Mid-Century Cabinet

10 Iconic Mid-Century Cabinet Ideas

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Mid-century style cabinets feature the refreshing simplicity of the 1950s and 1960s America. 

Cabinets are more than just a storage space for keeping books, dishes, and other items.

The right cabinet can add a ton of style to a living or dining room.

Selecting the right cabinets is an especially important choice when it comes to minimalist-style interiors.

Mid-century style cabinets are usually made of wood, with simple geometric lines – and are full of retro charm.

In this post, we introduce a few iconic mid-century cabinets to give your living room a classic, yet modern, feel.

1. Oak Veneer

Oak Veneer

A sleek and modern cabinet made of oak wood for your mid-century living room.

2. Walnut Charm

Walnut Charm

Give your mid-century living room a modern touch with this walnut-finished wooden cabinet with super-clean lines and a casual look.

3. At Home

At Home

Check out this perfect example of a modern mid-century style living room – and the central cabinet with its open shelves and multiple drawers for storage.

Also note the casual décor with plants, a lamp, and that cool looking green armchair.

4. Retro Style

Iconic Retro Style

Another pretty mid-century living room decorated with plants, armchair, table, and a cabinet in retro style.

5. Open Blonde

Open Blonde

A modern mid-century style blonde wood cabinet with open shelves.

This neutral shade fits a wide array of palettes, while the 6-drawer design offers ample storage room.

6. Dark and Elegant

Mid-Century Cabinet Ideas

This gorgeous dark wood mid-century cabinet looks rich, warm, and built to last.

Note the hanging lamp, a vase of flower on the top surface of the cabinet, and one plant sitting on the floor, creating an ideal mid-century atmosphere.

7. Low Rise Cool

Mid-Century Cabinet Ideas

The Jetsons called…

Check out this low rise cabinet with white panels.

A perfect addition to any mid-century living room.

8. Teak Wood

Mid-Century Cabinet Ideas

What a beautiful mid-century teak wood hi-rise dresser.

Tons of storage space for your bedroom or living room.

9. Vintage White

Mid-Century Cabinet

Store all your essential items in this 7-drawer white vintage cabinet.

Note how well this works against a dark shaded wall.

10. Danish Design

Mid-Century Cabinet Ideas

This high-rise cabinet in vintage Danish design is a wonderful, warm furniture piece for any Euro-inspired mid-century living room.

You won’t go wrong as long as you focus on low-rise wooden cabinets in a neutral finish with a clean silhouette, thin retro legs, and a sleek and modern vibe.

Whatever cabinet or dresser you choose, make sure it looks solid and built to last, too.  And – it works.

Once you find your ideal cabinet, accessorize it with a vase of fresh flowers, big art pieces, and other decorative items.

Just keep in mind: everything must look clean, simple, and functional.

Or you’re violating the mid-century rules 😉

So, go ahead and get your ideal cabinet today.

Happy Decorating!

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