How To Make a Firm Mattress Softer and More Compliant (3 Easy Hacks)

How To Make a Firm Mattress Softer and More Compliant (3 Easy Hacks)

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Creating A Mattress Softer

Did your new bed turn out to feel more like a seat than a cloud? Do not worry, and we've got some hints for you to help you understand how to make a bed more comfortable and softer.

So, you made the mistake of testing beddings at the end of a long day when anything could have been comfortable so long as you're off your toes.

Your bed has arrived, and the mattress is too firm. Or perhaps you switched up sleeping places to your side, and you will need a mattress that will accommodate your arm rather than pressing against it and giving you a dead limb to wake up to in the morning.

Or possibly a spouse moved in, and they want a softer mattress to sleep on. Whatever the reason may be, rest assured there are tons of simple choices to soften up your bed.

Let us first discuss why using a softer mattress can be so significant, and then we will discuss some choices for making your mattress softer.

Is Your Bed Too Business?

how to make a firm mattress softer

Keep in mind that when we cite stability in our Slumber Yard mattress reviews, we're relatively doing this.

Firmness is Relative. Firmness is a term that's largely determined by weight and physique. The more one weighs, the more they will sink into a mattress and the softer it will feel for them.

The same is true for petite individuals, but just the opposite–the less you weigh, the more you will end up laying on top of the mattress rather than in it. As a result of this, petite individuals could have a more difficult time than others locating a soft-feeling mattress.

However, with a few select mattresses, we have discovered that heavy individuals will really sink throughout the comfort layers of the mattress and end up placing more on top of the poly coil or foam base layers, which will make the mattress feel quite firm.

This is an indication that you will need a thicker, more supportive mattress.

Assess Your Sleeping Position. Sleeper kind can also be super important when considering the firmness level of your mattress. Back and stomach sleepers usually require a firmer surface that will support their hips and shoulders to keep their spine in a neutral alignment.

If the mattress is too soft, stomach and back sleepers may see their hips leaning too deep in the bed, making the spine curve. Side sleepers will require a softer mattress which will be more accommodating for their shoulder and ships.

If you sleep on your side on a mattress that's too firm, it will constrict the blood circulation in the arms and buttocks, which may leave them feeling tingly or even cause you to lose feeling.

Additionally, maintaining the spine in proper order, whether sleeping on your back or your side, is quite important for your entire body's general health. Keep this all in mind as we discuss the various options you have when softening up a mattress.

Pick the Mattress That's Perfect for You. Several people find a soft mattress to be significantly more comfortable than one on the firm side. This may be extra important for those who have ailments like fibromyalgia or scoliosis.

Thinking we spend a third of the day sleeping, which adds to us spending nearly a third of our lives sleeping, we should do so in comfort.

Additionally, keeping the back in the proper position, whether sleeping on your back or your side, is quite important for your entire body's general health.

Keep this all in mind as we discuss the various options you have when softening up a mattress.

So, pick the mattress that's perfect for you.

How to Produce a Mattress Softer

Break on Your New Mattress

how to make a firm mattress softer

If your mattress is fresh and feels too firm, it might just need more time to break in a little bit. The same as new shoes will need to be worn, so does your mattress.

It is possible to split it in by simply sleeping on it night after night just like you normally would, or if you would like to accelerate this process, you could completely walk throughout your bed for a few minutes each day. You could even have your children (or borrow your sister's children) come and jump on it to soften it up faster.

Most mattress companies state it may take up to 60 days to break in a new mattress. Novosbed won't even take returns before the initial 60 days and then allows us to send you a Comfort+ Kit (a free foam topper) if you feel the mattress's firmness is not soft enough for you.

Assess Your Trial Period

More frequently than not, online mattress companies have trial periods where you can try out your new mattress in your home before you fully commit to it. Most often, companies provide a 100-night trial period, but some manufacturers have extended trials.

Nectar, by way of instance, provides a yearlong trial interval. If you have your mattress lately, check and see if it is still under its trial period as it may qualify for a free return and refund, and many companies will come and get rid of the mattress for you, also.

Flip the Bed

If you know that your mattress is turnable, try out the other side. Some mattress firms like Layla have various firmness levels per side, so the other side of the mattress might be milder for you. Also, we always suggest rotating your mattress to avoid sagging or permanent indentations.

When your mattress has permanent indentations, it may indicate that the mattress's relaxation layers are compressed, which makes them feel firmer.

Consider rotating it so the thicker parts of your body, such as your hips and shoulders, are in various spots. Bear in mind that feelings and sagging can be a sign that it is time to get a new mattress.

Warm it Up for Comfort

Some frequent mattress materials, such as memory foam or wrought iron foam, may be temperature sensitive. Much like the memory foam enables your body to sink into the foam as it absorbs your body heat, a warm room will help the entire mattress soften up.

Consider adjusting your thermostat with a heated blanket or shifting to flannel sheets to heat things. This is just one more way to help you in working out how to make a bed more comfortable.

A Mattress Topper Makes the Bed Softer

how to make a firm mattress softer

There are many great choices on Amazon, and they are much cheaper than getting a new mattress completely. There are various sorts of mattress toppers available that can add extra pressure relief or body contouring.

We specifically suggest a solid memory foam topper, a goose-down comforter, or a wool topper for a softer feel. Take note that egg crate-type toppers can seldom have a lot of texture and may annoy sensitive sleepers.

You might also get a mattress pad. However, toppers are thicker and plusher. Some examples of great products are the Linen spa Topper and the Casper Topper.

If All Else Fails, Just Get a Softer Mattress

As we discussed in the intro, your mattress's firmness level is quite important to your spinal health. Having a bed that is worn out, sagging, or even too firm can cause body stiffness or difficulty sleeping, which may result in other issues.

If these tips and tricks are not helping, it may mean it is time to get a new mattress.

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