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10 Gorgeous Contemporary Dresser Ideas

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Contemporary style means sleek, casual, up-to-date, and eclectic – with an emphasis on comfort. 

Contemporary style is usually defined by clean lines and a casual feel, open spaces, neutral shades, and materials and elements inspired by nature.

Neutral colors, bold furniture, and contemporary finishes are key elements of a Contemporary style space.

Likewise, your furniture selections must possess a casual and sleek look with clean lines.

Cabinets play an essential role in any living room as they provide a handy space to store your books, knick-knacks, linen, and accessories.

In contemporary homes, cabinets today are often accentuated with stainless-steel hardware that looks enchanting.

Here are ten gorgeous contemporary cabinet ideas to help you select the best cabinet for your room – enjoy!

1. Elegant Cabinet With Brass Accents

Contemporary dresser

An elegant white cabinet with brass accents containing three large drawers.

Note the decorative elements on top and a metal round chair on the floor.

2. Stylish Cabinet With Shelves

Contemporary dresser

A fabulous piece for your wardrobe, bedroom, or living room.

3. Wooden Chest Of Drawers 

Contemporary Cabinet Ideas

Check out this beautiful wooden chest of 4 large drawers providing ample space for your clothes and other bedroom essentials.

4. Sleek Look

Contemporary dresser Ideas

Contemporary style is all about a casual and sleek look – like this elegant piece provides.

5. Love For White

Love For White dresser

Whether you add this piece to a room in white or in vibrant color, this cabinet will blend well.

6. Patterns

Contemporary style patterns

A contemporary style also embraces graphics and simple patterns.

Check out this trendy patterned cabinet that compliments the round mirror on the wall so nicely.

7. Oak Cabinet

Oak Cabinet

This sleep and casual looking oak cabinet made is a perfect piece for any contemporary living room.

Other great wood finishes considering include walnut, cherry, and mahogany.

8. Simple But Elegant

Simple But Elegant

Check out this contemporary-style cabinet with the potted snake plant on top, rug, and comfortable armchair on the floor.

9. Eye-Popping Design

Eye-Popping Design

Check out this modern cabinet in dark brown with brass elements on top.

So truly regal style.

10. Neutral Colors

Cabinet with Neutral Colors

This stylish cabinet exudes clean comfort with its light blue finish and four drawers.

Note how well it works with the brass pot, hanging lamps, and mock-up frame on the wall.

Finding the right cabinet is essential to adding needed functionality to any room.

But cabinets are not just functional pieces; they also need to work as décor elements.

I hope you got some inspiration for the above picks.

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