French Art Deco Style

10 Elegant & Chic French Country Bedroom Sofas

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French country style strives to combine old-world elegance and charm with comfort, warm – and the familiar. 

Provincial patterns, beautiful fabrics, and intricate detailing are the hallmark of French country bedroom furniture.

Furniture is the most important component of any bedroom.

For a French country style sofa, think elegant or antique designs, upholstered, tufted, patterned and soft fabrics – and bright, natural colors.

Here are a few elegant and chic French country sofas to help you find just the right piece for your romantic bedroom:

1. Antique Chaise in White

French Country Bedroom Sofas

This white antique 2-person chaise with white upholstery will make your French country room far more elegant – and comfy.

2. Classic Blue Tufted

French Country Bedroom Sofas

What a great French look – this classic blue sofa with a tufted back and white frame is an elegant piece for any French country bedroom.

It screams, “summer in Normandy.”

3. Satin French Elegance

French Country Bedroom Sofas

This charmingly exquisite antique satin sofa will light up any French country bedroom.

4. Cream Tufted Wingback

French Country Bedroom Sofas

This beautiful 2-person sofa with button tufted wingback would work in a smaller French country home.

5. 17th Century Style

French Country Bedroom Sofas

French Country bedrooms are the perfect place to highlight a special antique piece – like this carved 17th-century wooded seat upholstered in beige fabric.

6. Provencial Style

Provencial Style

This Provence-style sofa will grace up any French country bedroom.

7. French Art Deco Style

French Art Deco Style

This beautiful French Art Deco sofa in light pink is a charming piece for your bedroom!

8. Renaissance setting

Renaissance setting

Check out this French Renaissance bedroom with a comfortable bed – and a purple sofa!

9. Vintage Provence Decor

Vintage Provence Decor

This vintage pastel green Provence style sofa would make a perfect, lightweight addition to your French country bedroom.

10. White Sofa With Cushions

White Sofa With Cushions

Not every sofa in a French Country home is elegant – check out this draped and comfortable modern white sofa with its lovely cushions.

In today’s hectic lifestyle, it is essential to have a comfortable place to unwind and relax.

This explains why the French country style is becoming a popular choice.

Think neutral pallets, worn finishes, soft fabrics, upholstered and tufted details, subtle patterns, and timeless design.

Now it’s time to create an elegant yet comfortable place for you to relax.

Happy Decorating!

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