Break Your New Mattress In

8 Simple Ways to Break Your New Mattress In

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You finally discarded your old mattress and bought a new bed. Congratulations, you can now find the restful night of sleep that has been eluding you for months.

As you lie down and wait for sleep to overtake you, you begin to notice that the minutes are ticking by – and you are not falling asleep.

You toss and turn, searching for a comfortable position.

Did you make a mistake?

Is your new bed a dud?

You might just need to break in your new mattress.

Most people don't know that a new bed needs time to soften – very similar to a new pair of squeaky and stiff shoes.

This post will walk you through all you need to know about breaking in a new bed.

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Why Do You Have to “Break-In” A New Mattress?

Break In A New Mattress

Shoes aren't the only things that need to be broken in. Automobile engines, baseball gloves, jeans, and yes, also mattresses, all require a breaking in period.

Consider it this way: you are already used to your old mattress. The worn-out springs, the saggy indents, and the frayed materials are all familiar to you.

When you lie down on a new, solid surface, your body needs to take some time to adjust.

On your new bed, your body might simply not be used to how it feels to be in alignment.

Or, the mattress may be too firm for the first month or two.

Expect your first week on any new mattress to feel different.

To speed up the process of breaking in your new mattress, follow the tips below.

Breaking in a New Mattress — Tips & Tricks

Breaking in a New Mattress

Let Your Mattress Breathe

If you purchased your bed online, odds are it came compressed or wrapped in a box. Sometimes, it's been wrapped tightly in plastic.

The materials can give off an off-gassing smell for a day or two. If your bedding was compressed for transport, it might take some time to expand to its full size.

Based on the exact model you bought, it can take four to ten hours to expand to its full size. Sleeping on it too soon not only makes you distress, but it may also affect the capacity of the mattress to enlarge. What might help is allowing your mattress to breathe for the first 24 hours with no sheets or bodyweight?

Put on the Pressure

If you are willing to soften your bed's surface, walk on it. This method works well on memory and latex foam surfaces.

If your mattress is hybrid or innerspring, crawl on your hands and knees instead.

The reason for this difference is that springs can decay more speedily when your body weight is intensely concentrated.

If you don't feel easy walking on your bed, stack piles of books on it.

Be Patient

Try not to get disappointed if you don't love the way your new bed feels right away.

Your favorite pair of shoes may have given you a blister the day you wore them.

Keep in mind; it may take sixty or thirty days for your mattress to feel like home.

The higher the quality, the longer it may take as a result of these materials' sturdiness, so that is something else to keep in mind during this procedure.

Warm it Up

If you have memory foam, the material will likely soften and become more flexible when it gets warm.

Hence, if you're in a hurry to break in a new mattress, try keeping your room a few degrees warmer than usual. It ought to make your bed feel softer.

Take note that temperatures can disturb your sleep, so this tip is a bit of a trade-off.

It works best if you are in a colder room, and you have planned on heating it.

Sleep on It Consistently

You might get frustrated and be tempted to rest in the process and spend a night on the sofa or in the guest area.

It may be useful to keep in mind that your mattress's consistent use can accelerate the breaking in process.

This should let you enjoy your purchase that much earlier.

Put It On The proper Foundation.

Before plopping your mattress on the old base, check to be sure that the two pieces are compatible, and your foundation is not sagging, worn out, or broken.

Even though you may not always require a new base, you may need to have a replacement if you have switched the sort of bed you are now sleeping on.

Follow Your Gut

If you know this bed is not for you, then, by all means – do not suffer through it.

That said, it is worth giving it a fair shot before making a final decision.

Give It The Entire Time

Most companies ask customers to spend several nights to a month sleeping on a mattress before allowing a return or exchange.

Mattress makers know that people need a while to adjust to sleeping on something new.

The quantity of time they define is the upper limit of when their buyers either decide they love or hate their investment.

Give their expertise, if they say you should sleep on a new bed for thirty nights before requesting a return, then why not give it a go?

If you are worried about being locked into four or more weeks of restlessness, consider searching for a company that doesn't have this condition or reaches out to the brand with your concern.

How Long Does It Take to Break-In?

 break in new mattress

The answer depends on the type of bed you bought.


Innerspring models are generally broken in relatively fast.

The springs are created to conform to your weight, and the pillow top segment above them is not firm or too thick.

You might find comfort your first night, though it might take up to four weeks.

One thing to remember with innerspring beds is that the springs can degrade quicker than high-density memory foam.

Due to this, remember to rotate your mattress every three to six months.


There's quite a bit of variation in the break-in time for latex foam, depending on whether the latex is artificial or natural and if the bed is 100% latex foam or a hybrid design.

Generally, there is a lot of air in latex foam, which helps them to bread in more quickly.

In general, expect to get familiar with your completely broken-in latex bed within two to fourteen days.

Memory Foam

Low-density memory foam often feels like a comfy cloud the very first night.

However, it might leave you feeling like you are sinking into a hole a couple of months later.

Higher-density foam beds take longer to a break-in, but they should last you a lot longer.

The higher the density, the more the break-in period of the memory foam model.

It can take up to sixty days to fully become accustomed to a dense, firm foam mattress.

What if It Never Breaks In?

 break in new mattress

Wait For It

You know the expression, never say never.

Eventually, the bed should be broken in, though that might not mean that it feels comfortable.

It's a good idea to wait for the amount of minimum time needed by the manufacturer.

After that, if your mattress is not a match, then contact the company to get an exchange or a return.

Exchange It

Most companies offer more than one model.

Check to see if you're able to swap what you've got for something firmer or softer.

Return It

You might need to return your mattress and begin the shopping process all over again if there's no other suitable or available model from the merchant or the manufacturer.

So make sure you've kept your receipt to initiate a return.

Also, during your trial period, take care to not stain, soil, or damage the item.

Most companies warranties allow them to reject your claim if you've abused the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a firmer mattress softer?

How can I make a firmer mattress softer?

The fastest way would be to spend as much time on it as possible.

Thus, in addition to sleeping on the firm surface, lie or sit on it when you are watching TV, working, studying, etc.

If you can't spend too much time on your bed, stack it with books when you're not at home.

Is it OK To Walk On It?

Yes, this technique is helpful in breaking in a new bed, especially for latex and memory foam surfaces.

For spring or innerspring hybrids, just crawl around on your knees and hands instead of your feet to disperse the weight more evenly and avoid excess concentrated pressure on the springs, which can permanently deflect them.

How To Know If My New Mattress Is Too Firm?

If you wake up feeling pain in your arms, hips, or shoulders, the surface may be too firm. On the other hand, if your biggest complaint is low back pain, that's a sign that the bed is too soft.

Is it common for a new mattress to cause back pain?

While there could be discomfort linked with a new mattress, if you are feeling back pain after waking up, there's another explanation. You may have bought a firmness level that is not compatible with your weight or sleeping posture.

Another explanation is that the way you live could cause pain. Have a look at how long you spent sitting or lounging or whether you involve in high-impact athletic activities. Some of these factors could be the reason for your back pain.


Avocado firmness

You may be aware of the stats about how many years of your life you spend in your bed.

So, you really should not compromise when it comes to sleeping comfortably at night.

Before committing to your purchase, ensure you do your research.

Here are some suggestions that can help you out before hitting the purchase button:

  • • Read customer testimonials. Pay particular consideration to those that mention conditions similar to yours (low back pain or with arthritis, as an instance ).
  • • Review the return policy. Are you required to sleep on the mattress for several nights? Does the company give ample time to make a final choice?
  • • Check if the company has an exchange policy. They may allow you to replace your bed quickly with a firmer or softer model.
  • • Check to see if there is a local showroom where you can try before you buy. Showrooms may not give a real-life experience, but they can help you choose between two models.
  • • Find out if the company provides accessories. Some manufacturers offer “comfort kits,” which can make your mattress firmer or softer, depending upon your preferences.

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