Scandinavian Pillow Ideas

10 Bright & Fresh Scandinavian Pillow Ideas

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Scandinavian design is all about love for simplicity, natural elements, and functionality.

It's about bringing nature into your space while keeping life simple and clutter-free.

A Scandi-inspired room with neutral colors and a few embellishments create a soothing and comfortable atmosphere.

That said, Scandinavian style can end up looking bland if simplicity is your only rule – so it helps to add a stylish pillow or two to make the room more attractive.

A foolproof method is to select a mix of mostly neutral solids and simple geometric patterns with nature-inspired, playful graphics and bright folk embroidery.

Here are ten bright and fresh Scandinavian pillow ideas that you might want to consider adding into your space:

1. Classic Black & White

Classic Black & White

Nothing is more classic than a combination of black and white.

Consider adding black and white pillows in multiple patterns on your bed or sofa.

2. Mix Patterns & Colors

Mix Patterns & Colors

Mixing and matching patterns is always a great idea.

3. Add Color Contrast

Scandinavian Pillow Ideas

Check out this fabulous Scandinavian inspired living room with wood and wicker accessories and lots of photo frames.

Note how the colored pillows in unique patterns sitting on the couch bring this room to life.

4. Striped Pillows

Striped Pillows

Patterned pillows and bedsheets with a pink coverlet add a warm, romantic touch to this Scandinavian bedroom with bedside cabinets.

5. Scandinavian Brown

Scandinavian Brown

Add this cool brown pillow to your room to give it a classic European feel!

6. Decorative Brown

Decorative Brown

This Scandi-style ornamental pillow is another great choice for any bedroom using a pale or off white palette!

7. Throw Pillows

Scandinavian Pillow Ideas

This light king-size bedroom is a lot more comfortable with these comfy pillows highlighting the brick wall and white finish!

8. Fur Pillows

Scandinavian Pillow Ideas

Imagine your coffee in the morning sunlight lying on a black sofa, and these soft fur cushions on your lap!

9. Grey And Rose Pillow

Grey And Rose Pillow

A unique combination of grey rose, and white on these pillows work well with the single patterned pillow.

A perfect example of mix and match.

10. Light color striped pillows

Scandinavian Pillow Ideas

Light color striped pillows on a plain white surface with posters make a perfect Scandi-inspired space.

For a Scandinavian styled bedroom, cotton and natural matte linen look great in any minimalist décor.

Shiny fabrics such as satin and velvet can also provide a dash of youthful color, glitz, and energy.

The color palette is essential.

Just one odd pillow can clash with the rest of the décor.

For the best impact, keep all the pillows in the same shade or a pair of complementary hues and only add a couple of contrasting pillows for flair.

For Scandinavian design, think: simple, relaxing, and natural.

Then add one or two bold colors or patterns to make things interesting.

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