforters to ensure you don’t sleep hot.

The comforter uses a down alternative filling consisting of double-brushed microfiber grains. Box stitching prevents the filling from shifting and bunching.

The microfiber is hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

The entire comforter, including the polyester cover, stands up well to machine washing. Just make sure you wash it in cold water and tumble dry it on low.

It seems that not all sizes come with loops for securing the insert to a duvet cover. Some customers got a comforter with corner loops while others got one without.

But even without loops, it stays put inside a duvet cover. It helps that it’s a bit thinner than most comforters, so it doesn’t bunch up inside the duvet cover.

The comforter fits well on the bed of the corresponding size, though it doesn’t leave much overhang on the sides. If you want the comforter to hang low and completely cover the sides of the mattress, get a size bigger than your bed.

Issues & Limitations

Though the KingLinen comforter is great for year-round use, it can get a bit too warm in the summer for hot sleepers.

The microfiber filling doesn’t match the airiness and thermal control of actual down. If you are a hot sleeper, buy a down comforter instead.

But for most sleepers, the KingLinen comforter feels great throughout the year.

Bottom Line

For the price, the KingLinen comforter is surprisingly luxurious. It has the soft, plush, and cloudy feel you normally get from $100+ comforters. And as a bonus, you can enjoy it all year round.

3. Best Summer Weight: Royal Hotel Full/Queen Size Down-Alternative Comforter 

Royal Hotel Comforter

If you are specifically looking for a comforter that will feel comfortable during summer, we recommend the Royal Hotel Full/Queen Size Down-Alternative Comforter.

It has a fill weight of 40-60 oz, which makes it light enough for warm summer nights.


  • best comforter for summer – sleeps cool.
  • Soft and plush down alternative filling.
  • Reversible with two color options.
  • Box stitching prevents shifting.
  • Easy to wash and dry.


  • May feel too warm for hot sleepers.

Our Review

Fill weight refers to the weight of the filling inside a comforter. A higher fill weight generally results in a warmer comforter.

40-60 oz, the full weight of the Royal Hotel comforter, is just about right for summer use. It keeps you warm without overheating.

The Royal Hotel comforter has a fill power – the space an ounce of filling occupies – of 600. This means it is light and fluffy, making it perfect for summer.

Most sleepers will also find the comforter warm enough for colder months.

The comforter has a microfiber filling, which feels soft and plush. The 100% microfiber cover adds to the soft feel.

Box stitching keeps the microfiber from shifting about under the cover.

The comforter is reversible, meaning you can turn it inside out. Each side has a different color. This is handy if you don’t want to use a duvet cover. You can change the look of your bed simply by turning the comforter inside out.

Don’t worry about the comforter getting dirty. It washes easily in the washer, and you can also tumble dry it.

Issues & Limitations

Like other microfiber comforters, even those designed for summer use, the Royal Hotel comforter can feel a bit too warm for hot sleepers.

While it’s cool enough for most sleepers, hot sleepers should consider getting a down comforter.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a cozy but cool summer comforter, the Royal Hotel comforter is the best choice unless you are a hot sleeper.

We love how plush and luxurious comfort feels, especially considering the pocket-friendly price.

4. Best Budget: AmazonBasics Reversible Microfiber Bed Comforter

AmazonBasics Bed Comforter

Looking for a good quality comforter on a budget? We recommend the AmazonBasics reversible comforter.

Some of the ‘you get what you pay for’ wisdom applies to this comforter. Quality is not as good as other pricier comforters, but it’s more comfortable than most people expected. Owing to the price and thinness, this becomes an ideal option when it comes to summer comforters.

Just know that you may need to replace it in a couple of years.


  • Very affordable.
  • Super soft and comfortable.
  • Doesn’t overheat – perfect for summer and hot sleepers.
  • Reversible.


  • Not ideal for cold winters – you’ll need two comforters to sleep warm.
  • Inadequate stitching.

Our Review

The AmazonBasics comforter is probably the cheapest queen size comforter you’ll find online. But it is surprisingly comfortable.

The polyester microfiber filling feels soft and plush, and the polyester cover is soft too.

As expected, the comforter is thinner than usual, making it ideal for summer use and hot sleepers. You can still use it in the colder months if you live in a place like Florida, Arizona, or California where winters are usually not too severe.

But if you normally get very cold winters, get a thicker comforter or buy two AmazonBasics comforters.

Keeping comfort clean is easy. You can machine wash it with warm water, but make sure you use non-chlorine bleach. Tumble dry on low.

Issues & Limitations

The biggest complaint from customers is the quality of stitching. The stitches holding the filling in place start getting loose after a few washes causing the filling to start shifting and bunching.

The comforter is also thin. This is not a problem during the summer. It’s good since it keeps you from overheating. But if you live in a place with extra-chilly winters, the AmazonBasics comforter won’t be enough to keep you warm.

Bottom Line

The stitching could be better, but we still think the AmazonBasics comforter is good value for money. Just try not to wash it too often.

You can buy two of them to interchange and prevent quick wear. The comforter is also a good choice for the guest room, where it will be used (and washed) less frequently.

5. Best Lightweight: Cocoon CoolMax Blanket

Cocoon CoolMax Blanket

If you need a lightweight comforter you can use on the couch or take with you on the train or plane; we recommend the Cocoon CoolMax blanket.

It comes in just one size (55” by 70”), but you can choose from multiple colors and styles.


  • Lightweight but warm.
  • Perfect for traveling.
  • Comes with a handy pouch.
  • Available in over a dozen colors.


  • It’s thin – not ideal for camping or use on a bed.

Our Review

For a travel blanket, the CoolMax blanket is big. It easily covers your entire body when you are in the car, on a flight, or the sofa at home.

Some parents were even able to share it with their children.

The blanket is thin – it feels more like a soft and cozy t-shirt than a blanket. But it does a good job keeping you warm.

If you want it to warm you a bit quicker, you can fold it in half. It’ll still cover most of your body.

The thin fabric makes the blanket much easier to travel with. The blanket weighs just 320g, and when you fold it, it fits easily in the included pouch.

The blanket is easy to clean in a washing machine. Tumble dry on low.

Issues & Limitations

The CoolMax blanket is not going to make you as warm as a proper comforter. To make it easily portable, they had to make the blanket thin, which lowers its heat retention.

This is not an issue in an airplane, train, or car.

But if you are thinking about taking it camping or using it in bed, it’s not ideal.

Bottom Line

The CoolMax blanket makes traveling on a plane, train, or car much more comfortable. It’s also perfect as a throw blanket for the couch.

6. Best Hypoallergenic: AllerEase Hot Water Washable Allergy Protection Comforter

AllerEase Allergy Protection Comforter

If you have allergies or a health condition like asthma that’s worsened by exposure to allergens, the AllerEase comforter is the best choice.

The cover blocks allergens like dust mite and pet dander from settling in the filling. The filling itself is hypoallergenic.

For added allergy protection, you can safely machine wash the comforter in hot water.


  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Keeps out allergens.
  • It can be washed in hot water.
  • Ideal for year-round use.


  • A bit noisy.
  • Not ideal for hot sleepers.
  • The cover is a bit rough.

Our Review

Most comforters come with strict instructions against washing it in hot water. The AllerEase is an exemption. You can safely wash it in hot water without the cover or filling falling apart.

Hot water makes for a cleaner comforter. It kills dust mites and is more effective at getting rid of allergens like pet dander and pollen.

The ability to wash the comforter in hot water is also handy if your pet sleeps on your bed. It gets rid of any pet smells.

Hot water washing is not the only way the AllerEase comforter protects you from allergens. The cover, which is a blend of cotton and polyester, is designed to keep out dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and dust.

This ensures you are not breathing in allergens as you sleep.

The filling itself is hypoallergenic, meaning there’s a very little possibility it’ll cause an allergic reaction.

If you have allergies, sensitivities, or asthma, the AllerEase comforter will make your sleep easier and more comfortable.

The comforter is lightweight and warm, making it ideal for year-round use. But, similar to most microfiber comforters, it can get a tad too warm for hot sleepers during summer.

Issues & Limitations

The AllerEase comforter has an issue we’ve not to see in any other comforter – it’s noisy. The cover rustles when you move at night.

It’s not too loud, but it can be a bother.

Another problem with the cover is that it’s a bit rough. If you are looking for a luxuriously soft comforter, this is not it.

Perhaps they had to make it rougher to withstand hot water.

Bottom Line

Though microfiber comforters are hypoallergenic, they can collect allergens and make it hard for you to sleep comfortably.

The AllerEase comforter blocks these allergens from getting into the comforter. For the few that gather on or in the comforter, you can easily get rid of them by washing it in hot water.

7. Best luxurious: Egyptian Bedding Luxurious 1200 Thread Count Goose Down Comforter

Egyptian Bedding Luxurious Comforter

Willing to spend a bit more money on a luxurious comforter? We recommend this down (not down alternative) comforter from Egyptian Bedding.

Though more expensive than down alternative comforters, it’s cheaper than most luxury down comforters.


  • Plush and soft – like sleeping under a cloud.
  • 100% goose down filling.
  • Luxury 1200 thread count Egyptian cotton cover.
  • It comes with loops for a duvet cover.
  • Ideal for year-round use.


  • 2-3 times the price of down alternative comforters.
  • Not ideal for hot sleepers.

Our Review

If you want a luxury down comforter without spending hundreds of dollars, the Egyptian Bedding comforter is a great choice.

The goose down filling gives it an ultra-plush feel that you can’t get from ordinary down alternative comforters.

The cover is also better than the polyester or microfiber covers that cheaper comforters have. It’s 100% Egyptian cotton though we think the 1200 thread count is a bit inflated.

Most customers say the cover doesn’t feel quite as soft as some 600 thread count bedding they own.

The comforter is fluffy but surprisingly lightweight. It has a fill power of 750 and a fill weight of 50 oz, making it ideal for year-round use.

It comes with loops for securing it to a duvet cover.

The comforter is machine washable, but the manufacturer recommends dry cleaning instead.

Note that the comforter may look a bit too thin when it first arrives. Fluff it gently and let it rest for a few hours. It’ll puff up.

Issues & Limitations

The Egyptian Bedding down comforter is much more expensive than down alternative comforters. If you are looking for a budget comforter, this is not it.

Despite being ideal for year-round use, it can get too warm for hot sleepers and those who experience extra-warm summers.

Bottom Line

Though more expensive than microfiber comforters, the Egyptian Bedding down comforter is a good deal. It’s hard to get good quality and comfortable down comforter at this price.

How Cooling Comforters Work

Thin Cooling Comforters

Cooling comforters are thinner and lighter than traditional comforters. They have less filling, and the filling is more spaced out to allow better airflow (lower fill weight and fill power).

This reduces heat retention so that you don’t overheat.

Buying Guide: What to Look for in a cooling comforter

Best Cooling Mattress Pads


The first thing to consider is how much you are willing or able to spend on a new comforter.

You can get some cheap and good quality comforters for $30 or less. But they may not last long.

They may also not be warm enough in winter. But that’s not an issue if you need a comforter specifically for summer.

In the midrange ($40-$60), you’ll find fluffier and softer comforters. Beware, though; these can be too warm for summer.

Some comforters are more expensive because they are part of a bedding set.

Above $60, you’ll find luxury comforters; some made with down filling. They are soft, plush, and have better thermal control.

Filling Material

Down & down alternative comforter

When it comes to material, there are two general types of comforters: down and down alternative.

Down comforters are more expensive but provide a more luxurious sleeping experience. They are also better for hot sleepers.

On the downside, down filling tends to trigger allergic reactions in people with allergies or asthma. A down comforter is also more delicate and requires careful washing and drying.

Down alternative comforters don’t have the softness and plush feel of down comforters. But they are cheaper and mid-range ones can feel almost as luxurious as a natural down comforter.

Down alternative comforters contain microfiber (polyester or cotton microfiber or a mixture of both), which is hypoallergenic. If you have allergies or asthma, an alternative down comforter is the best choice.

The main downside of down alternative comforters is thermal control. For hot sleepers, it’s hard to find an alternative down comforter that keeps you warm without overheating.

Hot sleepers and those who live in hot climates will find a down comforter to be more comfortable in summer.

Cover Material

Don’t forget to check what kind of cover the comforter uses. Polyester, microfiber, or cotton covers are great. They are soft and wick moisture well off your skin.

If you plan to use a duvet cover, the comforter cover is not that important since you’ll cover it up anyway.

Fill Weight and Fill Power

Fill weight refers to the amount of filling inside the comforter. A higher fill weight generally makes for a warmer comforter.

Note, however, that down comforter can have a high fill weight while still feeling cool.

The ideal summer weight for a comforter is 30-60 oz. for a King or Queen size.

Fill power is the amount of space the filling occupies. In other words, how fluffy the comforter is. A higher fill power results in a warmer comforter.

As with fill weight, down comforters can have a higher fill power while remaining cool.

The ideal fill power for a summer comforter is 400-600.

Not all manufacturers and sellers list the comforter’s fill weight and power. But it’s good to know about them when you find them listed. You can also contact the manufacturer to ask for specific figures.

Care & Cleaning

best summer comforter

Almost all the comforters you’ll come across are machine washable. They can also be tumble dried on low.

Down comforters can be tricky, though, as they are more fragile. Some manufacturers recommend dry cleaning, which can be pricey.

If you buy a down comforter, we highly recommend getting a duvet cover as well. This way, you’ll never have to wash the comforter, or you’ll only need to wash it occasionally.


Stitching is one thing many people forget to check when buying a comforter, yet it can be frustrating if done poorly.

To be fair, it’s hard to tell the quality of stitching when shopping online. Try to see if there are any customer complaints in the reviews regarding the stitching coming loose.

Loose stitching causes the filling to start shifting and bunching, especially after a wash. Once that happens, the comforter is pretty much useless.

We recommend double-stitched comforters. Look for those with stitched boxes. The small boxes keep filling in place.


summer comforter reviews

Finally, make sure you select the best comfortable size for your bed.

A helpful tip: don’t rely on standard labels like Queen, twin, and full size. Look at the exact dimensions. They tend to vary among different comforters.

Check the dimensions and make sure the comforter is significantly larger than your mattress. This ensures it covers you (or you and your partner) adequately.

Most people also like the comforter hanging low on the bed to hide the mattress.

Depending on the dimensions of the comforter, you may have to get a size bigger than your mattress to get a good overhang on the sides. Keep all these things in mind when looking for the best cooling comforters. 


What kind of comforter is best for summer?

What kind of comforter is best for summer?

A lightweight and breathable comforter that will keep you warm without overheating. Look for a comforter with 30-60 oz. Fill weight and 400-600 fill power.

Are duvets cooler than comforters?

No. A duvet typically contains more filling than a comforter; thus, it is warmer.

Are down comforters good for summer?

Yes, they are. Unlike down alternative, down has excellent breathability and easily wicks away moisture from the skin.

But if you are a hot sleeper, look for one that’s thinner and has less filling to avoid getting too hot and sweaty.

What material is best for hot sleepers?

If you are a hot sleeper, look for comfort with down filling and a cotton cover. This combo provides the best breathability, moisture-wicking, and temperature control.

What is the softest comforter material?

Natural down.

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