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10 New Urban Industrial Cabinet Ideas

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Urban Industrial style is inspired by unused industrial environments found in major cities, most often warehouses and factories.  

You easily bring the industrial style into your home by adding pieces with aged, battered and worn hues.

Furniture is a primary focus of any urban industrial room – especially storage units like a cabinet.

Choosing the right style of cabinet plays a huge part in pulling off that industrial feel.

Industrial furniture isn’t too constrained – it might blend whites and natural wood to balance the rest of the décor.

Or it might use stamped metal. Or even iron.

Usually, however, most urban industrial lofts are outfitted with cabinets in weathered wood, rustic styles, angular/squared lines, and metal accents.

Note that cabinets are not just storage spaces, but also influence the overall feel of your room.

So, choose the one that blends in well.

To help you bring an industrial feel to your home, we now present ten new urban industrial cabinet ideas to consider – enjoy!

1. Aged Cabinet

Aged Cabinet

A perfect industrial style setting with an aged cabinet against a white brick wall.

Note the glass jar with a dried plant stem and white mock-up frame on the top of this industrial cabinet.

2. Metallic Touch

Metallic Touch

This metallic-look industrial cabinet with open shelves demonstrates the down-to-earth functional style that is so common in industrial loft spaces.

3. White Finish

White Finish

While always holds a special place in our hearts!

Check out this large wooden white chest of drawers against an old brick wall.

Note the wall clock, antique lamp, a sculpture, and the books piles over the desk.

4. Vintage Cabinet In Blue

Vintage Cabinet In Blue

An eye-appealing piece in blue with three large drawers.

Note how it is enhanced by the old silver style serrated iron vessel and art pieces above.

5. Rustic Shades

Rustic Shades

Rustic shades are a popular trend in the industrial design scheme.

Check out this large chest in a rustic tone with four large drawers and two trays.

Store anything you want, from books to accessories.

Note how nice the clock looks against the white brick wall, with that vintage lamp and books piled over the top.

6. Modern Influence

Industrial Cabinet Ideas

Check out this perfect industrial setting with a sleek and modern yellow cabinet.

Note the striking naked bulb on a white brick wall, another common industrial element.

7. Vintage Provence Style Cabinet

Industrial Cabinet Ideas

Pair up this vintage cabinet in Provence style with a round mirror.

You can enhance it with a vase of fresh and colorful flowers and a vintage clock.

8. Rustic Green

Industrial Cabinet Ideas

Another industrial style cabinet in rustic green that simply looks stunning against a white brick wall.

9. Oak Cabinet & Mirror

Industrial Cabinet Ideas

This oak cabinet with 8-drawer and a square mirror would fit well in an industrial setting.

Enhance it with a vintage clock, a metallic vase, and an antique lamp.

10. Distressed Wood

Distressed Wood Cabinet

Distressed wood furniture will take you back to your roots with a lived-in feel.

Check out this distressed wooden cabinet with ample storage space to keep your room clutter-free.

Just adding a cabinet is not enough when decorating an urban industrial style room.

You need to be intentional about selecting a piece that stands out, looks appealing and interesting.

To add even more industrial style to a simpler choice, consider placing art pieces next to or above it, add a flower vase or a vintage clock, small sculptures, handmade pieces – or hang a naked bulb over it.

Just make sure that whatever you pick complements the overall aesthetic of the room.

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