what size bed should a teenager have

The Right Bed Size for Your Teenager

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Teenagers need a bed and a mattress that’s big enough to accommodate their growth spurts but not too big that it cramps their room or feels too big for one person.

Kids will generally require three kinds of beds as they grow from toddlers to teenagers. They start in the crib, move on to a twin bed at around 4-5 years, and then upgrade to a twin XL or full-size bed at around 8-10 years as they near puberty.

Some teenagers find a twin size to be perfect for them. Taller teens should get a twin XL and those who need more sleeping space will find a full size to be more comfortable.

Best Bed Size For a Teenager: Twin vs. Twin XL vs. Full

Twin, twin XL and full are the three most common bed sizes for teenagers. Here’s a quick comparison of each bed’s exact dimensions.

Twin Twin XL Full
38 by 75 inches 38 by 80 inches 54 by 75 inches


Twin Bed Size

If your kid sleeps on a twin bed, they can keep sleeping on it as a teenager if they have an average body physique.

Being 75 inches long, a twin bed is ideal for most teenagers up until they are 18.

Boys are around 58.7” tall at 12 years old and top out at 69.3” when they are 18.

Girls have an average height of 59.4” at 12 years old and reach an average of 64” at 18 years old.

One advantage of a twin bed is that it takes up less space in the bedroom. It’s great for teens with small bedrooms and those who want space for other things like a study desk.

Twin XL Bed Size

A twin bed may not be long enough for teens who are taller than average or who seem to be growing especially fast. In which case, a twin XL is a better option. It has the same width as a twin bed, but it’s 5 inches longer. Whereas the 80” length suits taller sleepers better.

Full Bed Size

A full bed, also called a double bed, is ideal for teens with a bigger body or those who want more sleeping space. It’s also great for teens who want to share the bed with their friends when they sleep over.

At 54 inches, a full bed is 16 inches wider than a twin or twin XL bed. A standard full bed is 75 inches long.

For taller than average teens, you can get a full XL bed which, like a twin XL, is 80 inches long.

Is a Queen Bed Good for Teenagers?

what size bed should a teenager have

A queen bed is an overkill for most teenagers. It might feel too big for one person and will take up a lot more space compared to a queen bed.

That said if you have the space and your kid wants a large queen bed, go for it.

Some taller teens (6’ and more) also find a queen bed to be more comfortable.

How to Choose the Best Bed Size for Your Teenager

The two most important things to consider when choosing a bed size for your teenager is their height and body size.

Average height teens can sleep on a twin or full-size bed. For taller than average teens, a twin XL or full XL bed is better.

As for body size, a twin or twin XL bed is good enough for teens with a small or average body build. For teenagers with a bigger body, consider getting a full-size bed.

Other factors to consider include:

  • How quickly your teen is growing. Even if they can fit on a twin bed right now, they might not after a couple of years. If your kid has aggressive growth spurts, it’s probably wise to just get a twin XL or full-size bed right now.
  • Available space. If you have limited space in the teen’s bedroom, you might be forced to go with a twin or twin XL bed because they are narrower. This might be necessary if more than one person is sleeping in the room, the bedroom is small, or you need extra space for other furniture.
  • You have plenty of sleepovers at home. If your kid often has their friends over, consider getting a larger bed (full or queen) that they can share. Alternatively, spring for a bunk or trundle bed if you want to save space.

Are Bunk Beds Good for Teens?

what size bed should a teenager have

Teens sleeping on a bunk bed is a bit uncommon, but there’s no reason you can’t do it. If you have two teenagers and don't have the space for a large bed or two smaller beds, a bunk bed is a great space saver.

Just make sure it is well built to handle their combined weight. Check that the upper one has a high enough rail to prevent roll-over accidents. Also, get the right bunk bed mattresses – firm, supportive, and not too thick.

Another option is a loft bed. This is handy if you want to create space underneath the bed for studying, lounging, or storage.

Loft beds typically consist of a raised bed with a study area underneath it.

Another space-saving idea is a trundle bed which consists of a wheeled bed that slides underneath the main bed. To create extra sleeping space, you simply slide out of bed.

You can even get a bunk bed with a trundle bed if you want plenty of sleeping space.

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