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Should You Buy a 2-Sided Mattress? Top 10 Considerations For & Against

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Double-sided mattresses were once the standard. Users could easily flip the mattress to avoid wearing down one side.

The appeal of lower costs led to the single-sided mattresses that are so common today.

All the mattresses from big names, including Serta, Sealy, and Tempur-Pedic are almost exclusively one-sided.

Even newer online startups like Casper and Leesa have focused on these types of mattresses.

But 2-sided mattresses have been making a comeback, with their sellers claiming increased durability and comfort.

Many of these new 2-sided mattresses combine two firmness levels in one product, letting you switch from soft to a firm or vice versa just by flipping the mattresses.

So, should you go the two-sided way for your next mattress?

Here are some reasons why it is – and is not – a good idea plus our verdict.

Reasons to Get a 2-sided Mattress

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1. You’ll Have it for Longer

Because you can flip the mattress, one side doesn’t wear out too quickly. You can get 2-3 more years from a 2-sided mattress than a comparable single-sided one.

2. More Comfort Options

Many bed-in-a-box double-sided mattresses come with two comfort options. One side is firmer while the other is softer.

If you don’t like how one side feels, flip to the other side instead of returning the mattress and looking for a new one.

3. More Value for Your Money

Despite what you may think, two-sided mattresses are not much more expensive than single-sided varieties.

You spend roughly the same amount of money you’d have paid for a one-sided mattress but with the pleasure of sleeping on either side of the mattress.

You also get more life out of the mattress than a traditional single-sided mattress.

4. Better for the Environment

A longer lasting mattress generally results in fewer mattresses being sent to a landfill.

Also, people are less likely to return a two-sided mattress that has two comfort options. Instead of returning the mattress because it is too firm or too soft, you can turn it over.

In your little way, just by sleeping on a double-sided mattress, you’ll be contributing to environmental conservation.

There’s no easier way to go green.

5. High-Quality Construction

Because both sides have to be comfortable, double-sided mattresses generally have better quality construction than similarly-priced single-sided mattress.

Mattresses with just one side tend to use good quality foam only at the top and then fill out the bottom with cheap polyfoam.

Some people find double-sided mattresses to have better support and pressure relief.

Reasons Not to Get a 2-sided Mattress

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1. Not Ideal for Heavier Sleepers

Though they usually have better quality construction, double-sided mattresses have a limit on the amount of weight they can support.

Because there’s a soft comfort zone on both sides, you can bottom out if you are on the heavier side.

Single-sided mattresses, on the other hand, have a thick – usually 4-7 inches –high-density base that provides excellent compression support.

Most single-sided mattresses can easily support 300lbs total weight. Specialized mattresses like the Big Fig can support up to 1,100lbs combined weight.

2. Tedious to Turn Over

Most mattresses are heavy, with a standard memory foam Queen easily weighing more than 100lbs. Try flipping such a mattress on your own.

You likely need someone to help you turn it over.

Even flipping it every three months can feel tedious. Even worse is if you have an adjustable comfort mattress and you are trying to get a feel of both sides. You may have to flip the mattress several times before you decide which side is your favorite.

3. They are Harder to Find

Though they are becoming more popular, finding a two-sided mattress is still the exception, not the rule.

You have a smaller variety to choose from, which can limit you in terms of prices and materials.

If you want a double-sided mattress, see our reviews of the best-rated two-sided mattresses. They’ll make it easier to find the right mattress for your needs and budget.

4. The Durability Payoff is Minimal

Don’t expect a two-sided mattress to last as long as a single-sided mattress. At most, you’ll get an extra 2-3 years in lifespan.

While a single-sided memory foam mattress lasts about 5-7 years, a double-sided memory foam mattress of comparable quality will last about 7-9 years.

5. Not Ideal for the Elderly or Disabled

If you are looking for a mattress for your elderly family member or friend, a 2-sided mattress is probably not the best choice until you’ll be flipping it by yourself every few months.

Ditto if you want to gift a new mattress to someone who’s disabled and can’t flip the mattress on their own.

Our Verdict

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The best choice between a two-sided vs. a single-sided mattress depends on your needs and personal preferences.

If you’d love a mattress whose comfort you can adjust, get a double-sided mattress with two firmness options.

If you know that medium-firm is your sweet spot, you have a dizzying range of single-sided mattresses to choose from.

A one-sided mattress is also the best if you are overweight or have a bigger body than average.

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