Idle Hybrid Mattress

Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress Review: A Cut Above

Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress Review


Idle Hybrid is a 2-sided mattress that combines the support of pocket coils with the body contouring of foam to provide a great sleeping experience.

Great choice for: Shoppers looking for a good quality hybrid mattress that will last long. Also ideal for anyone who wants a comfort-adjustable mattress.

Avoid if: You are looking for a budget mattress.

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Idle Sleep has been growing its catalog lately. Recent additions include a hybrid natural latex mattress and a plush gel memory foam mattress.

The Idle hybrid was one of their earliest products and one of the few double-sided hybrid mattresses you'll find in the market.

2-sided design has two big benefits. One, it increases lifespan since you can flip the mattress to even out wearing. Two, if you select the medium/luxury firm option, you can change the feel of the mattress simply by flipping it over.

You get 18 months to try the mattress at home, one of the longest mattress trial periods we've seen. The warranty is also pretty generous – it's a lifetime warranty.

To learn more about the Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress, keep reading. For other hybrid mattresses, read our roundup of the best hybrid mattresses.

What's In This Mattress Review?

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About Idle Sleep

Idle Sleep logo

Idle Sleep is a relatively new online mattress startup. The company is best known for its two-sided mattresses and their extra-long 18-month in-home sleep trial.

Idle Sleep uses proprietary foam materials to increase the comfort and longevity of their mattresses. Combined with the two-sided design, Idle mattresses last longer than average. That's why the company is confident enough to offer a lifetime warranty.

Currently, Idle Sleep sells four mattresses: Idle Sleep Hybrid (the one we are reviewing today), Idle Latex, Idle Gel Plush, and Idle Gel Foam. They also sell various sleep accessories, including a memory foam pillow and luxury sateen bed sheets.

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Social Impact

idle sleep

Idle Sleep manufactures their mattresses in the USA, which provides jobs locally and ensures the highest product quality.

Also, they use CertiPUR-US certified foams, which are healthier for their customers as well as the environment.

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Purchase Process

The best place to buy the Idle Sleep hybrid mattress is on the official website. It's also available on Amazon, but you'll only get a 120-day trial period compared to the 18-month home trial available on the manufacturer's website.

Another advantage of buying on Idle Sleep's website is that you can choose the exact configuration you want. There are three options:

  • Medium on both sides – the only advantage is increased longevity.
  • Luxury firm on both sides – also offers increased longevity as the only upside.
  • Medium on one side and luxury firm on the other – in addition to a longer-lasting mattress, you can adjust firmness.

In addition to firmness, select your preferred size. Idle hybrid is available in all standard sizes, as well as a split king.

Next, decide which accessories you want to add to your order. Currently, Idle Sleep is offering two free pillows with every mattress. You can also add an adjustable base, foundation, mattress protector, or bedsheets to your order.

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Idle Sleep Hybrid is more expensive than most foam mattresses but cheaper than other luxury hybrid mattresses. Considering it is two-sided and 14″ thick, we think it's a great bargain.

Here are their latest discounted prices.

Twin $781
Twin XL $829
Full $990
Queen $1,065
King $1,268
Cal King $1,268

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18-Month Trial

Idle sleep home trial

The longest mattress trial period we've seen is one year for the Nectar mattress. The Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress has a longer trial period.

You can test the mattress at home for up to 18 months. This gives you plenty of time to test the mattress in all sorts of conditions and get an idea of how well it holds up over time. It also lets you test both sides of the mattress without pressure.

Returns are free.

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Lifetime Warranty

Idle mattress warranty

Idle Sleep guarantees your new mattress for a lifetime. If at any time, it develops a defect or has a permanent impression deeper than one inch, Idle Sleep will replace or repair the mattress free. The warranty is non-prorated.

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Idle shipping and returns

Idle Sleep ships the mattress through UPS. You'll receive a tracking number as soon as the mattress is shipped. Expect to receive it in 2-6 business days.

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Delivery and Setup

Idle hybrid mattress setup

Idle Sleep offers standard curbside delivery. For an extra fee, you can opt for white glove delivery where the mattress will be brought inside your home and set up wherever you want.

Note that white glove delivery fees are non-refundable in case you return the mattress.

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Foundation and Frame

Idle sleep hybrid mattress

What Type of Bed Frame/Support Does IDLE Hybrid Mattress Require? 

The Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress works well on any solid and sturdy surface, including a box spring, slats, or foundation.

If you don't have a foundation or yours is old, you can order a new one along with the Idle hybrid mattress.

Does Idle Hybrid Work on an Adjustable Bed?

Yes, it does.

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Care and Cleaning

Idle Hybrid Mattress

Is a Mattress Protector Needed for the Idle Hybrid Mattress?

Idle Sleep does not require a mattress protector in its warranty and return policy. But stains and liquid damage on the mattress can keep you from returning it and void the warranty.

So we highly recommend getting a waterproof mattress protector. You can add one to your order when buying the mattress.

Do you Need to Rotate the Idle Hybrid Mattress?

You don't need to rotate the mattress unless you weigh significantly less or more than your partner or if you sleep alone on one side of the bed.

You can flip the Idle Hybrid mattress as often as you want since it is two-sided.

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Aesthetics and Styling

Idle sleep hybrid mattress

The Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress has a simple design. The cover is white with blue trimmings.

One notable aspect of the Idle mattress is the height. At 14″, it gives your bed a grand 5-star hotel look. If you like how tall mattresses look, the Idle hybrid mattress is a great choice.

But keep in mind that it can make your bed too high. Get a low foundation to ensure you can get in and out of bed without a problem.

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Idle Sleep 14 Inch King Double Sided Hybrid Mattress in a Box - Sleep Cool with Thermocool Fabric - Motion Isolating Springs - Medium Firm - Made in USA - CertiPUR-US Certified

One reason the Idle Hybrid mattress is thicker than average is that it is two-sided. It is essentially two mattresses in one.

The first layer is 1″ IDLE contouring foam. This layer is soft to provide instant pressure relief.

The second layer is 2″ IDLE cooling buoyancy foam. This proprietary foam has better responsiveness and support than memory foam. It also sleeps cooler.

A 1″ transition layer shields you from the coils underneath and provides extra support.

The core of the mattress consists of 6″ quantum edge-to-edge pocket coils. These provide compression support when sleeping on either side of the mattress. The coils also improve mattress responsiveness (making it bouncier) and ventilation (making it cooler).

Below the coil layer, the above layers are replicated so that you feel comfortable no matter which side of the mattress you sleep on.

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Cooling Cover

Idle mattress sinkage

The Idle Sleep hybrid mattress uses Thermocool fabric for the cover. This is a special fabric that keeps you comfortable throughout the year. It reacts to your body temperature, warming you when it is cold and cooling you when it is hot.

Below the cover, the Idle Hybrid mattress contains a natural fire barrier – no chemicals or synthetic fire retardants.

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mattress off-gassing

Expect some mild off-gassing when you first unbox the mattress. It's harmless (the foams are CertiPUR-US certified) but can be unpleasant if you are sensitive to odors.

The smell goes away after a few days. To dissipate it faster, leave the mattress uncovered in a well-ventilated room.

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Sleeping Experience

Idle mattress sleeping experience

Some of the highest-rated mattresses on this website are hybrid mattresses. Hybrid mattresses manage to offer the best balance between firm support and soft pressure-point relief while also adding a nice bounciness to the mattress.

The Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress is no different. Of course, your actual sleeping experience will depend on the firmness option you choose.

The medium has a plusher feel while the luxury firm feels like floating on the mattress.

Because of its thickness and use of pocket coils, the Idle hybrid mattress is a great choice for heavier folks weighing over 230lbs. It provides plenty of compression support without sagging.

The edge-to-edge design of the coils also means you get enough support throughout the mattress. If you like sleeping near the edge of the mattress, you won't feel like you'll roll-off.

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Idle mattress firmness

If you are confident you know which firmness level you want, get the medium or luxury firm Idle Hybrid mattress.

The medium feels softer and is great for side sleepers and lighter back sleepers. It is also the best choice for sleepers who constantly switch sleeping positions.

The luxury firm provides more support and is ideal for stomach sleepers and heavier back sleepers.

If you are not sure which comfort option is right for you, get the medium/luxury firm option. If you don't like the medium side, flip the mattress to the luxury firm side.

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Idle mattress sinkage

Sinkage will depend on the firmness level of your mattress. The medium mattress or side has more sinkage, thus provides better body contouring for side sleepers.

The luxury firm mattress or side sinks less and provides better support and alignment for back and stomach sleepers.

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Motion Transfer

Idle mattress motion transfer

He Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress does not absorb motion as well as an all-foam mattress, but you are still unlikely to feel your partner's movements.

The top foam layers absorb most of the motion whole; the individually wrapped coils stop disturbances from moving across the mattress.

If your partner tosses and turns a lot at night or disturbs you when they wake up, the Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress will help you sleep more peacefully.

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Hot/Cold Issues

Idle cooling bouyancy

One advantage of buying a hybrid mattress is that it sleeps much cooler than an all-foam mattress, especially a memory foam mattress.

But Idle Sleep doesn't rely on just the hybrid design to keep you cool. The mattress also contains temperature-neutral foams that don't trap heat like memory foam.

Besides, the Idle Hybrid mattress uses a special cooling cover that actively cools you when it gets too hot.

If you sleep hot or live in a place that gets hot summers, we highly recommend Idle Hybrid.

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Pros and Cons

idle hybrid mattress


  • Excellent support and pressure-point relief.
  • The two-sided design increases lifespan and lets you adjust comfort.
  • Generous trial period and lifetime warranty.
  • Sleeps cool.
  • Surprisingly affordable.


  • Pricier than an all-foam mattress.
  • It's heavy – tedious to set up and flip.

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The Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress is Perfect for You If:

Idle sleep hybrid mattress

  • You are looking for a flippable mattress.
  • Want a mattress with adjustable firmness.
  • You sleep hot.
  • Or weigh more than 230lbs – Idle Sleep provides excellent support and longevity.

My Bottom Line

Idle 2-sided mattress

Two-sided mattresses are harder to find nowadays. The Idle Sleep Hybrid is one of the best flippable mattresses around. It is well made with a lifetime warranty to guarantee longevity.

We also love the price. For a 14″ two-sided mattress, it is surprisingly affordable.

If you are looking for a good bargain on a flippable mattress, we highly recommend Idle Sleep Hybrid.

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