Chromium Blue With White

10 Iconic Mid-Century Bedroom Sofas

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Mid-century modern style combines simple lines and timeless appeal with high functionality.

Mid-century bedroom furniture is characterized by lots of natural wood, either a muted or bold color palette, simple lines, and an overall gestalt of function-over-form.

When it comes to functionality, a sofa plays a far less important role in your bedroom.

So it’s a perfect way to add more stylistic interest, instead.

So go for eye-popping color, fun new details, and interesting pieces that will make your room stand out.

Here are some new iconic bedroom sofas that will add comfort and style to any mid-century modern bedroom:

1. Modern White Platform Sofa

Mid-Century Bedroom Sofas

Notice how this platform sofa in white with patterned and plain pillows uses its architecture to make its statement?

2. Velvet Blue Settee

Mid-Century Bedroom Sofas

This velvet tufted settee in blue makes an elegant addition to any mid-century bedroom.

It’s a lighter-weight design that could fit into a smaller vintage home.

3. Yellow Cubist Sofa

Mid-Century Bedroom Sofas

This yellow cubits sofa with wood frame and tufted back is an absolute stunner – if you want to add high style for your mid-century bedroom, look no further.

4. Danish Modern Design

Mid-Century Bedroom Sofas

Seeking simplicity and calm?

Choose a Danish modern sofa for your mid-century bedroom.

5. Small Oval Settee

Small Oval Settee

Another Danish design, this simple oval settee in beige, adds a charming, warm, and comfortable vibe.

Perfect for smaller spaces.

6. Green Sofa With Wooden Legs

Green Sofa With Wooden Legs

Another great choice for the smaller mid-century home, this green 2-seater with wooden legs, makes an elegant bedroom addition.

Not how the owner situated it between two windows – what a great look!

7. Lime Green

Lime Green

How about this modern lime green sofa with retro legs?

8. Chromium Blue With White

Chromium Blue With White

This extra-comfortable chromium blue sofa with white pillows adds a ton of color to any mid-century home.

This is also an inexpensive style to replicate.

9. Curved Sofa With Tufted Back

Curved Sofa With Tufted Back

A curved yellow sofa with a tufted back is an excellent addition to any bedroom.

10. Orange Peel Leather

Orange Peel Leather

What an elegant modern look, this vintage orange peel sofa with patterned seat, footrest. Cool.

For a mid-century bedroom sofa, take risks with color and design to you're your bedroom from being too stark and cold.

Try to create a seamless connection between indoors and outdoors, too.

Incorporate pops of colors for fun and interest.

I hope you like our selection above.

We’ll be updating this page over time with a new find.

Happy decorating!

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