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10 Bright & Fresh Scandinavian Cabinet Ideas

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If you love modern design, natural elements, and uncluttered spaces, you just might be a fan of Scandinavian style.

The Scandinavian design merges minimalist modern style with lots of organic, natural elements to create a welcoming and warm environment that is noticeably free from clutter and waste.

When considering furniture, wood is the go-to option for Scandinavian design – it helps to bring outdoors in.

Lightwoods, including pine, maple, teak, and oak, are always good choices.

Use light stains to highlight the natural wood grain – or choose pieces washed in blue or white and worn.

All of these compliments the cool Scandinavian palette.

In this article, we present a variety of Scandinavian cabinet styles for your room.

We hope these bright and fresh Scandinavian cabinet ideas will help inspire you to give your room a natural, clean, and modern look.

1. Light Blonde Dresser

Light Blonde Dresser

Bring the outdoors in with this light blonde wooden dresser.

Note the mockup frames and cow skull on the wall that add that natural / organic feel typical of Scandinavian style.

2. Low and Cool

Low and Cool

This low-rise cabinet made of recycled wood is such a cool piece!

Perfect choice for an eco-friendly Scandinavian living room.

3. As Simple As It Gets

As Simple As It Gets

Simplicity is a hallmark of Scandinavian style.

And this is on full display with this beautiful low rise modern cabinet.

This room highlights the importance of accessorizing Scandinavian rooms, which tend to look bland without some flourishes – note how the mockup frame and a hanging lamp make this room far more interesting.

This cabinet would work well in any bedroom, dining room, or living room.

4. Stylish & Sleek

Stylish & Sleek

Check out this Scandi-inspired grey modern cabinet in a bright white and black room decorated with lots of plants, mockup frames, and a graphic rug on the floor.

5. White & Natural Together

White & Natural Together

A good example of how to bring nature into an otherwise dull modern room.

Note how the elegant white cabinet with its natural-stained surfaces looks great next to the wicker chair with metal base – and how the plant, palm, and (fake) bird bring the room’s feel right back to nature.

6. Interesting Chairs

Scandinavian Cabinet

This basic, but elegant, black cabinet works well when paired with two eclectic Scandinavian-style armchairs.

The black night lamp, mockup frame, and a beige rug pull this room together.

7. Dark Grey Dresser

Scandinavian Cabinet

A dark grey Scandinavian dresser-style cabinet in a stylish room interior enhanced with a lot of plants.

8. Modern Teal

Scandinavian Cabinet

An excellent example of what a cabinet can do for a room.

This room pops with its bright teal cabinet paired with two matching frames.

9. Scandinavian Hip

Scandinavian Cabinet

This Scandi-hipster interior features a modern cabinet and mockup frame on the wall.

10. Bright and White

Scandinavian Cabinet

Have a large room? This long, low-rise white cabinet works well with a metallic chair and hanging bulbs!

A minimalist, modern look that works in almost any newer home.

As you can see from the examples above, Scandinavian design is all about simple straight lines, natural woods, geometric patterns, bright shades – and a few natural/organic touches.

If you want a space that feels warm without being cluttered or fussy, then Scandinavian is the style for you.

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